Pushing past defeat

Great blue heron repairing its nest (this incredible wildlife photography is taken by Jack’s friend Mark Cronin) www.action-craft.com

I don’t want to live a mundane life. Some of my dreams seem impossible (when I try to figure out how they could manifest), and the other day, I heard myself saying that it was hard to stay focused on what I want to create. The next thought was, “So what if it is hard?”….it’s easy to accept mediocrity, it’s easy to imagine small, reasonable, logical goals: ones that I can figure out.

It’s a challenge to hold steady my vision for the unbelievable, the miraculous, the seemingly impossible, but I also believe that this is one of the reasons that we are here: to expand consciousness, to dream bigger dreams and to live the lives that we would love to live.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” Rumi

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  1. Hey Mary, this really resonated! The heron is a talisman for me. There are quite a few where I live, and when I see one standing in a pond, or even better, flying by, its long legs trailing, I’m thrilled to the core of my being, and call it a lucky day! Also, this is the second post I’ve read today about big dreams. I’ve been thinking a great deal about my true role in this chapter of my life, and it’s easy to become deflated and think, “That’s a pipe dream, I’ll never accomplish that.” Thanks for the reminder that the miraculous is always available to us! For example, I let my greyhound out in the back yard this morning, and a bunny sped by, my hound a streak of white and brindle after him! The bunny escaped, thankfully, but it gave both me and my grey a bit of a thrill. 😀

  2. Oh I love this picture. Years ago, we picked a Great Blue Heron for the weather vane on top of our small barn as we have a heron who frequents our pond. He is a spindly, but oh so graceful being…he reminds me to slow down sometimes…cause he will take off and just have the confidence that those large wings, flapping slow and steady, will take him safely to his next spot. Slow and steady…I think that can apply to our dreams sometimes too. Patience, and steady deep belief…and the miracles and magic unfold. I love the quote you chose…especially ‘to fly toward a secret sky’…a perfect beginning for a day dream!

  3. Defeat is sometimes just my interpretaion of a situation, a certain chapter in my life. That’s because I haven’t read all the way to the end of the book. I never do that – read the last page of a book first. Do you? Spoils a good mystery or romance. When I have the wisdom and serenity to read my book of life, one page at a time, things work out better for me. That takes courage. MRS

    • Mary Rita, I have a confession to make: I have, on occasion, peeked. I’m a dyed in the wool mystery story reader, I cut my teeth on Nancy Drew books and sometimes the suspense is just too much.
      SandyP in Canada.

  4. Mary, I love my morning cup of tea with you and “the group”, and reading words that stir much thinking in the morning for me to start my day… I’m mulling over the phrase….”to take a step without feet”…ummmm! love it…xoxo

  5. Mary, the beauty of such a site as yours is, from my perspective, to share, inspire, speak of our realities whatever they are, find encouragement and a commonality of understanding with others. When I attended art college our focus before beginning any project was to state our POV or Point of View (mandate might be another word that could be used here or put into words in one sentence what we were trying to say visually, with you, verbally) . I feel that from all I’ve observed on your website that the focus for you is to inspire, support, talk to others in plain language, not to preach but to share your humanness (if there is such a word) with others…your honesty in speaking of your own feelings, of doubts, insecurities, negative thoughts, is, I think shared by many here. We all feel what you feel only you put it into words for us as others do here too. This is an inspiring site and although I don’t know your personal POV or mandate in having such a site as this, I can tell you that I look forward to beginning my day by opening up your postings and thoughts. I’m never sure what surprises lie within. Some days I feel energy within me, I feel inspiration, hope, no negative thoughts nibble around the edges of my consciousness; why ???….a good night’s sleep, hormonal, although at my age, questionable. Defeat isn’t part of my day today but it might be tomorrow. So thanks for helping my hormones, Mary, or for whatever it takes, you lift my spirits even on days when those old negative thoughts appear.
    In foggy but green…..Ontario, Canada.

  6. Mary. The Great Blue Heron…an almost other-worldly character whose message (as honored by many ancient traditions and shamans) is to trust in self, to stay focused on one’s own inner guidance and to disregard the distractions of outside pulls. He/she is a
    most wonderful representative of your consistent and loving messages to us all. The path to fulfillment is perhaps the most challenging and yet as you said it so well, it is really our only path. Why else are we here if not to realize our lofty dreams so that others may be shown the way and be inspired to do the same? This blog does that for me and I am forever grateful for your orchestration of that!

