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I bought this poster/collage the other day, while shopping with a friend, and put it up in my office . The artist’s very fun website is:

There are times when I do not want to think, and I’ve  found a new little “guilty pleasure*” that helps me accomplish just that: a TV show named, “Say Yes to the Dress”. Jack doesn’t quite share my unbridled enthusiasm, but even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he kind of likes it too.

I never would have watched a show like this 10 years ago. I took life (and myself) much more seriously in my 30’s and 40’s. I wanted to be considered serious, intellectual, spiritual and deep. A few weeks ago, I was listening to a lecture (recorded in the 1960’s), by Neville Goddard, and I laughed out loud at his statement (talking about ministers), “They say that they’ve come to preach the Good News and they’re all dressed up and behaving like undertakers!”

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. — W. H. Auden

*I loved the definition of, Guilty Pleasure,  from Wikipedia.  “…the guilt involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes…”

What can you do this weekend to bring a smile to yourself or someone else? I invite you to share one of your own guilty pleasures here with us.

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  1. Good Morning Mary, I love chewing (Dubbbe Bubble) bubble
    gum (it allows the largest bubbles ever) and skipping on the
    beach usually not at the same time…unless it is a REALLY “wild” day….

  2. Check out Fr. James Martin’s Heaven and Mirth. He also talks about the seriousness of priests after they read a humorous gospel segment. He believes that humor and mirth have an important place in the life God wants us to live.

  3. I’ve watched that show too! It is hysterical at times and sometimes the behavior of some of the participants is astounding! I especially like it if it is later at night and I am still awake and channel surfing and there it is! My guilty pleasures mostly have to do with food! Not a surprise! And this morning, as we begin a weekend trip, it is looking forward to a big Jersey bagel with cream cheese and a Philly cheesesteak! A summer weekend at the shore! Yippee!!! Happy June everyone!

    1. My idea of heaven, Kathye! Looooove those Philly cheesesteaks! Have a wonderful weekend “down the shore!”

  4. Good morning all. My confession is that once a week my husband and I indulge in a chili dog (with cheese!) and a Cole float at the DQ. Then back on the salad and fruit wagon.

  5. Hi Mary and all on this June 1st. I help a young mother in the mornings with her 4 and 6 year olds to get them ready for school and day care. While waiting for the school bus, at the end of her driveway, with her 6 year old, we put big green plant leaves on our heads and pretended they were hats. The young mother showed me the 6 year old’s journal yesterday and there was a drawing of me and him with our “hats” and great big smiles. I treasure these moments. We also play a lot of hop scotch. It’s fun to be 69 and not especially care what the neighbor’s think.

  6. Good morning! This is my first time reading your blog. Love stock car racing, too. I don’t feel too guilty about it, though. My favorite guilty pleasure right now is spinning. The hushed sound of my wheel spinning, some good coffee and some good music.

    1. I am so glad you are part of the sharing experience being offered here. Be sure to keep the volume low so as not to disturb anyone.

    2. What memories you just brought back, Jack. I remember being allowed to stay up on Sunday night with my sisters and brother and watch Bonanza! Still can hear the theme song! And oh, my very first crush in this whole wide world was on Lil’ Joe! Dreamy Michael Landon! Thanks for bringing back a happy memory.

      1. I watch Bonanza now because I like ‘westerns’ and because I don’t remember watching it much as a kid. Our family watched Gunsmoke on Sundays and maybe Bonanza was on one of the competing channels at the same time. Thanks for the memories.

  7. One of mine is watching music documentaries on Roku. I love those of Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchel. I’m looking for others from the 60’s. Most of my earlier guilty pleasures used to involve food but I’ve cleaned up my act and am down 2 pant sizes.

  8. I am truly ashamed to admit this, but one of my guilty pleasures is not answering my phone if I’m in the middle of a really good TV show.

    “One ringy-dingy…….”

    A fun weekend to all!

