There is a rational explaination for everything?

Jack picked up this piece of iron the other day and when he flipped it over, the words, HAPPY THOUGHT, were there!

The other morning, I noticed that my front right tire looked partially flat. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to drive, so I asked Jack what he thought, and he assured me that it wasn’t totally flat, but also said that I should get it filled up after my morning appointments. I drove to my office, feeling somewhat concerned, and knew I had to clear that before I started my work day. It’s not possible to be present for someone else if I am feeling off or concerned about myself and my life.

As I drove along I thought, “I need to let this go. Give me a little help”, and turned on the radio. I do this fairly frequently while driving, and almost always get a message in a song that helps.

I turned the radio on and the words, “Take it easy, take it easy….don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy…” were being sung into my car. I started laughing out loud and felt a flood of relief, so much so that I forgot to fill my tire. When I got home that evening Jack looked at my car and said, “Did Chris (our mechanic) fill your tire?”. I said, “No, I forgot to do it!” to which he replied, “You did not!”…the long and short of it was that my tire did not appear to be flat and I didn’t put air into it.

There might be a scientific, rational explaination for this, but I don’t care about that. One day, when I was much younger, I was riding in the car with someone and looked up at the sky to see a full rainbow around the sun. I felt a flood of happiness and sense that it was an answer for me. I made the mistake of pointing this out to the man in the car who instantly said, “That is called a ‘sun dog’ and it occurs when the atmostphere………..” He was being “reasonable and rational” but his need to scientifically classify this beautiful sight, sort of sucked the life out of it for me.

I know that a little thing like my tire, is just the tip of a huge and magnificently mysterious universe. The more I notice and appreciate the out-of the-ordinary things that happen, the more I can feel myself expanding as well.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science“. Albert Einstein

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  1. I guess I’ll add my own little story:
    I love the way Spirit sends us messages. One day a year or so ago, I was driving down to my daughter’s, fretting over something (don’t remember now what it was), but I felt in the need of confirmation from Spirit that I was ‘connected’ and that all was going to be okay. I asked for a sign, and almost immediately received a message that the answer was coming on the license plate of the car driving toward me in the opposite lane, maybe 500 feet ahead. I panicked wondering how I was going to be able to see a license plate in the short time we passed each other. But, as it turned out I had enough time to read the first two characters on the plate – XO. How I laughed with delight as I went on my way.

  2. Mary – I laughed out loud when you mentioned the song you heard on the radio! Thank you for the great reminder to stay open to the “mysterious universe”.

  3. I’d much rather find a “sign for me” in a situation than a scientifc explanation. I have lots of those things happen to me all the time and I always look for the mysterious in all of them. Much more meaningful too. Like the day I went to the grave to visit my grandparents and when I left I thought of an old close friend who was buried across the cemetary and decided I would go visit. As I was driving over to the area I knew he was buried I was reminising about the times we shared together and thought “I wonder if you are thinking of me!” As I pulled up to the location to look for his plaque on the ground I could see a very shiny blue stone sparkling a couple of rows over to my right. I walked over to see what it was and to my amazement it was lying right on his grave marker! I knew then it was his spirit guiding me there! Am I a little “nuts” I thought…, just a believer!!! xoxo

  4. Oh, I love this! I love when the universe gives us signs and wonders. Thank you, thank you…

  5. My rainbow story-I had just had to put my beloved Collie (Mose) down,so you can imigain how I felt, I was thinking of the Rainbow Bridge story, it was raining when I got home, I looked and there was a rainbow, which ended in my back yard at the exact spot that Mose had last stood with me, I walked into the end of that rainbow and told Mose good-bye, no one can ever tell me it was not a sign from him, I miss him so much to this day, but now have that last beautifull memory:)

    1. I can feel the power of that rainbow reading this Karen….thank you for sharing this with us

  6. Did you notice the numbers on the bottom of that iron plate? – “2012” It certainly looks like it’s much older!! Another bit of “serendipity?”