  7. Magnificent photo! I have never seen a heron, would love to someday. My dreams seem to harken back to simpler times, when people sat on porches or patios sharing conversation and a glass of lemonade. I am in Idaho, my favorite place on earth. I went to lunch with my parents and their friends on Sunday after church, it was sweet to listen to them, they in their 80’s, reminiscing, hearing names from long ago. It was a lesson in nostalgia and I felt 10 again as I sat with these elders. They were not bitter or wistful…but peaceful. As dreams go, I guess its not really what I dream about, but maybe look forward to with positive thought, without fear…and that feels like a very good thing. Love to you Mary and all who come to share here. I’d like to sit on the porch with all of you!

  8. Nice thought Terri, sitting on a porch with Mary and the flock….what a get together that would be…maybe someday!

  9. As I read your post this morning Mary, a biography that I read two summers ago came to mind – that of Michelangelo. Talk about dreaming big!
    and patience – to see in a giant slab of marble (still attached in the quarry!) his vision for a David – and then the painstaking chiseling – years on end, never losing sight of his dream. I loved everyone’s comments this morning – the warmth and friendship seems to be growing deeper and deeper by the days and weeks. This such a wonderful place to come to each morning. You are our best morning infusion, Mary Muncil! In my book, The Secret Language of Birds, the heron is a symbol of quietness and watchfulness, perfect ingredients for hatching our dreams. Terri, thank you for sharing your Sunday with us – would love to sit on the porch with you too!

  10. What a marvelous bird, and the Divine Intelligence that tells her, propells her, to make a nest to shelter the next generation! She (or he) reminds me of our annual efforts to create, protect, design and maintain our little circles in the world. We, too, must work by instinct and pattern as well as interact with our environments, our families, our cultures, as the decades fly by. Terri’s lemonade porch flew me right back to the mid-Fifties in Camas, WA–is that also flying without feet!?

    Maybe the heron can be our herald when we do meet up: not impossible!! Next summer, in the geographical middle of our far-flung nests?

  11. Beautiful and moving photo, Mary…..this wonderful creature, going about living its bird-life, following instinct embedded in its genes from countless ancestors, and completely in tune with its place in our universe.

    And then there is Rumi to round it off. Spectacular post. Thank you, as always.

  12. Let me have WINGS
    to fly above my doubt.
    A nest made of dreams,
    clear vision my route.

    Glide on an updraft,
    preen with a dance.
    This morning breaks fresh
    ripe with new chance.

    A gullet of smolt,
    skies beckon deep blue.
    No matter the odds,
    At least Icarus flew!

    I know I’ve mentioned here before how very blessed I feel to live surrounded with wildlife that many people never get the opportunity to see in their natural habitat. The towering eucalyptus trees (upwards of 100 feet tall!) that were planted more than century ago, buffering the rail road lines from coastal winds, give our great herons their favorite nesting sites. I love to sit in an open field and watch them skewer gophers like rodent control professionals! Of course, folks with koi ponds are not so enamored with them—but they are elegance in motion, zen masters in patience.
    Come on out to my ‘front porch’ and sit a spell….you’re always welcome!

    • Cheryl B, by the oh so so beautiful Sea! I am listening now to R Kelly singing I Believe I can Fly, and he has nothing, nothing on our Cheryl B for lyrics! Go Cheryl, – have you ever thought of having someone write music to your beautiful lyrics?

      • Thank you, Susan, for the compliment. I chuckled out loud when I read it because my husband is a musician and years ago he said he wanted to write a song for me. Flattered I was, but still waiting!!
        And he doesn’t even know I write poems and rhymes when the urge strikes. My inspiration seems to live here in the cyber pages of this wonderful family flock.

  13. I feel like I’ve opened a box of Cracker Jacks and it was full of ‘prizes’! One right after the other…such wisdom and pleasure here! Many thanks and much love…

  14. “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky…” Thank-you Mary and flock for peace this evening as I read this.

  15. Cindy! What beautiful words to end this day’s post, “I believe I can fly!” I hear music all the time in my mind, and this song is the sweetest one I can think of to close this day. I believe I can touch the sky! here we go girls!:

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