the sound of harmony

Fred and a good book (by Genevieve Behrend, called Your Invisible Power originally published in the 1920’s)

A few years ago I attended a workshop on “Sound Healing” and one of the exercises was to make the sound that you felt corresponded to certain words. A word that I chose to work with was PEACE, and when I closed my eyes and tried to make what I felt would be the sound of PEACE, it was almost like an OM or a deep hum to me. The combination of thinking of the word while making the sound was one of the most meditative things I’ve experienced.

Driving back from the workshop, I imagined a dome of peace over our home and hummed the sound while I thought PEACE. I walked into the most peaceful feeling house that night….even Jack noticed it (before I’d said a word).

I’ve been saying the word HARMONY, for the past several weeks, and can almost see the happy, peaceful, flowing, musical notes emanating from my heart. I’m going to hold this word over the weekend in thought, mind and sound, and if you would like to join me, you are officially invited!

“…..we as individuals are not islands. We have an inevitable effect on each other, on our families, on our work environments, on our schools.  If one person is extremely agitated, that has an infectious, negative, ripple effect. If somebody is very harmonious, very calming, very unifying, very loving, that also has a positive, calming, ripple effect. So just as violence, chaos, and panic can spread through a city; harmony, unity, coherence, and calm can spread through a city”. Dr. John Hagelin*

*Dr. Hagelin is a world-renowned quantum physicist, from the United States, who received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, USA. He is currently the director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy.

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  1. I love this idea Mary. Just reading your message is very peaceful to me. I happily accept your invitation to join you and others in HARMONIOUS thought and sound! I recall an old Coca Cola commercial, from the 70’s I think, that had lots of different people, “hippie-like” from around the world, standing on a mountain top and they were singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”…I can see it and hear it like it was yesterday…and it’s probably 40 plus years ago! I can easily envision our WFF community, all the wonderful people whose comments I love to read, virtually holding hands and feeling and spreading harmony this weekend. I’m honored to be a part of this wonderful “party”! XOXO

    • Kathye – I loved this commercial and can envision us all holding hands, too. Now I’ll probably have that song in my head all weekend!

    • Kathye…I, too, remember this commercial. Loved it then and, in the remembering, love it now. I kind of hope it gets stuck in my head for a few days. Might be a good ‘go to’ spot if annoyances appear this weekend.

  2. How wonderful Mary..and timely in my case. Thanks and a smile from my heart, marjorie

  3. I love this, too, Mary. Thank you for the invitation. I hope everyone has a calm and harmonious weekend!

  4. Love this idea, Mary! I am going to make mine a phrase: Harmony and Balance.
    Happy weekend to all.

  5. Dear Mary…thank you for this weekend activity! I love the idea and of course the harmony that we’ll all generate with our thoughts will reverberate beyond our own personal circles. Just thinking of the magical sounds all those harmonious thoughts will create and how far they will reach brings joy to my heart!

  6. I loved this post, Mary. Thank you for sharing. I especially loved the quote. I began practicing years ago being calm and centered when my husband seemed agitated– and it works that when one is, the other will pick up on that…. without saying a word. I actually do this now too when in other situations and at times am so amazed at the affect.

    • You are so right, Barbara~ I have used the same little technique when working with agitated or “at risk” students (that is, being inwardly “still”; I call it going Zen). The kids seem to feel so much better when they leave my space.

  7. Thanks, Mary. I really needed to read your last two posts — your words have settled my heart and helped me remember to choose peace. This is my second year of seeing a college gradute off, a fledging process that seems to take a bit longer these days due to the economy. My husband and I have very different approaches when it comes to living with an “adult” child and our views are not always complimentary, which can add a good deal of stress. At times, I want to get in the car and drive anywhere, to leave my normally peaceful space in search of quiet and solitude. Reading your blog reminds me that the space I seek is within.

  8. It really gives me such joy to share this artist who I just discovered recently – Simone Dinnerstein. She came to sudden fame at age 35 financing her own recording of the Bach Goldberg Variations. This short video is so blissful, so calming, – she is so serene and plays from the depths of her heart. Peace and harmony to all this weekend!

    • Thank you, Susan, for this link. Simone Dinnerstein is one of those artists who truly creates from her own essence, and it is palpable! What a pleasure to see and hear. So very glad you shared this with us.

    • Oh…so sweet…loved her comparison to lying down and looking up at the stars at night…the expansiveness…beautiful…thanks Susan!

  9. Count me in too Mary and am I allowed to report if and how long it took for life to go ‘harmoniously’ off the rails here at home over the week-end? The reality is that I’m always willing to try but life gets in the way sometimes (people, too).

    SandyP in Canada

      • Suzanne, you’re right…that would make a good title to a book or an article. I’m going to tuck that one aside in my folder of possible quilting articles…Now just to think of a storyline that will go with it. My B&B, my husband, my Aussie Rescue Ontario Rep, all will be in and around the house tomorrow…so the pot is brewing. I shall all the while be chanting inside my head: HARMONY, HARMONY…oh, and I forgot to mention one very saucy 1 1/2 yr. old Aussie pup…

  10. Beautiful thought Mary. My hands are held out to hold others of the flock in harmony this weekend and beyond.
    Thank you Susan for sharing Simone Dinnerstein.

  11. I’m in too Mary! I can hear the Elton Jon song “Harmony” streaming through my mind.Have a great weekend, Cindy

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