Watching Life

the new bird bath

In addition to being a sculptor, Jack has had an antique shop for 20 years. Most of the time, if I see something in his shop that I’d like for our house, he brings it home that day…not so with the marble holy-water font. When I first noticed it, months ago, I asked him not to sell it and he said OK, but never brought it home. I kept asking, but he always put me off saying, “Where is it going to go?” and even though I imagined it in a garden setting, being used as a bird bath, we didn’t really have a spot for it.

I wrote in an earlier blog that last week I had made a sitting area in our side yard, and quite coincidentally wrote Monday about Sister Sarah bringing water to the birds. When I asked Jack again, Monday afternoon, about the font he said, “I’ll bring it home tomorrow.” …and he did. I could feel the timing of this was perfect. If he’d brought it home months ago, there wouldn’t have been a good place for it, and it would have caused some conflict with us.

I didn’t grow up in an atmosphere of patience. Even now my parents always seem like they are rushing to get to the next place, and I can feel that energy within myself too, but I’m also allowing life to unfold much more naturally than I ever did before. I’m becoming more watchful and less action-oriented and much to my delight, the things that I have imagined are happening anyway.

“I regret less the road not taken than my all-fired hurry along the road I took“.  Robert Brault

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  1. Perfectly magical setting…watching life indeed! I’m imagining the birds that will drink from that beautiful pool of water as they go about their day…I wonder who the first one will be?! …and what an inspiring quote! XOXO

    • We’ve been watching the bird bath since we put it there…haven’t seen a bird yet but that will be exciting…hopefully I’ll be able to catch a picture to share too…love back to you Kathye, and as always, thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm!

    • I love the thought of “a holy spot” ….thank you for these words

    • thank you Debra…you know, it feels like the bird bath has been there all along to us too…it is as if it just dropped into place and we all took a deep breath and said, “perfect!”

  2. Looks wonderful, Mary. Noticed your solar light. These are quite handy when the power goes out. I am somewhat bummed after the June 29 destructive wind storm, and finally the downed tree removal from the July 3 storm- my beautiful flowers were completely flattened by the part of the tree that fell. Our tree guy came to eyeball the remaining Maple. He says he can save it, and so we will allow him to do that. Still, I keep thinking about my echinacea that I raised from seed that I hope will come back.

    • Thank you C.S. and hoping your tree and plants all come back even stronger

  3. I just got a birdbath too! As I filled it the other day, I thought of your nun friend and the little bowl of water! Enjoy your new-found/created garden! It was there all the time!!! 🙂

    • I love the thought of so many of us with birdbaths Tish!…I am imagining all of these shimmering bowls of light and water sending good ripples out into the world!

  4. Mary, loved the quote. I also have a bird bath that I put in the flower garden that my Mother can see from her window, as she cannot get out much any more due to health and age, she gets hours of enjoyment from this, I know you will to.

    • I’m always trying to find things that my mom will like…maybe a bird bath for her too! Thanks Karen

  5. What a beautiful bird bath and peaceful setting! I’m sure the birds will appreciate the water. (I’ve practically had a line at my bird bath this summer with all the hot, dry weather.) And I so appreciate the reference to growing up in an impatient atmosphere. It’s a tough pattern to break – thank you for the reminder.

    • I love the thought of a line of birds at the feeder Pam! That would be a total delight!

  6. I heard a radio show recently about a book on procrastination. How doing nothing is good and allows things to work out and unfold. Me with my to-do lists never thought about things in this way; I’m one to rush in and take charge married to one who sits back and moves much much slower. So I could really realate to your post this morning. The Holy Water Font is beautiful and looks so nice where you placed it. Enjoy:)

    • Thank you Patti…I am often (not always but often!) very grateful that Jack and I have such different personality types!

  7. What a beautiful font Mary – the birds will come to refresh themselves and give delight to you and Jack. Come tarry awhile. . . I have two bird baths on our patio and hardly ever see birds drinking – and it’s 3 plus months of over 100 degrees. Can’t figure this one out. C.S. Miller, I’m so sorry for the destruction the storm made of your trees and garden. Things will grow back, but talk about patience! Be well.

