New sights, the miracle of this day

stone archway at Mayan temple ruin (Coba, Mexico)

We arrived home late last evening and part of me still doesn’t feel quite back even yet. I saw a photograph of this archway before I left for our vacation and really wanted to be able to walk through it. Many of the Mayan ruins (like Chichen Itza) are so restored and commercialized that you can no longer walk up, through, or into, the structures themselves, but Coba was (gratefully) very unrestricted and accessible.

It’s funny how (in retrospect) I can see what expectations that I had (really always have had) for “vacation”. I remember when I saw this archway thinking that if I could walk through it I would feel instantly transported and elevated spiritually. I did walk through it, and climbed the huge stone pyramid, and breathed in the atmosphere….and through it all, and through all of our days floating in the turquoise water, I came to the conclusion that nothing on the outside makes any difference to my inner life….there is no place that I can travel to that will change the inside of me, without me first initiating or being open to that change inside.

I AM the filter for all “external” experience. It is my mind/my thoughts, that will determine if I have a life-altering experience or not…. and this can happen in Tulum Mexico, or in my living room in Cambridge, NY.

I loved being on vacation with my family when I was feeling relaxed and at ease inside, and when I was tense and irritated  and blaming something (like the airline) for my discomfort, it didn’t really matter “where” I was.

So I am home again, and the huge gift of this time away was the knowing that I carry, that we all carry, everything that we need for full and expansive lives, right inside of our own wonderful hearts.

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle“. Paulo Coelho

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  1. How you were missed! Loved reading a Mary post again..! and this one was amazing….(still want to see a picture of your haircut!)

  2. Mary,

    I am glad you had a safe, relaxing and fun trip but also glad that you are back with us! I loved your insight to the fact that it doesnt matter if you are away or in your living room, that nothing affects your inner life…that we alone are responsible for our happiness and well being.

    Thanks for that Mary…sometimes I need to be reminded.

  3. So happy to see a post from you this morning! As others said before me, you were missed. You photo of the stone archway is beautiful, and has many stories to tell, I’m sure.Your words regarding our inner emotional climates being so much more important than our physical surroundings are so true. I try to remember to remind myself this daily. Generally, little things that make us unhappy are so trivial, and often things we can’t control, anyway. I hope you’ve returned from your vacation rested and renewed. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home”. Welcome back:)

  4. Welcome Back Mary! Who said, “Home is where the heart is”? Almost sounds like a Hallmark cliche, but so profoundly true. If we are not at peace in the temple of our being, we will not find peace or happiness in any other temple or ruin or place of paradise. Let us keep our eyes open to the small miracle that awaits each of us this day, a day unlike any other we’ve ever lived.

  5. So good to “see you” in my inbox again this a.m.! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about here. I am grateful that i am aware of this truth. With constant reminders, I keep living my life and “paying attention” to the inside. thanks so much for the beautifully written reminder this morning.

  6. Welcome, welcome, welcome home, Mary! And you’ve resumed your blog with such a perfect message. It’s an old, but true saying: “East, West…home’s best.” Wherever we go, we carry ourselves with us, so it had better be ‘in tune.’

    Want to see your new haircut! Hope your trip was perfect.

  7. Oh Thank you Mary for that wonderful quote – and also for sharing with us insights of your trip. I thought of you often while you were away – imagining the turquoise world and soft tropical air and relaxed pace.
    Much love to you!

  8. Welcome home Mary. You have been in my thoughts this last week as I’ve imagined you floating in a sea of love and light. Thank you for your beautiful post this morning. I am buoyed by your consistent strength and ability to see the truth that lies within. It is so true that the vacation we seek lives inside us….to be enjoyed and explored everyday. Your posts are a daily nourishment for my soul…I am so grateful for your sharing.

  9. Welcome home! You were missed, Mary, and the flock kept the thread of conversation going thru out the week. I love your post this morning and am growing in my awareness of my inner life and the importance of the dialogue going on inside. Thank you for all that you have stirred in me. Beautiful photo!

  10. Ahhhhh…not only is Mary home, it feels like ‘we’ are home as well! Welcome home Mary! And such beauty and profound peace in your message today…that we can feel joy, love, bliss, have life altering experiences, anywhere…everywhere… when our hearts are open. A perfect way to start the week! Missed you…Much love…

  11. Debra, something you said above, “The vacation we seek lives inside us” reminded me of the root of the word vacation – think of vacant, in Spanish, vacio is empty, – think of the word vacuum. To be on vacation is to make ’empty days’, ones in which we do not work, do not make plans, but they aren’t really affordable but once a year, if that. But we can all go to that place inside of ourselves, not that it is empty or a vacuum, that doesn’t sound very inviting, but it is a still small place wherein lies our still small voice, and it is (in the words of my yoga teacher) “available to us at any time.” No reservations required, no two hour early check in. In the silence of our hearts, may we find true rest and be renewed.

  12. Hi Mary, I have really enjoyed receiving your emails. This has nothing to do with today’s thoughts, but I wanted to ask if you had ever driven through Sharon Springs, NY. It’s a little village that is lost in time (to me). I’ve had the chance to drive through maybe three times. Just happened to drive through the first time in 1983. There are old hotels that are boarded up, and quaint guest houses. A boarded up “bath house”. It was a popular resort at the turn of the century. To me it has a lot of charm. So some time when you feel like taking a Sunday drive, check it out. It’s probably only a couple hours from you.
    Best wishes.

  13. Welcome home, Mary. Going away always affords us a new perspective on things. Glad to have you back.

  14. Be it jet lag or soul drag, welcome home. It would be redundant to say how much you were missed—but it’s true.

    The archway door, held in place for centuries with mud and lime, stones hand-hewn and carried, placed with precision, in humid jungle heat.
    A portal not into the past nor passage into the anticipated future.
    Yet a journey into the deep reaches of our present selves; only to return where we dwell from the heart.

    Mary’s back!! Our compasses have all reset. All is right with the world.

    1. “Mary’s back!! Our compasses have all reset. All is right with the world.”

      This said it all, Cheryl b.

  15. Welcome home, Mary. Your little flock has missed the rhythm of the beating of your wings.

    1. Me too, Susan! By the way, I just saw your sweet request for the blueberry buckle recipe I mentioned the other day! I just dropped it in the mail…tried calling first but not sure I had the right number…hope it reaches you! xoxo

  16. Welcome, too, Mary. Sounds like it was a thoughtful time. I always want to rearrange things when I get home from a trip. Nice to be reminded we’re in and out, all the time 😉

  17. Welcome home Mary. You were truly missed. Best wishes for a smooth re-entry!( I bet your pack was so excited to have you back!)

  18. Delightful to see you and everyone else back! Yes! We are always with ourselves no matter where we transport our physical beings…m

  19. Welcome home, Mary! I shall remember your post the next time I travel by air. The whole experience seems to upset my vacations and had decided to stay away from security lines etc for awhile. You’ve given me something to think about! Thanks!

  20. Dear Mary,
    Welcome back home. It was very very enjoyable to hear about your travels.

    It must be delicious to once again sleep in your own bed with your best pillow, shop at local stores, eat nourishing homegrown meals, pet your cats and dogs, do your laundry, and most of all watch the deliciousness of the sunrise and sunset at home.
    Om Shanti.
    Take care, Lynnlight (yoga teacher)

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