Kindred spirits: A sea of Love

We’re leaving for Mexico in the morning. I’ve had dreams of swimming in warm turquoise-blue water for years, and tomorrow night I will be. I feel a deep desire to float…just to float without a plan: to suspend thought, and let the beautiful ocean hold me up for a while. Although I won’t be posting during my time away, it is my intention to hold all of you in my heart. I feel that we are kindred spirits here…friends of the deepest kind, even if we have not met face to face. Your presence is such a profound gift to me.

So what about a 10 day “assignment”!? Mine is going to be to repeat,(often over the next 10 days), “I am never alone. I am surrounded, suspended and connected to all of Life, by a sea of Love.”

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C. S. Lewis

*******************Bodhi and Noah sitting together on our front walkway Thursday afternoon******************************

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  1. Dear Mary,
    I’m going to enjoy many minutes during the next ten days picturing you enjoying the loveliest, most relaxing, fun-filled holiday ever with your family surrounded by a sea of love!
    Best, best wishes,
    From Fran

    PS Thank you for the charming picture of Noah and Bodhi, and the quote from C.S. Lewis. It is going into my “Mary Quotes” folder and I’m going to get out some C.S. Lewis to read while you are away. Thank you for all you do for us!

  2. Peace and relaxation to you, dear. I’ll be picturing you following your dreams.

  3. and a smile from my heart goes with you, my friend! You are a friend with/of so many.. How perfect! It takes a good friend to be one!!! Thank you always for your friendship, acceptance and love! m

  4. Thank you for the 10-day assignment. Very meaningful. Wishing you a peaceful, loving vacation. You will be in all our thoughts – eagerly awaiting your return.

  5. Godspeed, Mary, to you and your family! I picture God-consciousness as the ocean and each of us as a wave. We “think” we are separate but we are a part of that ocean and merge back into It eventually. So while you’re there floating, relax back into the arms of God and remember you are One.

  6. Safe travels Mary, and enjoy the warm embrace of Mexico. We will all be here upon your return!

  7. Enjoy your trip with your family Mary. I will miss you and your words of wisdom and encouragement but I will replace it with thoughts of you floating in “that sea of Love” you speak of that we all are connected to. Much love. xoxoo

  8. Good Morning Mary,
    You have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it. The ocean water is always a great place to be. Let’s all our feelings free. I will miss my “morning fix” that I get from you & your blog. You will be in my thoughts.
    I loved your blog the other day about how Jack just relaxes while you rush around getting everything done. MEN! So true! We definitely are from Venus & them Mars. 🙂 You have a relaxing time on your trip. Be safe.
    Much love,Denise

  9. may it be for you, may it be for me, and may it be for all of us……………c p estes

  10. Dearest Mary and fellow flock,
    Such a peaceful and lovely image to hold for the next 10 days! A most needed lesson for me right now as I continue to meet the challenges of my beloved Romeo’s health as well as my own. I have reinjured my rotator cuff and am dealing with lots of pain and fear. Thank you all for you tremendous support…I am confident that the lessons I am learning.. will eventually help me be able to help even more animals and their people. Much love to you Mary as you travel to those tranquil waters and float your way to bliss!

    1. Debra, I will pray for you and Romeo, and picture the warmth and caring that we have here buoying you up, like the ocean that will lift Mary’s spirits and let her float weightlessly!

    2. Prayers and loving thoughts to you and your Romeo, Debra. To borrow from a much used phrase, “May the wff force be with you!”

    3. Debra,
      I am so sorry about your injury and your troubles with your dear Romeo. Just say the word and I will place you both on “The Watch,” a non-denominational prayer group I belong to. You can go on anonymously or go on with your name and the State you live in. Let me know.

      In the meantime, I will hold you both in love and prayers. You have a lot of support here from the WFF flock.

      1. Dear Suzanne, Terri and Kelly….Many thanks for your loving and thoughtful prayers and encouragement…..they mean more than I can express. Suzanne, I would very much appreciate you placing Romeo and I on “The Watch”. We both live in California. Many, many blessings.

  11. Hi Mary

    Have a WONDERFUL restful – stress free vac with your family
    You deserve it !!!!!!!!!