    • I cannot wait to see my first bird at the bath Susan…it’s funny to even write this as I realize that I’ve been looking out my window, when I’m home, about every 15 minutes to see if we have a visitor yet…(and the post was about patience!)

  8. Lovely post, Mary. I loved my bird bath, will have one again in Idaho, when we get there full time. Your little fits the space like a hand in a glove. peace to all.

  9. your recent posts have been meaningful in a day-to-summer-day kind of way; i think most of my life is quietly profound, if indeed there are the tempests of great consequence.

    mary, the quote by brault speaks to that; i’ve not heard this quote. most of my people are a rushing-to-get-to-the-next-place kind of folks. we get a lot accomplished it seems, but what of the price? i’m learning to s l o w down.

    i live in western oregon, but oh would i love to visit jack’s antique store. i’ve ‘junked’ since before it was popular and love to look at/for the unusual; things with a story.

    may it be well for you, may it be well for me, and may it be well for all of us.

    • Thank you for that blessing Virginia, … sending “slow” thoughts of calm and peace your way this evening

  10. How fitting that your new bird bath was once a holy water font! I can only imagine the good energy that came along with this font, considering what its original purpose was. Nature and her creatures share sacredness. And now their place of refreshment brings it full circle.

    Blessed be.

  11. Mary, how wonderful!!! It does, indeed, look like its always been there!! Have you considered adding a hummingbird feeder or thistle feeder to your little island in nature? Would make the birds happy and you would have an even larger Bird Choir!! BTW, I retired early after 35 years at same place..loved my job BUT migraines were mor frequent…so it takes a while to slow down and enjoy what’s going on around you…or it did me. Now I feel so blesses!!!

    • Maybe we will get a feeder Sly (I never even thought I’d have a garden spot 2 weeks ago so who knows where it will go!)

  12. Loved the quote again this morning, Mary; a wonderful and whimsical thought to begin my day. What I have taken from your posting is how I try to micro manage my life with my ego interfering constantly, wanting immediate satisfaction, being impatient. Yet, Jack did wait, maybe he knew that you didn’t have a special place in mind for your lovely birdbath but when it all came together, the birdbath magically appeared. Yesterday, in all this horribly prolonged heat, I went, in desperation, into the one shoe store in town to look for a pair of sandals as my feet were so hot in my runners. I had been eyeing a pair of fancy Naot sandals for several months but couldn’t justify the expense and my feet would have shifted, I know, from side to side on our bumpy country fields. I have an active 1 1/2 yr old pup to walk outside and needed a pair of sensible shoes, not the fancy ones. I found just what I wanted, open air, open toe, Ecco sandals, my feet can’t move of shift in them. Had I not waited, these wonderful sandals would not be on my feet today. When you posted about wanting the bird bath yet not having a place to put it, it brought back my longing for those fancy sandals and yet they weren’t the answer to my needs. So, I found out.
    SandyP in Canada

    • Thank you Sandy and I love your story of the perfect pair of sandals!

  13. Oooooh. Lovely. Your post is so timely for me. My husband and I have a long term goal of having an alpaca farm somewhere nearby where we live now. Even though we’re not at all ready to sell our current house and move, I continue to search for property online. I found 10 acres with a small (ramshackle) house for a good price that we could afford to buy and work on over the next couple of years. Well, we met with a realtor today only to find out that it’s way too far our for us to commute (we’re keeping our day jobs). And the other available properites are even farther out. But, we learned alot about the area and what may or may not be in our price range. So. Nothing for us right now. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s a challenge for me. 🙂

    • Donna, I love alpacas, too. There is a very active Alpaca Assoc. in Ontario, Canada and I know many more exist. They’re wonderful animals, very peaceful with their back in their throats little noises. At least you’re on your way to focusing on your dream. Good luck. Country living is wonderful but it’s not for everyone.
      SandyP (in the country).

  14. I can almost feel your place “in the air”, Donna…keep us posted and I’ll keep your dream in my best thoughts too

  15. “If you build it, they will come.” Remember this quote from the Kevin Costner baseball movie?

  16. Thank you so much Mary for adding your comments to all the postings. It was such a nice way to end my day – reading the posts from the flock and then your responses to them. Added such a special connectedness.

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