    These kinds of things happen to me all the time, but I don’t usually share them because most of those “rational” people think I’m crazy!! But I won’t let anything interfere with my belief in the “connectedness” of the universe.

    1. I did notice that number Laurie and when Jack told me that it was a part from a 19th century woodstove, (and that he had no idea that those words were there until he cleaned off the rust), it made me smile with wonder!

  7. I’m with you and Karen! Scientific explanation or not, the sign, the signal, the message comes from Divine timing. And there is no scientific explanation for that! We had recently moved to Vermont and my best friend had recently passed away. Her husband drove up to visit us and on the way he got lost on a backwoods road around Salem, N.Y. He finally made his way out and to our house to tell us about it. A few days after he returned home, I decided to try to find and explore where Doc had gotten lost. So I was driving the back roads in Salem and sure enough found myself totally turned around and disoriented and lost. I began to panic a bit as my gas tank was getting low and I knew I had to get to the gas station in Salem soon. But I couldn’t find my way out. I started talking to my deceased friend and to spirit to help me find my way out. Just then, the Brooks and Dunn song, “My Maria” (my best friend’s favorite song and her middle name) came on the radio! Ahhhh…you are here with me I said out loud and patted the passenger seat and my heart. Please guide me out. I looked up and immediately saw a tiny tiny handmade sign on a tree that said Cossyuna Lake with an arrow pointing the direction. I knew Cossyuna Lake! It took no longer then the length of the song playing and I was safe. A magnificent, mysterious universe. I love it!

    P.S…I notice the number on the wonderful ‘happy thought’ iron piece. Is it a 9 and then 2012? Hmmmm…a September move to Middlebury??? A wonderful trip? Unexpected wonderful news? Something fantastic for sure!!!! Wow!

    1. That is a wonderful story Kathye and such a good reminder to ASK for help! (and be prepared for a unique answer!)

  8. HI Mary. I love your stories. They are always so poignant and significant. And I love the reminder that divine intervention is always at work….we need only to tune ourselves into it. Thank you always for your generous spirit and beautiful wissdom.

  9. I think Debra said it wonderfully when she thanked you for your generous spirit and beautiful wisdom…….I love the story you told and shortly before my husband died we were driving and a huge bird flew in front of our car…I put on the brakes backed up and there to our amazement was a huge owl sitting on a branch not far from where we were stopped. Not long after that my husband went into the hospital for a week, then hospice and passed away. Shortly after that as I laid in bed one night I could hear that owl hooting and I went to the window & started hooting back…this went on for a few minutes and feeling kinda foolish I returned to bed however I always felt that was a sign from my husband telling me he was okay and I would be too.

    1. I’ve taken this late afternoon to read responses to this post (since I couldn’t do it on Wed.) and I am just blown away by the depth and power here. Wow Julie! ,,,so beautiful

  10. Your post today is so affirming, Mary, and the responses made my spirit soar. We are all bound to each other through the connective tissue of our universe.

    Several years ago, my daughter-in-law, Angela’s, mom passed on. Angela was bereft. A few nights later I had a vivid dream of Ang’s mom. She told me that she was fine, had ‘made it’ over there, and to kiss her daughter for her. I do not know why I had the presence of mind in the dream to ask for a sign that I could give to Ang to ‘prove’ the validity of this communication, but what I was given was the term ‘white stone.’

    The next day, Ang was at her mom’s house packing up some things. In a drawer, under some garments and scarves, Ang found a unique set of rosary beads made of….white stones. She had never seen them before. Before I knew she had already found these, I called her to see how she was doing and told her about the dream and what her mom had said. She got very quiet and then told me she had something to show me later when she got home. I literally wept when I saw the stone rosary.

    There is connection, and signs abound if you are open to them. And how transcendent a feeling you get when you connect! Namaste.