  12. …and, good friend, we will be holding you in our hearts too! Wishing you a float-filled holiday with your loving family! xoxoxo

  13. P.S…Just read that tomorrow night’s full moon will be the “Supermoon”, the biggest full moon of the year! Will be thinking of Mary and all of our WFF friends as I look up…connected by sky and sea…

    1. For any of you attuned to astrology, Alan Oken summarized this Full Moon in the following way:
      “In terms of the esoteric calendar, this is the most important full moon of the year—in fact we can say that this is the most important day of the year. It signifies the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha. At this time, if we are attuned to the energies of this day, we can open ourselves to an amazing current of upliftment. We are told that at Wesak, the Planetary Hierarchy of Masters and Teachers gather to bless the Earth and its humanity. If you are living in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, this Wesak Full Moon occurs at a very convenient time of the evening for you to join with millions of people around the world for meditation. Thus in ADST the Full Moon takes place at 11:36 pm; EDST=10:36 pm; CDST=09:36 pm; MDST=08.36 pm; PDST=07:36 pm but please remember, these times are for the evening of May 5th. You might like to move into meditation at this time and recite the following invocation (but should you prefer another statement, prayer or mantra, by all means choose the one that feels best to your heart):”

      The Great Invocation
      From the point of Light within the Mind of God
      Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
      Let Light descend on Earth.

      From the point of Love within the Heart of God
      Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
      May Christ return to Earth.

      From the center where the Will of God is known
      Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
      The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

      From the center which we call the race of men
      Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
      And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

      Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

      1. Oh, very cool…a day of an amazing current of upliftment! Thanks for sharing this! What a great day for Mary to begin her vacation!

  14. Have the most happy, relaxing and loving of times with your family, Mary. Vaya con Dios, my friend……

  15. Have a wonderful carefree time away. My favorite thing to do at the ocean is run toward the surf like a child and dive in…….so liberating to be childlike again if only for a bit. Enjoy!

  16. “I am never alone. I am surrounded, suspended and connected to all of Life, by a sea of Love.” What a lovely assignment, those words, Mary are going right into my WFF folder, and straight into my heart. Wouldn’t they be beautiful words etched into a locket or bracelet? May you gather seashells, play in the sand, float in the sea, and return lighter, freer, and filled with joy! Also to those wonderful men in your life! Have FUN!!!! xoxoxo

  17. Your blog has become a very meaningful and important part of my life. I wish you and your family a wonderful adventure, floating in the sea of love.

  18. I know you and Jack are going to have a great and much deserved time – relax and breathe deeply. Meanwhile, Luke will have his own adventure with me and
    maybe I’ll have a new friend in Noah! have fun!

  19. I’ll be floating in spirit along with you on those turquoise waters:) Enjoy your vacation and your family:)

  20. Wishing you and Jack a wonderful vacation with your family. Keeping all of you “kindred spirits” in my heart. With love, Deb

  21. Have a fabulous and wonderfully restful vacation, dear Mary and Jack. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  22. Mary, sending you blessings from this heart of mine for a wonderful, peaceful, restorative vacation with the turquoise waters to buoy you and your family, body, mind and spirit.

  23. Freely floating.
    Buoyed by love.
    Azure blue warmth.
    Held in our hearts.
    Glory, glory.

    1. I can feel the water on my skin, Cheryl b, and it is soothing and wonderful. Your gift of evocation is awesome.

  24. Savor your dream come true vacation and relish every moment. We will be here when you return. Have a blessed trip.

  25. Enjoy your time afloat, Mary, toes up, bottom tucked up in case of nibbly fish, safe journey back home. There is nothing like sea water for healing. Just the salt in the air alone is healing. And back home looks peaceful, too.

  26. Enjoy Mary all the gifts your vacation has to offer. Thank you for all the wonderful words and love you have given to us.

  27. Have a wonderful peaceful time. Thank you for the daily gifts of your blog. In my hectic work day when I need a moment of respite I take a moment and read your offering – such a blessing. Namaste

  28. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…. when I’m gazing up at the super duper moon
    Saturday night, you will be seeing it in Mexico with your stylish short hair…
    enjoy that warm turquoise-blue water, a dream come true for you…

  29. Sisters Unite! Under The Super Moon tomorrow, we will all be basking under it in one way or another, united by Mary, sharing gazing into the incredible beyond from our own little places here on earth, I am thankful and grateful for each and every one of you – no matter where we are, floating in a sea, or a backyard pool, hiking a mountain trail, or planting seeds in a garden, strolling paths in the west, east, north or south, I will look at the moon tomorrow night, thanks to your reminder and wonderful input, Suzanne Tate! Thank you for giving us this strong and beautiful thread to tie us together on the day that Mary sets off for vacation! Isn’t that a beautiful ‘co-incidence’ – co-inciding, happening together, Let it Be. ..

    1. It’s a date! I’ll be there…10:30ish (East coast time) …with Mary’s affirmation…”I am never alone…”!

  30. Blessings to you,Debra and Romeo at this difficult time.
    Oh Mary, I hope you got the new “do” and are loving your time! I will miss your blog .

  31. Mary, Thank you for your friendship. Will miss you,but you will be in my thoughts.

  32. Suzanne et al: I haven’t seen The Great Invocation in years, and I used to carry a grotty bent-up copy with me always. Love it: thanks for bringing it back! If ya’ll went to my Facebook (Kathi Williams) you’ll see a nice picture a friend took of Mt. Shasta, Black Butte and TWO super moons!

