Flowing along with Life

The very fun and whimsical glass jewelry made by my friend Nancy at http://www.spinningglassstudio.com          (she wrote in her blog that she’d made these for a friend and to my delight, I found out yesterday that I was the friend she was talking about! They are delightful to wear and make a little ‘tinkling’ sound when they move as the silver touches the glass….they are my new reminders to listen for the Good in Life!)

I wrote the other day about our 4th of July plans not going forward as I had hoped: James Taylor concert, picnic on the lawn, with fireworks after at Tanglewood. We didn’t make another plan, but on Sunday, friends asked us to come to dinner on the 4th, and said they’d like to do a seafood grill if that was ok with us …it was way better than ok with us…we both love seafood. Our contribution was a mousse-cake from Mrs. London’s bakery.

As we sat on their lovely screened porch suddenly the music came on,….it was James Taylor.  Knowing that we’d wanted to go to his concert originally, they downloaded a bunch of his songs to play that evening. The food was incredible, the company relaxing and fun, and the background music perfect. On our drive home, we were going through a tiny Vermont town and up in the sky, guess what we saw?! Fireworks!

We turned down a dirt road by a corn field, and a family with 3 children were parked by the edge of the field. The kids were sitting on the roof of the car. We asked if the fireworks were finished and they all chimed in enthusiastically, “They just started! Are you going to watch them with us?!”

Yes we were. We pulled up next to them, on this dirt road with tall corn stalks on either side, and could not have enjoyed a show more if we’d paid to get in. After each set of fireworks went up, the kids all squealed and laughed and clapped and one of the parents beeped the horn.

Driving home, we both felt amazed at how the day had unfolded. It was better than the original plan in every way.

I know in my heart that life is meant to be an ever-expanding, flowing, richer, deeper, more joyful journey of Self-discovery, and that so often, all I need to do is relax and be delighted at what shows up.

“You never know what events are going to transpire to get you home“. Og Mandino

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  1. I woke up grumpy this morning, and have just been sitting, drinking my coffee, reminding myself that happiness is a choice. Thanks for this reminder, Mary. I have now put grumpiness aside, and am waiting for what the day will bring!

  2. I had a similar experience with July 4th Mary – I kept my mouth shut – staying “out of the way” and I couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased by what transpired. A lesson learned.
    Your 4th sounds idyllic – ox

  3. “Flow along with Life, listen for the Good, and be delighted at what shows up!” I love this message Mary! And I love the Og Mandino quote! Love, friendship, home…a relaxing evening spent with friends…always so special! And topped off with fireworks on the way home! Yippee!! Cool earrings! The colors are so pretty…I can almost hear them ‘tinkling’! Much love…

  4. What a wonderful, unplanned 4th you had, Mary….small graces adding up to a perfect day! And the quote from Og Mandino was just waiting to be the ending for this post.

    Learning not to push the river can be one of our greatest gifts. Thank you for a very soothing read.

  5. Your retelling of your fourth of July unfolding brought tears to my eyes. Your day just seemed so lovely and perfect. I love when the universe steps in like that and lays it out for you. All you can do is feel the blessings.

  6. I so love your story Mary – sounds like sharing the fireworks with the happy squeals of the children was the whipped cream on the strawberries for you and Jack! Just yesterday, I got around to watching a documentary I had checked out from the library that was due tomorrow. Oh my, it is exactly what your post was all about on the Fourth, Mary, – the interdependence and connectedness of all things. I wanted to recommend it to everyone and then as luck would have it as I looked for a link – the whole doc. is actually on Youtube – it is slightly over an hour, and you will not regret seeing it. The director (of movies such as Liar, Liar, Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty) Tom Shadyac sustained a life threatening head injury some years back, and his recovery was long, slow, and extremely painful, suffering from post concussion symptoms that would not go away. In fact, he wanted to die. As he made a stunning recovery, he found himself asking two questions: What’s wrong with the world?” and “What can I do about it?” – I don’t want to give anymore of it away, but WFF flock, it’s what we talk about here all the time. You won’t be disappointed.

      1. Susan – Thank you for sharing this. I’ve only been able to watch the very beginning but I already know I will be recommending it to others. There is a very powerful message here.

  7. Huh! My earlier comment didn’t post! Don’t know why, I’ll just say it again! Your 4th of July sounds like a little slice of heaven,or a slice of mousse cake(yum)! Doesn’t it just feel like we are chatting on the porch over coffee or tea? What’s a little geography between friends? Happy weekend to all!

  8. And I saw the earrings on Mary in the Food Co-op in Cambridge…and heard them tinkling! They matched Mary’s colorful shirt and personality. I have some of Nancy’s unique earrings and love them as well. Mary Rita

  9. Not to be a downer, I’d like to report that we had a terrible derecho wind event last Friday that tore up most of Virginia, and several other places. Went without power for 8 hours, then had it restored. Cable out, but not a big deal since we had the radio. Others not so lucky and are still without power. Temperatures were and still are around 100 degrees +.

    But then Tuesday, another storm rolled in, this time lightening struck our ancient Maple tree splitting it, so that a section fell just inches from the kitchen window, but it took out the clothes line, power line and cable. I don’t care if we had cable, but in the heat it was nice to have air conditioning, which we didn’t have for two days. After calling the automated power company line twice I finally got a real person on Independence Day. Shortly after talking to the power company a subcontractor arrived to cut up the limbs that covered the power line. By Thursday morning workmen had arrived to connect the power line and the cable.

    Despite all that happened I was happy because I was with my loving border collie, and my mother. I got at least one of the battery operated radios working so we could listen to the news. Friends helped us store some of the freezer food at their place, and some stuff out of the fridge. Today the same friends will come to cut up most of the fallen Maple, then take that wood so they can use it to heat their home this winter.

    1. I applaud you, C.S., for finding things to be grateful for in such a difficult situation! I think your attitude of gratitude for what DID go right is something to aspire to.

      Hope the rest of your summer will be event-free. Sounds like you have a good and caring community there.

  10. I love how the Universe heard your wish for the 4th and made it even better for you!

  11. That was a wonderful experience you described. Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Hi Mary, We had an unexpected grand 4th that ended with impromptu fireworks also! How nice to just relax and let things happen. My man and I needed this time. Thank-you God. I love you!

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