The whisper

I was driving into my office on Friday morning and I saw a couple, loaded down with large backpacks, walking on the side of rt. 372. I knew them, (casually) and liked them very much, so turned around to see if they needed a ride. When they said yes, I knew that I was going to drive them all the way…I could feel that familiar sense in my gut saying, “This one is yours Mary.”

As their story unfolded, I found out that they were on a mission of sorts. They belong to a religious community that periodically sends out members to be available at large gatherings for support and aid of those attending, and they were on their way to one. As we drove along, I was rather surprised to find out that they were headed to Rochester NY (about a 5 hour drive) and yet they started out with only a little granola, some water, no money and a lot of faith.

I told them that I wanted to drive them all the way, but had to go back to my office for my appointments, and asked them if I could drop them off at my home and come back and we’d leave from there. They agreed and I must say, I think they were more stunned than I was.

I thought of the alternatives; drive them part way, let them take my car, and neither felt right. I try not to argue with my deeper knowing when it says to do something. Interesting how this came to mind, given my post yesterday about saying no to my mother’s request for me to get involved in her compter buying, and a request from a friend to foster a little dog for 3 weeks (I did tell my friend that if she’s take Luke and our 6 cats for the 3 weeks, I’d be happy to foster her little friend!)…I could feel that both of these, while being wonderful things to do, were not mine to do.

When my inner voice says to do something, the way is made clear, doors open, all the resources and energy I need are available and a sense of being almost taken along on a journey (that is somehow bigger than me), is present. When I try to do something that my inner voice is backing away from, saying, “Don’t do this.” and I go ahead because I think “I should”, it is a draining experience for all.

I drove 11 hours on Friday and got back home late at night feeling uplifted, refreshed and renewed.

“None of us will every accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. hi mary, what a wonderful post. it was nice to see the word “should” used. that word pops up a lot in my conscience and ususally ends up making me feel bad. nice to see others struggle with it as well. great thoughts!

  2. Wow!
    What a powerful lesson for discerning between shoulds and the inner voice saying “this one is mine”! You are quite right, the tentative shoulds often are draining while the “this one is mine” is empowering for all concerned!
    Thank you Mary
    From fran

  3. Ahhhh…the yes and no’s of life. On the surface, “NO” has seemed to be a negative word in the past. I’m learning that it is a positive word when I dig a little deeper and consider the consequences to me and how I feel. NO feels better sometimes. And a “YES”, when I really don’t mean a ‘yes’, often causes me to feel sour or cranky or anxious. I’m learning that a “NO” can be safe for me, right for me, and not ridden with guilt. And I’m learning that my inner voice always trumps the outside voices…THANK YOU MARY…what a sweet gift you gave to your friends and passengers with you that day…I can only imagine the energy in your car!!! Sending much love!

  4. Oh, Mary– you are so amazing!!! I feel that every day when I read “my daily bread” from you…

  5. Dear Mary. I visited a good friend last week whose 260 acre mountain ranch is a sanctuary for all the animals who live there. My friend Jana is a Healer…we were talking about the responsibilities of following the light in our lives. Her comment “Our only real focus is to be in joy….all the time” has stayed with me…. It sounds so simple, sometimes quite decadent, and perhaps too easy doesn’t it? BUT your posts the last 2 days also say the same thing. When we choose joy, it is because we are following the path of least resistance. And when we do that, we open ourselves (and everyone else we are involved with) to the infinite power of delight, love and happiness. And the universe conspires to make the experience easy and uplifting. Thanks for such great awareness-raising through your blog and your courage to follow your joy!

  6. Gosh, another “accidental” meeting of folks on the road. I bet those young people will share with their group what a miracle happened to them on the way to Rochester. You are an amazing lady Mary! My mother was born in Rochester NY, although I have never been there we still have family in that area. I hope to go someday. I’m glad you listen to that inner voice.

  7. What this is a powerful story! Talk about having Faith, Those people that you gave a ride to had it and you had it to give them the ride. The divine at work? We are the divine and when we do work like you did yesterday, it is the divine at work. But then it was also the divine at work when you said no to your mother and your friend about the dog. Thank you for this it’s how the world works when we listen and allow. Like a miracle.

  8. Wha a lovely blog today Mary! You were truly their angel in disguise who came to help them at a time they truly needed help. Bless you! And thank you for sharing this uplifting story with us today.

  9. Yesterday, I watched an older movie that I really like called ” Bruce Almighty”. It’s a bit corny but I just love it, partly because the message is so clear to me: treat others with kindness and respect and pray sincerely,and I like the image of God as Morgan Freeman:). There is a line in the movie that came to my mind as I read your post this morning Mary, “be the miracle”. You were the miracle last Friday…Wow! I love the lesson of discernment, Mary and how well yesterday’s post dovetails with today’s. You are a leader among us!

  10. Mary, you’ve blown me away with your commitment to these young people. Eleven hours is no mean feat in driving to Albany and back home. Isn’t it odd what strikes us as right in our gut and what doesn’t. You surely blessed them with the gift of your time and commitment that day.
    SandyP in Canada

  11. What an awesome experience, Mary, to take those two people to Rochester, and to know that it was the right thing to do.
    You go girl! You are amazing!

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