  9. Good Morning
    I like having an ice-cream cone, and eating it like a kid, messy makes it so much better 🙂

  10. On HGTV they have House Hunters, House Hunters International and First Time Home Buyers shows. For me, those can become addictive. I try to guess which house the person/family will select – but somehow that guess is based on MY thoughts – not theirs. In other words, I’m not usually correct. I also think it is how the editing is done so that only certain facts are given. I go in spurts on watching those. Lately, I have even forgotten they are on. Whew!

    1. Oh Mary S.—me, too! The House Hunters shows suck me in every time! I think it’s because they are the only shows on TV that don’t take a definitive break between each other; they sorta roll on and on. And then I find myself telling the participants what a hair-brained choice they made because, clearly, my pick is better!! How funny.

      1. I laughed out loud with your response. As was once said about potato chips (I think) – bet you can’t eat just one—-same goes for these shows – bet you can’t watch just one!

    2. Gosh, I love House Hunters too. I don’t have too much “me” time but a decadent treat or lovely music is definitely something I enjoy. My cousin is coming in tonight for a short visit. Haven’t seen her in over 2 years. That will be at treat!

  11. I have a whole list that I never tell my friends about – not sure why, either, except that it might me seem more shallow to them! Reruns of “Sex and the City”, “America’s Next Top Model” and “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders”. I don’t know why I like these cotton-candy shows, but I do. Just don’t tell anyone!

  12. Mary, you just gave us all a guilty pleasure treat in sharing the CurlyGirlDesign link! I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend – browsing Curly Girl and maybe clicking and shopping too! How can you not love someone that says in her bio, “Convinced that if she only had a cape and a tiara, she could save the world!” What a smile too! Hugs and guilty pleasure indulging to all this weekend. Our teacher sure gives us some fun assignments!

  13. I love the poster. On Memorial Day I snuck into our local Stewart’s all by myself and stealthily bought and ate a good ol’ fashioned hot dog with mustard and relish! With all the bad news about hot dogs, I haven’t had one in a long time, but there you have it, my guilty pleasure. Yum, I was a kid again! ( don’t tell anyone, o.k.?)… have a happy weekend all. MRS

  14. Sometimes with sisters (I have 5) we build a bonfire and sit around it and smoke. None of us smokes so it feels so sneaky and fun. We did this more when we were doing parent care, had our schedules. It was a great stress reliever and of course we laughed ourselves stupid. Hmmm, I think it’s time for another of those evenings.

  15. think i’ll engage myself in some “low-brow”, embarrasing tastes today and days to come———-hmmm,

  16. I gotta say the interculturalist/counselor in me sez please don’t label it a ‘guilty’ pleasure because then we’re buying into some majority culture values of what’s good and not–if it feels good to you, do it proudly & joyfully once in awhile!!

    We have just plowed through the entire “Six Feet Under” HBO series via Netflix which is so weird and dysfunctional that I guess it makes one feel more normal, but we hurried home to get into bed to watch it on our new, larger tv screen every time we were mailed an episode. Whacky characters and rapid-flash plot developments; very dark humor.

    Hubby’s a NASCAR fan, too, but I’d rather stand in the snow than listen to the incessant rum-rum-rum-crash/. And I really agree that what binds my best friends is our wry sense of humor. I call such special friends my ‘perpendiculars’ because when they meet, they usually really like one another, based on our dry & whacky sense of what’s funny. All the ‘right angles’ fit together. Kathryn (Portland); Melanie ( Minneapolis); Judy (Texas); Karen & Donna & Kate (Mt. Shasta): I miss you and bless you for the delight and insight you give me!!

    Finally, I wear this loud, oversized tie-dyed tee-shirt when I want to hearken back to my hippy days. Wore it last night for a small dinner party here & to the eclipse event. Makes me feel like a kid again. Happy happy-causing weekend, feathered friends! 😉

    1. I love “Six Feet Under”! I watched the original series back when nobody
      I knew was watching it. At the time it was groundbreaking. I’ve watched a
      few reruns recently and it is still just as good. The characters are just so
      unique and interesting. Dysfunctional is the word. But don’t you think that if
      you scratched below the surface of many families, you’d find things to be just
      as weird?

