Interdependence, waiting, watching, trusting…Heaven is this moment

Jack holding a Robin’s egg shell

I found a Robins nest, a month or so ago, and noticed that it was full of babies. At first I could only hear them, but they grew bigger and louder as the weeks past.

The parents had been very visible, flying in and out of the nest and greeting me, it seemed, every morning by sitting on a branch close to our house and calling out. I’ve always noticed Robins, but these seemed like they were noticing me back. Jack even started calling them “your Robins”, so I’ve been paying attention to what they might mean in my life and Sunday night, I woke up with the words, “You are fine right now, where you are. When you are ready, you will be moved up”, going through my mind

The next morning, I unexpectedly came home between appointments, and sensed that the adults were extra loud and really wanted me to notice them. One of the adults in particular, had a red berry in her mouth and was swooping past me as I stood by my car, lighting on a nearby branch, calling out again and then swooping some more, back and forth.

I decided to see what Esther was up to, and found her just sitting in the grass, but I brought her inside anyway (just to be on the safe side) and went back out to look around. As I entered the garage I heard a very loud series of chirps that were echoing off the walls and I could see the adult birds circling outside and around the garage.

As I tried to figure out where the sound was coming from, I walked past the large garbage barrel, and heard it again. When looked inside, I could see one of the Robin babies at the bottom. The barrel was too deep for my arm to get all the way in, so I tipped it and then reached down. It was flapping around, trying to avoid my hand but I finally did manage to bring it outside.

I couldn’t tell whether it was hurt or not, but it looked old enough to fly so I put it on the ground under the nest and stepped back about 20 feet to watch. The parents were circling and then one of them landed a few feet away from it and began hopping closer. …the baby was still just chirping a loud alarmed cry, but after a couple of minutes, I saw it  hop to the parent and they hopped together, around the corner of the garage, out of sight.

I went inside the house and waited about 5 minutes and when I went back outside, the birds were all gone. I checked the nest and it was empty too.

My mind flashed back to the words that I heard the night before and the connection with the Robins and my own impatience about something that I had wanted to happen faster in my life. The baby Robins were not ready to fly until Monday, July 2nd. There was Divine timing at work, and my part was simply to enjoy observing them. If I had tried to rush things along; gotten them to leave the nest earlier, it wouldn’t have worked out well for those birds. Equally, if I didn’t act when I was called to, one of the babies probably wouldn’t have made it.

There is Divine help, Divine wisdom and Divine timing working for every one of us, all of the time. I am just one part of an infinitely vast, beautiful network of unseen helping hands, no more important than any other, but not less important either.

Today, I intend to notice and celebrate the interdependence, and wonderful connectedness, of Life.

To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now. Alan Cohen

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  1. Such a lovely, meaningful, heartwarming post, Mary! It made me feel all warm inside, hopeful, and happy. Your words remind me of a piece of Jack’s artwork called “Harmony”…the two broken halves of an old grinding stone…each beautiful on their own, but still able to fit together perfectly. I love Jack’s story about them too…mounted so they could be moved apart or together…a different perspective and a different beauty each way…but equally as strong and moving…independent yet interdependent…how cool, and significant, to see your words and writing, and Jack’s art send such complementary messages in such different ways. So inspirational to me! What “interdependence and wonderful connectedness of Life”! Happy Birthday, U.S.A! I love you!

  2. “To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” Alan Cohen

    This saying along with your full story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for helping me to recognize and be part of the Divine helping and unseen hands around me.

  3. This post and Alan Cohen’s quote just knocked my socks off, Mary. Divine Timing, indeed. It’s not only true of life, but of a particular situation for which I’m trying to stay open to guidance.

    My personal needs aside, this was a lovely post. Happy 4th to our country and to all of us here in the flock.

  4. Divine timing for that baby robin in the garbage barrel – who knows – the ripple effect from a butterfly wing – in this case, a robin’s wing…
    Thank you for your post today Mary, especially the gift from Alan Cohen – a much needed reminder I’m sure we all can use. Happy Day!

  5. Dear Mary. Another timely post…thank you. Impatience is an interesting teacher. I have bee impatiently grappling with a challenge in my life….only to realize that patience is the very lesson I am to learn. (again!) Thank you for the reminder that divine guidance really is with us ALL the time and that trying to push the river only makes us exhausted and doesn’t allow blessings to manifest. Those beautiful robins are messengers for us all and have helped you inspire others with their natural way of being.

  6. On this day when our country celebrates its independence, your post, Mary, is so lovely, and is a celebration and reminder of our interdependence as humans, animals, the whole of Nature. So often it is viewed as a weakness to be dependent upon another, but to realize how much we truly do need one another, is a strength. Thank you again and again Mary, for providing us this beautiful place to gather, – we depend! on it!

  7. Considering the logistics of building a birds nest and looking at the analogy a little differently, I’m wondering if parent birds build their nests so that when their teenaged birds are too big to fit the nest, they fall out and are required to fly and go out on their own, learning how to survive in this world or if the birds are simply not foresighted enough to realize that all those eggs = baby birds; baby birds grow and fall out of too-small nests. Is there a message in here somewhere for us humans? One day a few weeks ago, I too, found a nest full of Eastern blue jays. The nest had been built over top of our driveway at the end of a branch where a good gust of wind could have knocked nest to the ground. One tiny bird fell out, much as Mary has described happened with her. The flapping of tiny wings and much squawking was accompanied by the parents dive bombing the baby trying to encourage it to fly. I managed to pick it up and with help from friends, climbed a ladder and carefully placed the baby on a branch near the nest. When I looked that night, the nest was empty. Their Higher Power had spoken.

    SandyP…who wishes all in the US a Happy July 4th.

    1. What a beautiful post Mary and to the flock: a happy independence and as it happens, interdependence day!

  8. Heaven is this moment… We fled the 4th fireworks/ Apocalypse Now display of patriotism for a ‘vacation rental by owner’ listing because we have a sound phobic dog that hates bombastic ‘s.
    We found a slice of silence that is worth its weight in gold. Not only is it QUIET, but the kitchen here is better equipped than my own! I was able to throw together a pasta primavera (with the few well chosen herbs at the house) a fresh Caesar’s salad and garlic bread without lacking for any pot, pan, or anything! I can certainly see being snowed in here in the winter and not even caring when the roads opened again!
    I’ll probably never spend another night in a hotel/motel after I discovered VRBO. Reservations made months ago proved to be a serenity savior.
    Divine help, divine wisdom, divine timing.
    Now we have a motor home and our pets will go with us where ever. Heaven is in this moment! Thanks for the reminder. I love the inter-dependence on friends and family and community. They seem to love it, too!

  9. Ah, cheryl–how great for you! I’ve been pining for a small motor home/rv for years now, and someday our moment will come! (By the way, we have a wonderful 35′ Gillig converted school bus for trade or sale!)

    Meanwhile, at our annual Fun Walk/parade/4th broo-haha, our best friend WON the grand prize Subaru. He’s a wonderful kind guy who’s always driving folks everywhere, a farmer & counselor. When they called his name, a huge positive roar came up from the 5k folks waiting to hear their name because so many knew Frank and rejoiced with him. Yahoo for all good things that give us wings!

  10. Dear Mary, Thank-you for this lovely post. I need to be reminded that things will happen when they’re meant to happen. I get to forgetting this and often grow short when everything doesn’t happen on my time.
    I love the sweet robin’s egg photo. It says it all. A man’s large,strong hands cradling such a delicate piece of nature. Sweet.
    Happy Holidays, Cindy

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