the sound of Life

Just what we are looking for...just not in the right place

I get alerts on-line when a new listing comes up in Middlebury, and this one came up the other day. I almost felt dizzy with excitement when I first saw it. It’s an old church that has been thoughtfully converted into home, but it doesn’t meet one of the most important “musts” for me, which is to be within walking distance of downtown.

I really love the idea of being able to walk to the post office, the Coop, the bank, yoga class (that I swear I’ll attend once we move!), restaurants, little shops and cafes. I was telling a friend about this and she said,”On a winter’s evening, to walk to your favorite restaurant in the snow….” Yes. That’s it!

Several of our friends are either moving, or hoping to move too. We all have quite different wants: We want to live in town with neighbors and a variety of good restaurants, another couple wants to be in the country with privacy, but what we are all trying to do is to follow our own hearts, and not compromise on the qualities that are important to us.

The times in my life when I compromised, either because I feared that what I wanted was impossible (so I gave up on it), or because I didn’t listen to my own voice of intuition, and believed that others knew more about my heart’s desire than I did, were not much fun, and I have to say that I am really ready to have some fun with life.

Our perfect home is somewhere right now. Maybe it’s for sale, maybe it isn’t yet. I can feel it even though I haven’t quite seen it, but I know when I do that my reaction will be, “Yes. This is it”. We all have those things that are calling to us. Whether it’s meeting a soul-mate, finding meaningful work, or going on a big adventure to a country that you’ve always wanted to visit….there is a call going out from your “heart”, and it’s also coming from the heart of the “other”.

It’s the call to Life and we can trust it. It sounds like “Yes”.

“Everything that you want, also wants you.” Jack Canfield

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  1. The call going out from your heart is so strong and so clear that I can feel it through your words. Your vision is palpable and your belief, so strong! This whole post makes me feel so good for you and Jack. Just a matter of Divine timing until you hear your “Yes”!

    • And we so much appreciate your support and willingness to hold the vision with us Kathye!

  2. Great quote for all of us to keep in mind, Mary. It helps to create a sort of ‘bonding’ process between you and what you’re looking for.

    Years ago, my friend was looking to move into a remodeled church. That was her dream. She searched high and low, and was on every real-estate list going. She spent hours driving around the area seeking with very little luck.

    One day, another friend talked her into going along to a beginner’s Yoga class. She really didn’t feel inspired but she thought she’d keep her friend company. When she got to the class to which she almost didn’t go, she met another woman, a stranger. In the course of talking with her, she found out that this woman lived on an historic estate in a huge home that had once been both a hotel and a brothel. On the grounds was a small church that the original family had built for their private services. She was looking to do something with it, but didn’t know what. The rest of the story goes as one would hope.

    Lesson here? Stay open to EVERYTHING! And maybe starting Yoga sooner than you planned might not be a bad idea…. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful messages Mary. Please know how meaningful and timely your writing has been for me. I found you through Jon Katz’ blog, and I’m very grateful.

  4. What a charming little house! Too bad it is in the wrong spot but I know the right house is in the right spot and just waiting for you to find it. Enjoy the search!

  5. Here’s my question of the day, Mary: HOW do you find the EXACTLY PERFECT comment for the day??! It blows me away every day…

  6. The call to life, it sounds like “yes”. Oh Mary, those are simple but such powerful words. There has to be something, some little thing, that will be calling each of us today – will we hear it? And will we say yes? I think most of us women learn early on to be great compromisers, often forgoing our wants or ignoring those tugs for the better of the group/family. And do we ever support. So now, it is high time to listen to the little voices that are calling us to enjoy this time in life. More Yes!’s! Hi Maggie, my dearest childhood friend and BFF! (See Mary, you’ve even united grade school buddies separated by many states!) Thank you, too Jon Katz should you be reading!

  7. Now-hubby was building the gingerbread cottage next door. The acre property was magical and lovely, with a creek in the deep green woods. I stood on it and claimed it for us ‘if it was to be’ for good and expansive connections. Turns out the small person actor from whom we were renting in town up and sold it to us for a very good price for a wedding present! (Thanks, Danny!)

    We’ve been here 30 years, though have traveled the globe, separately and together. Come visit this summer, ya’ll! (We’re halfway between Seattle and San Diego; Portland and San Francisco.)

  8. seems i’ve struck a poor bargain over and again where mates are concerned. it’s the deceptive voice in the head that says, ‘oh, i know that’s true about him, but…….’ ,or any number of the littilest lies that almost make him ok. six years of living alone….being single, waiting, i know that almost right isn’t good enough. like you mary, i am certain that i will know when i meet the heart of the “other”.

