Loving animals, and a give-away

A couple of times a year, I go through my books and donate or give some away to make room for the new. Instead of putting this one in the donation bag, I thought I’d offer it here as a give-away. Since I really enjoyed these stories, and we are such a community of animal lovers, I thought that you might like it too.

To enter this give-away just post a comment that has a word, which comes to mind when you think about your animal friends. It could be love, comfort, joy, etc., or even a pet’s name or a story. I’ll choose a random winner on Saturday the 14th.

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her“. Ellen DeGeneres

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  1. LOVE Ellen DeGeneres. I don’t have a TV so I don’t see her often, but I remember her hilarious situation comedy that got cancelled when she admitted who she really was. I was outraged – and so glad when she was accepted back. It’s a cliche, but unlike we humans, animals are unconditionally loving. I have one dog (lost my dearest pal last January), five cats, eight chickens, a feral feral cat visitor, and a domestic cat visitor who belongs to the whole area. And then there are all the wild animals…Mr. Black Bear was here only a week ago. Some visitors are less loving (like humans) – I’m trying not to kill the deer flies that are dreadful this year.

    How I love life – how it make me laugh.

    No need to put me in the drawing.

  2. Mary, that’s two days in a row I’ve had a good chuckle with your postscripts. I loved Ellen DeGeneres comment on the deer head. I don’t know why people have them either. I wonder if deer would like to have people heads where they live (mind you, they sleep out in the open..they might have a transport problem with people heads). Like you, I’m cleaning out slowly and trying to keep my life pared down a bit. Last night I went through my CD’s and will take some into the Salvation Army today. I think of how much my son would have to go through if I don’t pare down in older age and older age is looming on my horizon somewhat quickly these days. How is it that we end up with possessions owning us? Human folly, I guess. We’re an acquisitive society.
    SandyP, in Canada

  3. Isn’t it interesting how the fuller we become in our interior, spiritual self, the leaner we seek to make our exterior world? It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the nice “things” I’m surrounded by, but I’m not so attached to them anymore. I lost a watch that was very dear to me a couple of years ago. I went to the store I thought I lost it in but no luck. And then I just thought, “Someone else must need that watch a lot more than I do” and moved on.

    I don’t own pets because my lifestyle wouldn’t be fair to any of them – not even a fish. But I do feed a cute little cat who stops by in the morning while I’m having coffee and reading my newspaper on my patio. When she’s finished eating, she walks around and checks out my herbs and flowers and chases a gecko or two while we chat, and then she goes on about her day and I go on about mine. Someone once told me that cats and dogs sweep away negative energy ~ my cat visitor always leaves me smiling … a good start to any morning.

    No need to enter me in the drawing, either, Mary. Just stopping by to say hello before heading off to a 5-day silent retreat full of sweetness and light.

  4. My two labbie boys, Tanner and Brady, and my kitty Katie give me unbridled adoration and loyalty. They bring such joy and laughter to our home. I count it a sacred privilege to care for them on their journey through this life.

    Since I already have the book, please send it to someone else to enjoy.

  5. Peace! The animals in my life have always brought me peace. Now because of my new path I get to spend time with a many animals. I groom dogs and teach riding lessons. Both jobs have brought me peace beacuse of the animals I get to work with!

  6. My animals, Maddie, Lucy, Turtle, Paco and Brother are my family. They keep me going when times get tough.

  7. The way my big puppy dog greets me at the door – he is literally shaking all over and wagging his tail at warp speed. To me that is the very meaning of love!

  8. HI Mary. I hadn’t read Ellen DeGeneres’ quote before…..what a great chuckle! She is a wonderful animal advocate. Your give-away is a fabulous idea and what a great book to choose! As an animal communicator, I have so many words to describe these special beings…..mystics, teachers, bringers of light, comedians, lovers, gentle, kind, devotees of nature, companions, enlightened ones…….thanks for the opportunity to express my love and devotion to their presence in my life!

  9. not so much a word or a story but rather a wish for my sister…..an animal lover by nature or choice…… her greatest wish, which she shares all the time, would be to have the land to open a huge shelter so she could adopt every critter she sees or hears of that needs a home……tired of dealing with people (working for the sheriffs department) she finds love and comfort in her animals which they return to her twofold…..may her wish come true some
    day soon.

  10. Aurora…our border collie who got spooked on 7/4 & bolted out of the house. She was missing for almost 48 long hours during a bad heat wave. She was 3 miles from home in a hilly & wooded area. Because she had tags with our phone # on it, she was found & returned to us. Thanks be to God!!! She is getting micro-chipped today and the bandages are coming off her burnrd paws.

    1. So glad you found your sweet girl, Joanne! Maybe a Frosty Paw is in order! Do they have those frozen treats for dogs out your way? And a nice fluffy pillow and some J.S. Bach! Haha!

  11. Cowboy – my mini-dashound… gone 2 years… Try – my corgi… gone one year… Scooter – the corgi/aussie mix who’s worming his way under my skin… Sonny – my trusted quarter horse that carried me thousands of miles for 20+years and still living in my backyard… and Mervin – who’s taken Sonny’s place carrying me on journeys to come. One word? nah… several come to mind… love, trust, champanion, laughter, happiness, sadness, loss, friendship… the list goes on. Love your blog, Mary. Thanks for allowing glimpses of your life.