    Gorgeous warm Sunday here but we’ve still had freezing temps o’night–maybe we can continue to chat ‘on this line’ while Mary’s learning Spanish 😉

    1. Kathi, I tried to link up on Face Book but when I typed in your name, I was swamped with a lot of ‘Kathi Williams’s.’ Don’t know how to find the right one!

      1. Well, it might say Stanford U, College of the Siskiyous, Mt. Shasta, –I don’t know exactly what their tags are. I have a picture of a cat on a table as my profile pix. Hope it works! Chees, ~K

    2. So glad that I checked in……..I had not seen the post from Suzanne about the Great Invocation. In fact, I’ve never heard of it. It is beautiful. Definitely something to hold near and dear. I certainly held all of us in my heart and mind on Saturday night as I gazed at the moon. Also, I did find Kathi’s Facebook page – the cat on the table was a helpful hint. Beautiful photo. Have a good week everyone.

      1. Thanks for stopping by. Lotsa photo snappers around here. We planted kale & beans and spinach today–a very hopeful endeavor at 4,000 ft.

      2. Lordy, lordy…..I think I’m the only one who did not get to see the beautiful moon! We had cloudy skies in my neck of the woods, both Saturday and Sunday. I prayed the Great Invocation anyway. Figured the energy would get through the clouds.

        Guess I’ll have to make sure I live long enough to see the next Supermoon…:)

      3. Suzanne Tate,
        No you are not the only one who did not get to see the full moon on Sat. We had clouds and overcast skies here too. I miss seeing the full moon. I usually see it every month even in the early morning hours when I get up before the full moon sets. I love gazing at it.

  33. I copied and pasted the Great Invocation . I haven’t seen it in awhile as well. We could just keep this thread going all week. Great idea. Saw the moon, too, this weekend – just beautiful. Today was lovely and warm. I did a good deal of garden preparation today. Feels good to have my hands back in the earth.


  34. What a lovely affirmation, Mary. May you rest, refresh, and revive well in beautiful Mexico’s azure waters. And on your return… May you post a photo or two for all to see. Love, Sue

  35. So glad to see everyone checking in while Mary is basking in the warm shores of Mexico. I know she and Jack are having a wonderful time. The moon over the weekend was amazing! I thought of you all as I gazed upon it. My warm thoughts go out to all of you. Be well, think positive thoughts!

  36. Diana, thanks for making me feel less left out! I love any full moon…am drawn to it every month. This would have been a spectacular thing to see.

  37. I shoulda known!!!
    I haven’t ‘checked in’ for days, thinking Mary perhaps shut off the blog- line in her absence. But after four whole days feeling unconnected, I was pleasantly surprised to see the feathered flock carries the same torch I do!
    Blessings to you all—I’m HOME again!!!!!

    I witnessed the Super Moon and tried to silently recall all the names I remembered here on the Farm, wishing each and every one of you a magnificent memory. For any I missed, please know you are included in a heartfelt circle of positive energy and deep gratitude for the best family of friends I’ve never seen!

    Mary, what a web you’ve spun! I hope you are having the ‘time of your life’. And, of course, YOU would recognize that.

    1. Thank you for remembering us Cheryl b. You are so amazing! It was fun thinking how we were all connected looking at that lovely orb in the night sky together. I know Mary was looking at it as well.

    2. Cheryl b., I love your actions on the night of the full moon! What a loving and gracious thing to do for all of us. Thank you!

      As an aside, I wonder if Mary will charge us rent for using her space while she’s away?! : )

  38. Missing your blog Mary. But am so happy for you and your family! It’s a rainy week. Perfect to be away in an exotic adventure! Love, Cindy

  39. Its so nice to see this thread of conversation still weaving along. Thank you Cheryl for holding us all in your thoughts as you gazed at the super moon. and Suzanne, I love the Great Invocation you shared with us, beautiful. The moon was in and out of clouds for those of us in Omaha. Love to all and to Mary in Mexico!

  40. I found $.35 in my vest pocket when I went out for medical tests this morning. I’d gladly donate it toward the rent. 🙂 It’s a “soft” day in Maine. Reasonably warm but fogged in. I think it’s lovely and cozy.

    The pastor of my church asked women for their wise thoughts to be included in her sermon this week. My best effort is to write something about loving unconditionally. Anyone else have sage thoughts to pass along to the flock as Mothers’ Day approaches?


