I love this kind of humor! (if anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know so I can give them credit)

I reconnected with my cousin Pam over the weekend at a family reunion. We haven’t seen each other in years (and never did know each other well), but at the party, the thing that instantly drew me to her was her laughter. Pam is not afraid to tell an off-color joke, laugh if you spill your drink all over your pants, or take a bite of food from your paper plate if it looks appealing…all of this is done in the spirit of fun and it is so refreshing to be around.

We became friends on Facebook and she’d posted a version of the above cartoon (which I couldn’t seem to put up here so I found an alternative version)…but when I saw it I laughed until I cried. Jack didn’t get it…which made me laugh even more.

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. Jean Houston

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  1. Mary, I think laughter is some kind of medicine of the Gods. What can top that feeling when something catches you off guard with the kind of laughter that just makes your tummy blow up and your guffaw come bursting out? Laughter clears the head, realigns the heart and puts everything into perspective. Thanks for such a wonderful reminder to stay open to laughing out loud.

  2. The positive and negative, Mary, it’s all in our own particular humour and how we ‘see’ things. I find my husband has his own brand of humour and it’s not mine. I can have a great belly laugh with my women friends, not with him, which is somewhat sad for me…but we share chuckles. Best I can do. I was raised by an English-born mother and when my maternal cousins and I get together, we let ‘er rip. My husband would take our humour all too personally. I grew up being ribbed unmercifully but not unkindly by my mother’s four younger brothers, my uncles. It was a laughter-filled house when they were visiting us. Laughter is truly the best medicine, as they say.
    SandyP in Canada

  3. Mary, this looks like, a brilliant, hilarious, and touching blog I love to follow. Be sure to find her post about moving cross country with her very unique dogs in tow. It appears she hasn’t posted in awhile and her last post is about her struggle with depression, which I can SO identify with.

  4. Mary, you have made my day with this cartoon! How cool to be reminded how good it can feel to laugh at ourselves, which can be the greatest laugh ever. Thanks for this post. I can tell it’s going to be a laugh-creator whenever I think of it.

  5. Hi Mary, I feel bad because I don’t get it either 🙂 Is it because the one on the right is not smiling & has arms open wider for bad things to get in? You better explain it to me & Jack 🙂

    Also I wanted to share my experience with honking yesterday. I was driving by the same area my husband hit a deer on Christmas Eve 2010 & a woodchuck was coming out so I started honking & he stopped in the middle of the road & just looked at me. There was another car coming the other way so thankfully he turned & ran back. I know from a friend that they whistle to one another so maybe the horn is not a good thing for them. Who knows! Might work better for domesticated animals. I also forgot to say the words “Make a better choice”
    Maybe that would of helped. At least we didn’t hit him. Have a nice day.
    Love to you.

    1. I also did not get the joke. Glad to hear that you did not either Denise. Interesting how we all see things differently – from our history or give things our own meanings.

  6. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get! I love Hyperboleandahalf and go there now and then to catch up on laughs.

  7. maybe you’ll explain; for all the world i just don’t get it either! my son always said of me (in jest, of course) that i was raised in a “sink hole.” maybe…

  8. Ok….someone out there must be able to fully explain why this cartoon is funny. …it just is to me, but after reading some of your comments, (asking for an explaination) I realize that I cannot really say why!

  9. I join the ‘don’t quite get it group’. But I did check out hyperboleandahalf blog and wow, that woman is impressive. To be able to handle a subject like depression in cartoon style and hit the nail on the head without being too depressing – and yet it’s not ha-ha humorous either. Very touching, very talented.

  10. Hmmmm….to me, the cartoon is sorta funny because it shows how our perceptions make our reality. Remember when you were little and building small protective piles of stuffed animals would ‘protect’ you when the lights went out? When the monsters under the bed were still after you anyway?

    Maybe that’s it.

  11. I have a sign on my back porch that was a gift (in so many ways!) that simply says “Laughter is an instant vacation”!

  12. I got what I think was it right away. My perception, from the eyes of a child, afraid of ‘monsters’ under the bed, is so long as ALL your body parts are on top then the monster can’t reach you. But should one little hand or even finger fall over the edge, yikes, DANGER!! I remember making sure I was ‘tucked in tightly’ as a bedtime ritual. The humor comes from all the little things we thought would keep us safe, now that we’re so much wiser.
    Smile on….

    1. You are spot-on, Cheryl B. In answering you, I couldn’t resist revisiting the cartoon and it cracked me up all over again!

    2. Oh I so get this! When I was a kid I was scared to death something was going to get me from the closet or under the bed, but felt safer with nothing hanging off the bed. A silly childhood fear, but I must admit I still like everything away from the “edge”! Good for a belly laugh!

  13. Oh me, I have to confess I don’t get it either. I was afraid I was the only one. I do have a strange sense of humor and things I will laugh at most folks don’t think is funny at all (and just the opposite is true). I love how we are all different and yet all the same!

  14. Thank you everyone who either commented that they got this, didn’t get it, or offered some clarity! …it was always hard for me to say that I didn’t “get it” (The New Yorker cartoons are one good example of humor that I rarely see as funny) but I appreciate you all having fun with this too! Have a wonderful evening and a good nights sleep (and remember to keep those hands and feet tucked in!)

  15. Hi Mary, Last post I exalted about the joys of laughter! This cartoon with that little bit of arm “out of the lines” cracked me up! I still have to be completely in the lines in bed even now!
    I guess that’s what makes each one of us special. 🙂

    1. I know…it was that little bit hanging over, with the words “extreme danger” that really got to me…still makes me laugh!

  16. Oh my gosh, is that all I was supposed to see? up until now, I didn’t ‘see’ the two little people in a bed at all, and yet, sleeper-to-be #2 has a tiny bit of her hand outside of the safe confines of her (safe, safe, ever so safe) bed. Isn’t it funny how things get planted in our heads when we are little? Once in awhile, even still! if my leg is hanging outside of the bed on a hot night in Arizona, I feel a sudden reprimand from my inner scaredy-cat, to tuck that limb back under the covers! xoxox

    1. Also guilty of foot danglin’ fretting as well. The irony is I now hate sheets tucked in at the end so I take that as freedom overcoming fear! *>)

  17. I didn’t see it as a bed either; but I did see it as feeling extremely nervous about some imagined threat when you reach even the smallest bit out of your comfort zone. And that the funny part was how the mind goes to such extremes over things that are actually such small reaches; when we learn to see that, it’s so funny to think how we torture ourselves. Is that close, folks that “got it?”

  18. Mary Mary Mary… I so love this when it happens and love it more when I can see it! It being a connection in this case…. I just read this today, but when it was meant to be read…it was so spot on!
    I drove my neighbor to work yesterday, as her car was in the shop. We laughed ALL the way to her work…for 20-25 minutes! She had been feeling life had been throwing her an amazing amount of curved balls, but laughter ensued and worry, sadness, poor mes were lost in thin air..Delight grabbed the air all around us as we traveled over bumpy roads in my Sunflower Yellow 1992 SAAB convertible..AKA Happy Car! and my heart continues to smile!

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