A better plan is about to be revealed…patience, faith and expectation

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A couple of weeks ago, I got the idea to buy ticket to the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood for the 4th of July. Jack loves James Taylor, and that particular concert had fireworks after (something I’d normally never be able to stay awake for). The plan seemed like a perfect one, and I was so excited when I called to get lawn tickets (which I assumed would be available)….they were sold out.

This kind of thing; getting a “great idea” that I find out isn’t going to happen, doesn’t bother me for long anymore, because if I feel like I’ve tried everything possible and my plan isn’t opening doors, I know that something larger is at work.

When I can relax and trust that there must be a reason (which is currently unavailable to my conscious mind, but known by Divine Mind) and something better is just around the corner, my disappointment is very temporary, and I start expecting to be pleasantly surprised. …I’m rarely disappointed.

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment”. Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Oh Mary,

    This is a tough task for me! Thanks for the encouragement to be open and available to the “something better”.

    From Fran

  2. Expecting to be surprised is a lovely way to leave no room for disappointment! Wishing you many wonderful surprises, Mary,

  3. “If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment”. Henry David Thoreau”
    A good thought for today, Mary, one that will go up on my daily reminder board. Today is our Canada Day much like your 4th of July but without all the wonderful trappings and festive decorations that Americans add to their small town and cities. Canadians are much more reserved it seems…not a bad trait at all but I love driving through the United States at holiday times because people get into the spirit of things so much more than here.

    Patience, centering myself, not belaboring what isn’t, just waiting…..letting go of control…always good to remember.

    SandyP in Canada

    • Sandy, I’ve travelled through several areas of your country and loved the spirit of Canada. I like a gentle, more reserved way of approaching life and, admittedly don’t care for the noise of fireworks or the way it scares pets and wildlife. That’s just one opinion, I know, so this is an area for me to cultivate patience and letting go of control! Happy Canada Day to you.

      • I’m with you DJ – I’m not a lover of the noise. The fireworks for our community or done VERY near my house. I’ve always used the excuse of wanting to be home with my pets – it’s actually me who has more of the discomfort.

    • thanks Sandy! We never stay up for the fireworks but this year we thought we might …but I just heard the weather report for the 4th and it is supposed to be thunder storms so it will be fun to see what we do end up doing

  4. I have spent so many of my years looking for the hole in the donut, Mary, that this is a great reminder to focus instead on the donut …and if they’re all sold out, the croissant right next to it!


    • Oh, Suzanne, what a wonderful expression…”looking for the hole in the donut”. I’ve always said that I look for what’s at the bottom of Pandora’s Box and I can tell you at my age looking back, it’s sometimes not been worth finding.

  5. Great insight, Mary. I am trying, too, to relax and trust my next step on my path. Some days I feel lost, but most days I keep the faith that everything is working out just as it should. Your post helped me today. Thank you.

  6. I’m so glad I read your post prior to going to the Jewish Community Center to take a water aerobics class. I have not exercised as usual the past week – family visiting from out of town and very hot weather – so today was the day to get back on track. I hadn’t been in the water but a few moments when we were told we had to leave the water as a baby had pooped in the pool. I came home, put shorts over my wet suit and took a 4 mile walk before it gets real hot. Listened to an inspiring tape as I walked. It was a good feeling not to be upset at the change in MY plans. I also remembered a previous post of yours about “the roadblock prayer.” Thanks for paving our paths with options rather than with “blocks.”

    • I like that Mary! Options instead of blocks, – you know those signs that say “yield” too? Another lovely, quiet verb and action. And detour! Sort of exciting to have to leave the main road figuratively speaking, and venture off on a “road less taken”. My son had a blast off roading for the first time since getting his new truck which has a gear for off roading. I can’t wait to go sometime, – so much awaits us all still. Happy Detours everyone.

  7. Well, I love James Taylor too, and someday I want to go to one of his concerts. But I like your thinking and the quote. I always figure God’s timing is perfect and this wasn’t the right time and obviously he has something better for you that day. We just have to learn to not get disappointed in the change, which is why I like your quote from Thoreau. I am going to keep that quote handy for times like this. Happy 4th of July! Joan Hansen

  8. “My profession is always to be alert, to find God in nature, to know God’s lurking places, to attend to all the oratorios and the operas in nature.”~
    Henry David Thoreau

    Maybe take the CD player out to the porch with a stack of James Taylor discs, string some twinkling outdoor lights, light up some citronella candles and sing and dance the night away on the front lawn!
    Sweet baby James.

