Father’s Day

Jack with his father and 2 of his sisters…almost 60 years ago

I never knew Jack’s father, but every time he’s spoken of, it is with love, respect and admiration. He was a good man….a gentle and loving man, just like his son, and he made the world a better place in his own quiet way.  Jack and I had very different experiences of “father”, but today, I woke up thinking about celebrating all of the wonderful fathers in this world of ours.

Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars. Victor Hugo

A tribute song to fathers today, The Leader of the Band

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Mary, from your open and earlier accounts, your father has led a complicated life in your own. I’m sure this relationship, too, is on your mind as you pay a tribute to Jack’s father and all fathers today. it was lovely to see your post come in and I had to remind myself, today is Sunday, not Monday. It has brought to mind my own father and mother, both of whom gave me such a wonderful life. You see, I am an adopted, from birth, child. A child raised in a time when illegitimacy was a social taboo, a negative in a child’s life to grow up with adoption tied to their being. I was never told and while others knew, my parent’s wishes were respected and it was not until my own husband died when I was thirty-four, that it was disclosed, inadvertently, by my doctor’s nurse who offered her condolences to me at that time. I could have landed anywhere in this life but the two parents chosen for me, by I fully believe, a higher power which has guided my life, sometimes in a very unusual way at times, were a gift for which I will be forever grateful. I was loved to bits. No child could ask for more than this. So, today, I honour both my father and my mother and thank you for bringing this into focus for me. And now, to the kitchen. I have six guests to feed (B&B guests). Back to work.
    SandyP in Canada

    • Just a lovely and heartwarming tribute, Sandy, to your mom and dad. You certainly shine today, thanks to their great love for you.

  2. There is room in heaven for all of the stars…this is the most beautiful post Mary. I have such wonderful memories of my Dad, from my first memory of him holding my hand until his passing 8 years ago. His birthday is tomorrow..it always fell around Father’s Day…always a double celebration…While I miss his physical presence in my life, I feel him, think of him, smile with him, hear him, all of the time…especially when I eat! Dad loved to eat out…and could make a “dining experience” out of the simplest of meals. Something he passed on to me! Yes indeed…”the leader of my band”…Love to all on this beautiful Sunday!

  3. Lovely post, Mary. I love the picture of Jack and sisters with his dad….such a regular, good old pic from back in the day! Speaks volumes.

    My dad passed six years ago on Fathers Day, so this remembering of the dads is especially poignant for me. My dad and I were like oil and water at times, but with age comes perspective, and I know he loved me dearly and only wanted the highest and best for me. And I am even more aware of what a good, fine and ethical man he was in his personal life.

    Happy Fathers Day to all dads who are here and all dads who are memories. May your day be bright.

  4. Happy Father’s Day to all of our fathers, to the men in our lives who have been fathers to our children, to all the men that fill the paternal role to children who have no father – may they all be blessed. Sandy, I was so touched by your story. Little by little, all of us ‘characters’ here on the farm are being fleshed out over the days and months of sharing. Much love to all, Susan

  5. Relationships in families can be complicated at times not just with parents but as a parent to a child. It’s not always smooth sailing so it’s nice to hear of other’s family relationships here and thanks to Mary’s posting as a reminder that I meant to buy my husband a Russian Olive bush for Father’s Day and forgot…oh, oh…
    SandyP in Canada

  6. This is my first Father’s Day without my dad and it feels a bit strange. My husband and son left on a Father’s Day hiking trip in the White Mountains, and I think of how well-surrounded I have been by men who cherished their role as father. What a wonderful photo…thanks for sharing it, Mary.

  7. I just rounded out this day by emailing and facebooking Happy Father’s Day messages to the fathers on my lists. I enjoyed seeing Jack at Stewarts today, and if I didn’t say it then, Happy Father’s Day, Jack.

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