You have always been taken care of

“You are never alone” a photograph I took a few years ago in the Adirondacks

A lot of thoughts have been popping into my head in the middle of the night lately. Sometimes they consist of just a word, but last night it was the sentence, “You have always been taken care of.” It was a soothing thought to me; one that brought a sense of peace and comfort, and it came in the middle of the night…the time that I feel most vulnerable and maybe most open to “help”. I also could feel that it was true for us all. I fell back asleep and forgot about this until I was sitting down to write this morning.

As I think about it now, it seems to be saying, “Stop looking for what could go wrong, not work out, or fall apart, and trust that for the last 56 years, you’ve been taken care of, you aren’t going to be dropped now. Everything is just as it is supposed to be. Relax, Move  forward, Trust”.

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you“. Hafiz

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  1. Good Morning, Mary. Thank you for this post. I am absolutely resonating with those words and the feeling that goes with them.

  2. Mary, life goes in circles and the middle of the night is never a good time when those circles hit troubling spots in my life. It’s then that I pray to whatever higher power there is and often receive peace. Humankind has needed some sort of assistance in living life since the beginning of time. Your ministry is helpful and inspiring and yet, you must now come up with a thought-provoking comment yourself every day for your blog and I wonder that the well doesn’t run dry for you at times, too.

    I’m going to forward this morning’s thought to a cyber friend and Australian Shepherd breeder from Indiana who, on her way to work (she’s a nurse) one afternoon several months ago ended up flying through the windshield of her van and the only thing she remembers now is saying: “deer”. What happened is not entirely known. What the results of this accident are, so far, paralysis of the lower region. Her spinal cord is injured. Last night for the first time, she felt movement in her right thigh. Her family, realistically is saying: assisted living. This is so far from where she wants to be. She owns and runs her own farm, has been independent, owns horses, breeds and shows dogs. And life, in that one moment of time, changed forever for her. Talk about the middle of the night, nightmares. I pray for her and I hope, am able to pass on positive energy to her. No-one knows the outcome but to have hope, to have a goal, it has to start somewhere and that somewhere is in having faith and the belief that her body will repair enough for her to manage to walk somehow.

    SandyP in Canada

    1. one very hot august morning in 1993 my 21-year-old-son was riding motorcycle in the sourthern oregon coast range. he lost control of his bike on the freshly paved and twisted road, and skidded off toward the deep canyon below. but providence had a different notion for his life beginning that day. the impact of his feet against a large tree stump averted his death and disappearance into the great canyon.

      then came the phone call that changed all of our lives!

      over long months of therapy he sadly recovered little lower body function. we knew almost nothing about spinal cord injury. we could only, at first, find gratitude that phil was not brain-injured, but nothing more.

      phil eventually finished his degree in agriculture and most especially he resumed working with his dog and sheep. for inspiration and the “conclusion” go to the web page that shows the joys (and frustrations) that he shares with his wife and huge family of animal friends. google in “sweet stem farm”. i can hardly feel sadness as i watch them on youtube.

      your friend, sandy, is in my heart and in the great heart of the divine.
      may it be well for you, may it be well for me, and may it be well for all of us.

    2. Sandy, my heart and prayers go out to your friend.

      Amazing progress has occurred with therapy for spinal cord injuries. A friend who fell off a roof putting up Christmas lights in November was in a wheelchair, had assisted living for a while, but today is back to normal, *walking* activity and this weekend was out riding his bike!

      Here’s hoping it is the same for your friend.

    3. What a heartbreaking story about your friend, Sandy. She is living most people’s worst nightmare….losing independence.

      I am sending love, hugs and all my prayers for her outcome to be the very highest and best she can receive. She sounds like a strong woman. I have no doubt that she will re-birth herself.

  3. Good Morning
    Solved my problems for the day, my heart already feels lighter.
    A hug to everyone, one size fits all:)

  4. thank you mary for this message from the ‘other side’. i’ve not heard this particular quote from the work of hafiz.

    may it be for you, may it be for me, and may it be for all of us.

  5. Mary – I’ve been worrying and praying for friends who live in Colorado in the path of the devastating wildfires. And as I read about the terrible accidents that Sandy and Virginia describe above, and sit here with my right arm broken, useless and hurting, I’ve been pondering the Hafiz quote and how one reconciles bad things that happen to us with the idea that God circled the map for the place for it to happen to you. The best that I can come up with, looking back on the trauma and tragedy of wildfires and earthquakes I lived through in California, is that these experiences immensely open us up to strength we never knew we had and to love and gratitude and a compassionate connection with everyone else in the world. So, I’m sending my prayers and love out there today to all of us who need them.