  9. Your “yes, this is it” moment is coming, Mary! A year ago we put our home on the market with a dream of an urban loft in downtown Omaha to live out our remaining time in the Midwest. It did happen for us, and in another year my husband will retire and then it’s off to Boise, Idaho where we plan to do whatever our hearts desire! Here’s to hearts desire!

  10. “…really ready to have some fun with life.” YES!! And more YES.
    When I retired five years ago (Gosh, can it really be flying by that fast?) from public transit, I decided to try living without a vehicle for a year. Our true ‘downtown’ is about 2 and a half miles from home; an easy thirty minute saunter to a plethora of good restaurants, movies, music and my yoga class.

    I sold my truck, brushed off my bicycle, bought some new walking shoes, invested in a sturdy grocery cart (for shopping and Farmer’s Markets) and kept my bus pass handy in case of emergency.
    I became a daily, friendly face on the sidewalks around town; waving and smiling at former co-workers, shop keepers, and harried commuters who assumed I’d fallen on hard times. I made new, young friends who thought it ‘was cool for an old lady like me’ to leave the rat-race to the rats.
    Of course, living in a college town helps keep you open to new ideas; and living in a temperate climate made this experiment relatively easy. So I wholly understand your new home parameters, Mary. It will happen.
    And just when I thought this would be my ‘last’ postal address, I became a die-hard fan of Jon Katz and Bedlam Farm. Hmmm…those pastoral, country photos sure pull on my heart strings! Blessed choices abound.

    • Cheryl! thank you so much for filling in the ‘dots’ on you, Beautiful Cheryl B by the Sea! Public transit, wow, – you must have many a story to tell about humans and their daily lives going here, there and everywhere. . . I love your last line, Blessed CHOICES abound. It really is all about recognizing this, that we have a choice – to be fearful, to be hopeful, to place our trust albeit timidly out into that spacious sky of hope and dreams or to bury them, without ever a chance at glimpsing the life giving sun. Press on dear flock!

    • Your journey is very encouraging Cheryl! and….how interesting about Bedlam Farm?!

  11. Mary, I feel exactly the same way about our alpaca farm. Don’t know where or just when, but we’ll know it when we find it.
    Right now I’m in FL because my mom is very ill. When she leaves the hospital she’ll go to rehab. Depending on how she does there she may go home, but likely to a nursing home (she will hate it, but it would be too much for my dad to handle, as amazing as he is). Anyway, as happens with these things, my family has drawn closer even with the miles between us. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. My mom’s name is Jane.

    • What a blessing that your family has come even closer during this time Donna…(that isn’t always the way it is). Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and your mom.

    • Hi Donna, I’m sorry for what you’re going through with your mom. It’s a tough time in all your lives. If you would like, I can put your mom on a prayer group I belong to, named “The Watch.” It is non-denominational and we have been in existence for over 25 years. Just let me know and I’ll email her name in today.

      Many blessings coming your way from me.

  12. Thank You – you have spoken directly to my heart once again! I can so relate…our story is a bit different – we are city folks (originally) and we have looked and looked and finally found a farmette 22 acres wide open yet private. My criteria was a place to walk and rescue donkeys and my husband wants to have a garden and raise chickens. We want a small, cozy farmhouse and we are in the process of working to create it. I think of this entire endeavor like an art project made with a lot of love. Donkeys are on the horizon – (Violet and Marigold) are coming from just down the road from a sweet woman who doesn’t have time for them because her husband has Alzheimers – but we have become friends and she will come and visit her donkeys. Learning how to say “Yes” opens us up to so much. Visualize it and it will appear. And, you will do your yoga (you must – I am a yoga teacher!).

  13. Mary – we, too, are looking to move and have specific requirements: mountain view or water view. We stumbled across the “perfect” place….but in the wrong state!!!! Timing is everything…. we’re not ready to retire – so moving to a different state for the ideal home/location isn’t an option. Around here, we’ve found perfect homes – but lacking that perfect view. I truly do believe it’s out there…. All the best in your search – Cynthia

  14. Thanks Mary, Suzanne and cellosusie. Suzanne, please do add her to your prayer group. This is one of those life experiences one hopes never happens, but it has. And we’re doing the best we can. It’s tough, but we’ll get through it. (ps I typed my name wrong on the last post. lol)

    • Your mom is on the list, Donna, and I took the liberty of including the “entire family.” I think you all need support.

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