    1. Thank you Suzanne for sharing this… I love it that you asked for a sign (in a dream) and then remembered it! what an affirmation this story is

  11. I love your story, Mary, and all those that have been posted. May I share mine? My mom died in ’06 and my dad in ’08. He was bereft without her and just wanted to die also. Soon after he did I was thinking about them, missing them, and wondering if they were together. I was online ordering a book. With the mailing info there was a box requesting a phone number, but there was already a phone number in the box. It looked vaguely familiar and I sat and stared at it. Finally I realized it was our home number when I was growing up and it slowly dawned on me that it was a message from the folks: We’re home, we are together, we’re fine. The tears flowed and I thanked them for letting me know. Never again when I’ve ordered from this site did a box appear needing a phone number.

  12. after reading all the respones after the blog, i’m feeling warmly blessed from behind my skin….little nuances of knowing that we know because we choose to see beyond the rational intellect. all is well and all manner of things shall be well.

  13. Such beautiful stories here from everyone. I’d like to share a story from my hospice work years. I had a long term patient that I cared for in his home, providing private duty nursing care. I was there 2 days a week and became close with his very loving wife. Don could not speak, he suffered from a neurological condition that had robbed him of speech and mobility and pretty much everything we treasure as independent humans. He was never responsive to the care I provided, but I did feel his appreciation. After he died, I had a dream in which he was standing beside me, and looking up at him, I said, “Don, you are so tall!” He told me thank you for being his caregiver and then danced away as sure footed as he once had been. I shared this dream with his wife and now realize what a rare gift we were both given.

  14. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” Julian of Norwich

    I was rushing about this morning to do the usual morning chores so that I could finish a book that was due at the library where I going after meeting a friend for lunch. In the midst of this the quote from Julian of Norwich came to me. I smiled and was calmed. Just after that I received an email that my friend who needed to postpone our lunch until next week. I now a day to do things more slowly.

    A more mundane story of a tire. I had one that had a slow leak and had to keep filling it. One Sunday I found it flat in the garage. I used a can of Fix a Flat. I rode around on it for days before having my mechanic check it. He couldn’t find the leak and said to just keep on eye on it. It’s been over a year and it’s still fine. I know how to call AAA and could change a tire if I really had to, but my late husband took care of all things mechanical. I can hear his delighted laughter that I managed this one little problem.

    I certainly agree to the connectedness in us all. It’s those who are open to it that are blessed my it. All shall be well!

  15. I have goosebumps writing today after reading all the wonderful stories – white stones, a home phone number, signs in the woods while “My Maria” sings on, the hoot of an owl, a rainbow, such a covenant sign! And Suzanne, I loved your phrase “we are all bound to each other through the connective tissue of the universe”. Maybe it is a tissue that isn’t visible, but we surely feel it here today in our sharings. Didn’t Jesus say, “for those who have ears to hear, for those who have eyes to see?”, his parables and their meanings would be revealed. We just have to be open and stay so to the mysteries that so want to be revealed. And Mary, I’m with Laurie G, too – the 9 and the 2012. In numerology, isn’t 9 a symbol of completion? Maybe your time in your present home will be soon coming to its completed time – maybe not literally in September, but it is quite an awesome find Jack made. Happy Thoughts to Everyone! and much love!

    1. Oh, Susan, I was hoping you’d reply today so I could thank you for your suggestion back in November (that I just came across) about copying and pasting quotes from Mary’s blog. I am a woman who keeps her diary on Word, for crying out loud…now why hadn’t I thought of that before? The very first quote I copied was one of yours from that day 🙂 I have a quote journal and also a little inspirational notebook into which I had already handwritten several, made not only by Mary but also from many of you, her most inspirational flock, Thanks again, it is going to make my life easier. I love all the wisdom shared here.

  16. I have been given SO many response to cries for signs, but the one that sticks in my mind this morning is from the day after we’d lost our beloved chocolate lab, only a month after unexpectedly losing our precious yellow lab. We were in FL at the time, and I was sitting on a bench looking out into the Gulf, heartbroken and weary. I so wanted a sign that my Tucker was OK. Immediately after sending out the plea, I heard a dog barking. No mistaking it, I heard a lab barking! My husband walked over to the only other vehicle near us, and inside the cap on the back of the truck…was a chocolate lab. We became friends with the dog-loving couple, who were from New England, and spent many pleasant hours with them, enjoying their lab, before coming home to New York.