      1. No doubt, Becky! I miss ’em already, those undertaker folks. We also loved “Ballykissangel” a completely different rural Irish comedy and cast of funny characters.

  17. I love say yes to the dress, for the dresses! I never wanted to be married, but wanted a wedding dress! Or a showgirl… I must have been a drag queen in another life, I love the glitz. I watch Toddlers & Tiaras for the same reason. Must have been all the Miss USA pagents I was glued to as a girl, bring in the evening wear!

    1. Is anyone else old enough to remember the Shirley Temple Theater on Sunday nights? Shirley was all grown up and introduced the program wearing one fabulous evening gown after another. So glamorous!

  18. Oh, my. Okay, can we keep this just between us?? It’s such a guilty ‘pleasure’ (?) I swear I’ll disavow it if ever asked….the series “Sister Wives” about the polygamist families in Utah. It repels and fascinates me at the same time. (And why any man would want 3 or 4 women under one roof baffles me completely!!)
    I can’t believe I just admitted to that; feels like confession to a non-Catholic 🙂

    1. Well I’ve already commented on my gulity pleaseure, but now that you’ve opened THIS can of worms, Cheryl b., I hereby SHAMEFULLY admit to watching some episodes of “Mob Wives.” It is so grungy, it is fascinating! Plus, I had a lot of relatives from Staten Island (I’m an original “Noo Yawka”) so I can also say I’m watching it to see how the island has changed in its culture! Yeah….RIGHT!

  19. I just have to tell all of you who have commented how much fun I’m having reading your “confessions”…Thank you for making me smile today (and I know that Jack will have a great time reading them tonight too…after Bonanza!)…love to you all, Mary

    1. You just gave me a laugh out loud experience with your comments. What fun we are all having with these “confessions.” Nice safe place to admit to them.

  20. I went to the movies today and upon my return, I clicked on my DVR to get caught up on another “guilty pleasure.” As I was watching the show, I thought that this could be added to today’s post. Then I felt too embarrassed. Then I read the additional postings from everyone. Now, I have lost my inhibitions and am willing to share that I DVR the “Kathy” show on Bravo. It is Kathy Griffin and she is judgmental, gossipy, swears all the time, talks about people in negative ways……and I watch it weekly.

  21. My husband and I share a guilty pleasure in making up stories about a mysterious neighbor who seemingly never leaves her house, has interesting characters who come and go, an exotic boyfriend (we think) and has absolutely no interaction with others who live on the block. We’ve probably devised at least 12 different versions of what her life must really be like and who she is. She’s lived next door to us for about 3-4 years and provides loads of imaginative, guilty pleasure.

  22. I have begun my weekend with a great guilty pleasure. I recieved the sweetest Lily Pincushion I ordered from Jane Mc Millen (Little House Home Arts). I’ve begun a collection and it’s pure folly. Not necessary or practical but it brings me such happiness and peace. I’ve learned to accept that I deserve this! It’s been a long time coming!
    I loved Bonanza. But my crush was Pernell Roberts. I went for the dark and mysterious type. :))
    Have a great weekend Mary, Cindy Chambers