  41. What a lovely, not-so-surprise! I was lonesome for the Feather Flock, logged in, and … Poof! Here you all are…
    Here’s hoping Mary is basking in sunny rays and the company of her family. Hugs to all of you, feather friends. 🙂

  42. Thank you too cheryl b. for keeping all of us in your thoughts while gazing at the magnificant full moon. I am so pleased that we are still able to check in with one another while Mary is enjoying her vacation with her family. It’s almost like a mini vacation for me to read all the comments from the flock. All of you give me the feeling of a warm,caring hug. Thank you and thank you Mary. Flock on.

  43. What better way to show Mary how we feel about her than to check out her blog even when we know she is not here! Yet still knowing we will always find the loving friendship of the WFF community, holding hands in her absence, keeping the porch light on for her, so to speak! It’s great to find you all ‘here’…like a WFF ‘fix’! Cheers!

  44. Hi Flock – this morning as I write this, a woman named Jinny in Kentucky is losing a breast to cancer. Can we all surround her with a sea of love. I was having my hair permed yesterday. My hairdresser and I were talking about the clips we each carry in our breasts as a result of recent benign biopsies. That’s when my perm turned into serious woman-talk and Gail told me about her highschool friend, Jinny.

    Jinny has four children. Her recent Facebook Pic shows her at the center of her kids and the comment reads: “I’m the bald one”. Gail says of her friend Jinny, “She’s a woman of faith, courage, and humor”. The day after my good news about my benign breast biopsy, I started thinking about “the other woman” – the one who got the bad news. And I started praying for her. Yesterday I found out her name is Jinny and she lives in Kentucky.

    1. Wishing Jinni love and healing, Mary Rita. I’m going to add her name to the prayer group…the same one I put your name on. They do good stuff!

    2. Wish I had read your post before going to my meditation group this morning, but certainly adding Jinny to my prayer list now. I, too, had a benign biopsy many years ago. I have a good friend who was not so fortunate but is soon to celebrate the five year anniversary.


  45. Good morning dear Flock! Prayers for strength, healing and comfort for Jinny in Kentucky.

  46. I’m so glad I checked in this morning to catch up on the flock – I, too, thought of you all as I witnessed a gorgeous moon last Saturday – I read in the paper that the moon doesn’t just “appear” larger and closer to us – it really is, by 15,000 miles! Closer to the earth. Wow. Love and healing to Jinny in Kentucky. Thank you Mary Rita for sharing this with us. Lovely to think of Mary with her husband and sons basking in the sun. Kathye, I loved your comment that we are keeping the porch light on for her! “This little light of mine, I will let it shine”. Lots of beautiful light shared here at the farm.

  47. Just wanted to share this beautiful poem that was offered this morning on Writer’s Almanac.

    Eagle Poem

    by Joy Harjo

    To pray you open your whole self
    To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon
    To one whole voice that is you.
    And know there is more
    That you can’t see, can’t hear
    Can’t know except in moments
    Steadily growing, and in languages
    That aren’t always sound but other
    Circles of motion.
    Like eagle that Sunday morning
    Over Salt River. Circled in blue sky
    In wind, swept our hearts clean
    With sacred wings.
    We see you, see ourselves and know
    That we must take the utmost care
    And kindness in all things.
    Breathe in, knowing we are made of
    All this, and breathe, knowing
    We are truly blessed because we
    Were born, and die soon, within a
    True circle of motion,
    Like eagle rounding out the morning
    Inside us.
    We pray that it will be done
    In beauty.
    In beauty.

    “Eagle Poem” by Joy Harjo, from In Mad Love and War. © Wesleyan University Press, 1990.

    1. Oh….such an inspirational piece…thank you Susan for sharing it! I’m headed to the kitchen to make a ‘blueberry buckle’ (my grandmother’s recipe) to take to South Jersey with me where we’ll visit my mom for Mother’s Day…at this moment we’re having a nice spring shower…a perfect afternoon for baking! Love to all this Mother’s Day weekend…Mothers or not, we are a nurturing bunch! So glad to be a part of this! Thank you all!

    2. This is lovely, on so many levels! Thank you for sharing it, Susan. It’s going into my book of things I love.

    3. This is so beautiful, Susan! Thankyou for sharing it with us. Happy Mothers Day to all…

  48. Glad you liked the poem Kathye and Suzanne! My mouth watered thinking of blueberries! My favorite – care to share your buckle recipe ?? 🙂 hugs! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  49. Not sure I’ll be able to check the blog in the next two days, so just in case I can’t, I wish each of you a Happy Mother’s Day! We are all mothers to someone or something, even if just to ourselves, birthing what we are becoming.

    Have a Happy…one and all!

  50. Happy Mother’s Day to you all! And especially to you Mary! We miss you. 😦

  51. Have a great Mother’s Day flock friends. It’s supposed to be beautiful weather here in Virginia on Sunday, so I think I’ll choose a day in our very close National Park. Good food, good hikes, kite flying and family. Mary I know you are having a blast with your family and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home.

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