  9. A timely lesson for me, too! My husband and I were in Washington, D.C. for a few days last week to celebrate my birthday. It was a bit of a weird trip for me! It had been about 15 years since we were there together to sight see and it was my suggestion to go there knowing my husband (an avid history buff) would love it. While I loved the sights in our Nation’s capital, and was in awe of the new (2004) WW II Memorial, and the new Native American Museum, and felt so proud and patriotic, I also felt an intensity, a seriousness, a wheeling/dealing energy from overheard lunch and dinner conversations, an uneasiness that did not feel good to me…took me right back to my working days. I stayed ‘chipper’ and positive and enjoyed the meals and sights and walking but couldn’t wait to get home to peaceful Vermont, back to my center, and shift the weird feeling…telling myself that I had made the wrong choice of destinations. So yes…I was disappointed. But not for long! As we sat on the airplane at Reagan National for our flight to Albany, the other passengers were backed up in the aisle. I looked up, and stopped at our row (with his mom behind him) was this young country singer who I just love! His name is Scotty McCreery, an 18 year old American Idol winner 2 years ago…just a sweet hometown North Carolina kid with a great voice on his way to Albany and a concert with Brad Paisley that night. And I had actually voted for him week after week on the show! I whispered “Scotty McCreery” and he looked up and I said “I just love you and I voted for you soooo many times”…he smiled, reached out his hand to shake mine and said “thank you, m’aam”…”and it’s my birthday, too” I babbled…”Well Happy Birthday, M’aam”…and my 61 year old heart just melted…my husband said I ‘swooned’!!! Compensation in every disappointment indeed! It made my trip! And my birthday! Came home and downloaded a few more of his songs!!!! I Love You This Big….(my favorite!)

    • Late getting to some of these posts, but I wish you a Happy Birthday, Kathye! And what a special, unplanned gift you received. I LOVE that you turned all swoony and “teenager-y” with the thrill of it all. Sure pumps the endorphins!

  10. Lucky you, Kathye! Scotty has to have been one of the all time greatest natural talents ever on Idol. Voices like that don’t come along every day. What a surprise birthday greeting to hear that bass voice and beautiful young man wish you a Happy Birthday M’aam – and from the flock – Happy Birthday Kathye!

    • Thanks so much Susan for the birthday wishes! And…sounds like you might need a Beware of Gila sign for your backyard!

  11. Entirely unrelated to today’s post, but I just had the thrill of seeing on my own back patio, a Gila Monster. Alerted by my dogs who were suddenly barking and going berserk as they jumped and clawed at the patio door, I looked out and saw the critter – must be an adult according to this little video clip – as it was about 20 inches long. To think they spend about 90% of their life underground, this was a rare sighting. ‘Tis a bit scary though to realize you never really know what’s lurking out in the desert, even in your own backyard, when you let your pets out. I do think they have the sense not to get too close. Only one time have I had a rattlesnake on the patio, and my dog was at least 15 feet away, barking a lot, but in a stance that said, “I’m not a fool, I’m not getting any closer”. I, with my heart in my throat, said the magic words to get him (dog that is!) back inside, “Dobie, want a cookie?”

  12. To meet Scotty McCreery in person is a GREAT suprise!
    Mary, My daughter saw James Taylor last week in Portland ME. She said “He looked so old.” (She’s 43.) But she said his voice was beautiful and sweet. He sang for two and a half hours! Maybe we could give thanks for his success in his advancing years. He, as many of us, has had a tough life and has overcome his demons.
    Imagine yourself there! Maybe some “Sweet Baby James” on your next jog!
    Happy 4th! We’ll see how it all plays out as rain is predicted for MA too. 😀

  13. Reading late tonight.
    I have had this experience also when first disappointment became second BEST! I was feeling envious of relatives in Mass. who do have tickets to the James Taylor event at Tanglewood, for today as a matter of fact. Then they go on to stay with another relative near Boston for Tallships & fireworks.

    I realized that I was only feeling jealous of not being invited; even tho’ my husband & I would probably have declined. Ray prefers homebase these days. Today, when checking with my daughter about her plans for the 4th, I said: “Years ago, when I lived in Florida, if I had the chance to spend the 4th of July on a country property with a pool in the most Americana place I know…I would have been thrilled. And so I am! Happy Fourth of July Celebrations to all……

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