  23. Guilty pleasures? Sure, you bet. ‘SPAGHETTIO’S’…you know, the neat round vitamin fortified pasta you can eat with a spoon, should you elect to do just that. When I was a kid staying home from grade school with an imaginary case or tonsillitis I would watch “ANDY GRIFFITH” and feast on “SPAGHETTIOS”…Original recipe only! Eight weeks ago I missed a step when leaving the house, rolled my foot, broke my foot… the dreaded (news to me) JONES FRACTURE. Yikes! Fitted with a hard cast, in a most lovely shade of blue. Plenty of Dr.’s orders/instructions all emphasizing DO NOT TOUCH FLOOR with FOOT, ABSOLUTELY NO WALKING ON FOOT…seriously?? My life, which generally ran at about 118 miles an hour, had come to a screeching halt…the universe gave me a nudge and suggested, not too subtly, that I slow the heck down. Seven weeks in a $25.00 wheel chair, sitting in my kitchen with three cats and a wee small television set for company, watching “ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY THEATER” (love it!) and writing bad poetry about my “Pale Blue Cast”( oh-so-wickedly bad). I am not very good at “SLOW”, but I excel at feeling sorry for myself and sobbing in front of the bored cats. Bored, myself, I wanted to get back to my reg’lar old life out in the world, right? I got busy spinning that wheel chair: practicing , practicing, becoming faster, more skilled at maneuvering, using the chair for transfers, zipping around in that chair on my “bad foot’s” knee while propelling myself with my good foot. I was feeling pretty ding-dang confident about getting OUT THERE. Which brings me back to your post re: GUILTY PLEASURES . I spun that wheel chair so much, and so often, with such clenching of teeth, so fiercely determined was I to be the best wheel chair spinner in my neighborhood, that I gave myself a most proper case of TMJ. Yowza…and ouch. The real deal. NO FOOT ON THE FLOOR , NO WALKING, NO DRIVING, NO SHOWERING (8 weeks!), and now…now SOFT FOODS ONLY. Neat and round? Yes. Easily eaten with a spoon? Yes again. SOFT FOOD? You betcha.
    P.S. name for the Photo, “RED WING in MORNING BUTEO TAKE WARNING?”

    1. As a rapt raptor fan, I love the photo tag line!
      (And I’d forgotten about those Spaghettio’s—with all the warnings and food police we now endure, it’s truly amazing any of us survived childhood!)

  24. A guilty pleasure I enjoy this time of year is a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone with a chocolate dip. Feels like summer when the ice cream stand opens up!

    The mention of some classic TV shows made me smile. Bonanza – all those handsome men and their horses! And Laugh-In had to be one of the best shows ever. Who didn’t love Ruth Buzzi, Arte Johnson, and Lily Tomlin? Oh, and Henry Gibson’s poetry?

  25. Oh, the biggest smile I got this week was from receiving a package of Jon Katz’s notecards featuring the “Fairy of Bedlam Farm”. I smile every time I look at them and am going to drop a line to my BFF in Maine using one this week end to give her a smile! Thanks, Maria, for the contest and thanks to Jon for his great photography!!

  26. It’s supposed to rain for the next four days here in Maine. I did as much outside work as possible early this morning. I’m putting aside the paperwork for now and watching a “Waltons” marathon while cleaning the kitchen and rearranging the china cupboard. The Waltons was such a wonderful program. My friends and I called it our “laugh and cry time.”

    Have fun everyone.


  27. My favorite “guilty pleasure” is a dietary disaster, and if my doctor ever finds out I’m eating these,a long lecture will be in store for me,but every now and then ,I just have to have a big fat wicked good chili cheese dog. I know,greasy and full of cholesterol,and “do you know what foes into a hot dog?”…….I’ve heard it all, and tuned it out… least for as long as it takes me to eat one!

  28. I love dancing around the house to old pop-rock stuff like “Love Shack” and “I Love Rock and Roll”. Oh, and Huey Lewis, “I Wanna New Drug”, and Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. My dogs look at me like “Holy cow, what now?” And, Patti, you are a role model! I need to clean up my act and lose weight also, and I have been doing better with my food choices, but about once a week all summer, I go thru the Dairy Queen drive-thru for a chocolate-coated waffle cone with chocolate soft-serve ice cream. (The dogs like that one, because they get the last two bites of the cone.)

    This is too fun! I have to thank you all for validating my decision not to have cable TV though; I don’t think I would get ANYTHING done at home in the face of all those crazy shows that are so addictive! I’m hooked enough on Dr. Oz and “NCIS” (yeah, Mark Harmon!) as it is.

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