  12. Whether in the wild or in our homes, God’s little teachers, wise communicators, silent sermon givers…I’d love to hear an animal, any animal, provide the keynote speech at a convention, the graduation address at a top university, the homily at a church…just once…I wonder what they would choose to tell us…and I wonder what we would hear…I believe it would be wisdom for the ages…

  13. My shepherd mix Faye is a steadfast presence in my life, always happy, forgiving (if I miss a walk once in a great while, although she does have a fenced in 1/2 acre of land to explore and and rabbits to chase, she of course loves loves her walks), loyal, and always always always makes me smile when nothing else sometimes can, and a teacher – she shows me how to remain positive and live in the moment. Animals are such blessings to our lives!! I’m so glad you brought this topic up Mary, thank you!

  14. I would have to say that all of my past pets (dogs) have been my loving companions…………….always there for me, never judging or criticing me, just loving me and trusting me.

  15. My dogs are my teachers. The most important thing I’ve learned from them is always to greet the people I love like I haven’t seen them in years.

  16. Contentment…both when I look at them and they look back at me. Or, maybe they are just using mind control, looking for a treat…

  17. Connection . . . on a sweet and deep level, different from connections with human beings, but no less important or nourishing. My little female dog, Lucky who is 7 years old to my male Dobie’s almost 13, was the little dog we found on the trail hiking five years ago. She has always been a Mommy’s girl ever since and has the sweetest habit, daily! of nudging up to me when I begin to read a book. She jumps onto the chair, sofa or bed, wherever I am, and nudges my hand away from the book, and comes really really close to my face, and stares into my eyes with her beautiful black orbs – it’s just this most precious feeling as if she’s really wanting to connect with me and have my sole attention for just a brief moment – and then she curls up and is most happy for me to stay put and read for awhile. Love those moments of connection.

  18. My dog Charlie and I are grateful to each other, I think. I provide the best affection, and loving care within my power. Since 2001, Charlie has been wonderful company, and blood pressure reducer!

  19. bliss – heavenly bliss- we have had many animals over the years – all evoke such a feeling of love, bliss, contentment, love

  20. My life would be so much poorer without my dear pets. My sister was a St.Bernard (title of my blog) and we’ve had a lovely lineage of cats for decades and decades. Now as I volunteer regularly at our local shelter, I am honored to give comfort and exercise for those four-footeds who haven’t found their forever homes yet, or who are healing from bad experiences. I spend most of my time in the infirmary with the new intakes, who are so pitifully frightened, or precious kittens getting over kitty colds, often the result of the stresses even in our loving spot. I come away energized by their sweet love, and we all love the days a dear one goes home to a loving family….

  21. I have two wonderful dogs with very different personalities. Elle – our golden retriever is as joyful/playful as she can be and Iris – our blue-eyed aussie shepherd insists on having a job – something with purpose. Thus, they remind me that life is all about balance.

  22. My cats teach me to live in the moment and not be concerned with the past or the future. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  23. ‘Stillness’ after all the animals have been feed and dusk is upon us, I take my stool and sit in a corner of the sheep pen. They all gather around pushing up against me and when they finally settle warm sheep breath mingles with human breath and a ‘stillness’ envelops us.

  24. Today I came home in the middle of a less than satisfying work day to have lunch with my 2 dogs. I felt worn out, and discouraged so I flopped down on the floor to do a little restorative yoga. Shakti and Siggie, my own personal team of self-appointed therapy dogs came to either side of me, snuggled up and made it better right away. They just knew I needed a hug, and I can face the rest of the day thanks to my loving, furry friends.

  25. Contentment is one of the words that comes to mind when I think of my eight cats. They make this house feel like home.

  26. My sweet Chloe, who died last September, brought me love and contentment from the first day. The big Golden (Poot) with whom I’m involved has enhanced my sense of making things right when you can.

    Lessons abound from all the furry beings.

  27. My dog Jesse [10 yr old English Setter] is constant, devoted, utterly trusting, & a great & consistent comfort to me. .

  28. Peace. One word of many. By the way, a wonderful book is Animals as Teachers & Healers, by Susan Chernak McElroy.

  29. Cruiser (shih tzu) — he’s my lovey dog; Lulabell (schipperke-pom) — the happy pirate. Pets are wonderful. You get to choose your own family.

  30. i missed the blog yesterday…my dogs have taught me so much, hard to express. Hannah: gone from us: love and acceptance, Maverick, gone now, forever in our hearts: taught me about sweetness and perserverance( can I get a treat now, can I!) Maggie: 12 years of growing together and still walking on the path, new and old. I have this book Mary, but wanted to say something about my canine companions.

  31. Toby (cat) – I lost him in 2009 and still miss him everyday. I would enjoy this great book if your gift ends up coming to me!

  32. Cookie….even though she was 15 and blind she still found her way through the house and into my lap to comfort me during my depression days…

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