    1. Carol, that is such a beautiful story – we have a couple that we are wonderful friends with because of two inquisitive noses checking each other out on the trail years ago. Dogs! Without any introducing skills, they make people friends too! I’m so glad you started a WFF quote folder – I still love the handwritten journal type books though – but it is easy to copy/paste and have it all online. My son has a black lab named Bear and I can attest, too, to their incredibly loving and gentle personalities. I’m glad Tucker sent you his special sign in the form of a fellow Lab brother! (or sister?) Love to you!

      1. Thanks, Susan. I like your dog story, too. I also love the handwritten quotes, and I will continue to add them. There are so many wonderful quotes and ideas from this blog that by using the modern method, I can prevent writer’s cramp. I also envision further copying and pasting of appropriate ones to friends via email, etc. Love this electronic age for so many reasons. Without it, we probably wouldn’t know Mary or each other. Sending blessings to all~

  17. So many wonderful stories today! The mysterious hand of the unknown, I love it. One of my mysterious events happened a few years ago when I was taking Savannah, who was about 10 at the time, up to Montana to visit my cousin. We stopped for lunch and gas at some unknown place and I was so concerned about getting back on the freeway I forgot all about getting gas. I started to panic along the way as it was many miles before the next off ramp and I did’t think I had enough gas to get us there. On we went, with the tank getting lower and lower. Suddenly out of nowhere a gas pump appeared . . . just a pump, no building, office or anything. Just one gas pump along the side of the road. I stopped, used my credit card, filled up and was on my way. I asked Savannah if she thought that was wierd. “No, she said, I was praying for it to be there.” On the way home we looked for that lone pump and never did find it.

  18. Synchronicities are wonderful moments to be open to Spirit. Bumper stickers seem to be arranged so that I have lots of cosmic giggles. One I had to put on is a blue oval which simply says: “Wag More. Bark less.” at a juncture I really needed to hear that.

    My teacher Pearl told us repeatedly that gratitude and sincerity were essential to our waking up to our Higher Self./Divine Nature. When Spirit sends us a spiritual bouquet, it’s a thrilling glimpse of expanded realities to come. The wonderful moments described here are so intimate and yet we all thrill to them. Ears to hear. More, please!

  19. If there was a ‘Like’ button at the bottom of every entry here I would have to hit them all. What a beautiful day to sit and relax after a long work day and be pleasantly reminded of all the wonders of ‘divine intervention at work’ to quote Debra.

    Thank you, Mary, as always for a superb blog. You are a treasure.

    1. Susan L., you summed it up beautifully. What a GREAT batch of replies, today! Goosebumps with every one of them. Looks like we’ve all been blessed, individually and collectively! Shine on, flock!

    2. Such wonderful stories and sharing by all. Goosebumps for sure, all day long! My heart and spirit just swelled the more I read on…Thank you one and all!

  20. As always, a meaningful story that helped me through the day.
    I know you have a lot on your plate now. I doubt if you take requests for topics but if you do I have one. I would appreciate your perspective on death and coping mechanisms. I am in need of your comments. Thank you.

    1. Marilyn, I for one, and I am sure, so many of us here on the ‘farm’ would welcome you to tell us more, ‘what’s going on’ – and Mary, you will soon be on vacation, so maybe give us a few topics to gently handle in your absence. Death and coping mechanisms could surely be a topic that we could ponder, reflect and share with each other. Love to you Marilyn, Susan in AZ

  21. Oh Mary, I love your tire and your rainbow story (you and the intellectualizing nerd.) I love the mysterious and the unexplainable. It’s sweet to just feel. Or like you mentioned once before to “sink into our feelings”. Thanks for this wonderful post! Cindy

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