    1. Victoria, so sorry for your current pain and all the physical and mental doldroms such an accident produces.

      I agree with you about your assessment of the benefits of trauma and tragedy. I have found that both show you just who you are and what you’re made of…and most of the time it’s good.

      Heal well, heal fast. Will be sending you prayers.

      1. Thanks, Suzanne -I have actually been feeling very positive about my own recuperation, but the wildfires and suffering in Colorado touches an old scar and brings back a very scary and difficult time that I’ll never forget. My heart goes out to all those people who’re losing their homes and those beautiful mountains. Thanks for your prayers!

  6. Dear Mary, I had a similar experience about 20 years ago while driving home late one night after work. Recently divorced and feeling immensely vulnerable and naked with my new life as a struggling, single woman in my mid-forties, I was at a stop-light. I was suddenly engulfed by the sense of someone’s presence and then the words “You have always been taken care of…we are here now too. Trust and let go.” I will never forget that feeling of being completely in the arms of the divine. The experience was more real than I can explain. Sometimes when we least expect it, we are reminded that there truly is a master plan and we need only look for that spot on the map which God has circled for us!

  7. Dear Mary,
    As so many of your readers find, your postings so often speak directly to my experiences. I’ve spent the last 5 sleepless nights coming to the realization that the divorce I’ve worked so hard to postpone until my children were finishing with HS, is going to have to happen much sooner. I’ve lived in an unhappy marriage for half my life, and I’d continue if I could, to protect my two precious children. But circumstances are what they are and I can no longer function as a person, much less a mother any longer. As I struggle with this decision and the hundreds of others that come with it tonight, I will think of your thought and be comforted. Thank you.

    1. Dear Karen,
      My heart goes out to you. If it feels right to you, I invite you to find a quiet spot, maybe in nature, or whatever place feels supportive and safe, and ask Yeshua HaMashiach to come into your heart and fill all the needs you have for love, appreciation, support, or whatever your soul is longing for the most… essence, ask the Beloved to fill the role of spouse in your earthly life. Open and receive the Source of Love, the higher Love of the true Beloved into your deepest, innermost heart. What you seek from without can be found within….in Truth, it can only be found within. God bless you and keep you and make Her face shine upon you and fill your heart with peace, love, joy and the Power and Presence of the Most High. Love, Yvonne

      1. Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestion, Yvonne. I believe you’re right and will work on it. Thanks for the prayer!

  8. I don’t know why I was plagued by terribly upsetting dreams on Monday night – but oddly enough, I awoke a little earlier than usual Tuesday morning with words so strongly in my mind that I hurried to the computer to type them before I would surely forget the message. A couple of hours later, the morning devotional that said to fear not, He walks always before us, preparing the way for whatever the day may bring. We are not alone. Everyone sharing this morning, it has been a powerful read – may healing come to all, love, peace and comfort. Here is the little poem that managed to bud out of the bad dreams.

    For I am With You Always

    The old woman fretted in her sleep
    Had she made enough pies for the church bazaar?
    Would her committee arrive in time?
    By her bed Jesus stood quietly
    “Fear not, dear woman, all is well”
    Stunned to see Him in her twilight sleep, she stammered,
    “Lord Jesus, why are you not on your cross?”
    She fell back asleep
    And Jesus took up His cross
    And waited for her to wake up.

  9. Greetings and thanks to all who kept our dog, Ali, in your hearts through her surgery yesterday. Ali is home now recovering….has a 6″ incision on her hip…and will get some much needed R&R (not to mention lots of love) during her healing time of 2 weeks or so. The vet and his staff felt they got very good margins when removing the tumor…..and it has been sent out for typing. Results will be in a week or so….we will keep everyone posted when we hear something about that. In the meantime, our new family member has to wear a protective collar when at home alone (not often) and overnight….to keep her from bothering the area. As I write this she is lying at my feet (actually, a bit on my feet!) and taking an afternoon ‘snooze’. Thank you all again for the flow of love in Ali’s direction these last few days.
    Best to all.
    Ken & Pam

    1. Oh DO keep us all posted, Ken and Pam! Ali was put immediately on the prayer list and will remain there for 30 days. Will be able to be re-listed if needs be. So glad your baby is home and recovering. Love and hugs to you all.

    2. I’ll continue to rally for Ali. She’s come so far, she certainly deserves a most happy result!!

  10. Best wishes Ken and Pam.As Mary just said in her post,”Relax,Move forward and Trust.” Keep us posted on your sweet pet. Lots of doggie kisses are called for here!

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