The truth of who you are

Luke resting his face on my arm as we went for a drive yesterday

Sometimes, when I sit down to write a post I think, “Did I say the same thing last week?” I try to stop this second-guessing of myself by saying, “It doesn’t matter if you’ve said it 100 times. It’s the thing that seems to be pressing to be expressed again, so just write it.” And then for good-measure I will add, “And lighten up and get over yourself Mary.”…that does seem to help….sometimes it actually makes me smile. It reminds me that the part of me that I’m trying to “get over” is the self-concerned, petty, small-minded, fearful person who looks for what is (or might be) wrong instead of right, sees the bad and overlooks the good. This is not the real me, but it can sure do a pretty good job of convincing me that it is, and when I listen, I stay small.

This quality of lightening up, being easy on ourselves, looking for reasons to appreciate who and what we are, and letting go of the concerns about how we will be perceived by others, is so freeing to experience (and to be around). I love the quote below. The simple, yet profound words, “Simply try to tell the truth…”  and the truth is that you are a unique being who (at your core) is pure Divinity expressing through the shape of you. And there is nothing small about that.

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it“. C. S. Lewis

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  1. I believe we are designed to tell the truth – our truth – whatever it is. When we do not – when we deny it or attempt to hide from it, we experience fear, free floating anxiety, depression, etc. and perhaps a host of bodily ills.

    Yes, it is simple – yet our minds make things so complicated. Avoidance – as a self protective measure – is often an automatic response. That is why we have a hard time with the simplicity of the truth – because of the complex network of lies we create that surround it.

    So, please keep expressing “the thing that is pressing” as we all appreciate these reminders Mary. Your posts have a common thread – and they point the way to who we really are and what we aspire to become.

  2. Dear Mary,
    Whatever message you chose for a post will resonate and bring truth to many!
    I love the way you illustrate the connections which enrich our lives. Luke is so happy just to be with his people!
    Love from Fran

  3. Your words make me feel really good this morning Mary! I love this message and will love it if I hear it 100 times! “…and when I listen, I stay small….simply try to tell the truth…and there is nothing small about that.” When I listen to that critical voice, judgemental voice, I DO feel small…and when I am able to clear it and get back to my truth, my heart swells and I feel the Love within me. I love the quote too! Different perspectives, different experiences, each add their own color and narrative to life’s canvas and life’s stories. That’s what I love about this blog…hearing all the different ideas, memories, experiences that YOUR thoughts prompt in us! Such a tapestry, or a quilt stitched with all of the WFF thoughts…and it is nice and warm and cozy under here!

  4. Just stoped by to say Good Morning, and yes, I have said it before:) but I truely love visiting with all you wonderful people, and you add so much to my day.

  5. Mary, Really enjoy reading this blog everyday, look forward to it each morning, such good advice/insights & seeing the pics of your cute pets. On another note, Hotel H#ll was on last night and just curious if you were in the ala mode room or at the ladies night featured on the episode? I enjoyed watching it, sad to hear at the end things didn’t work out for the hotel in the long run though. Maybe it has new owners since the rehab.

    1. Hi Teresa and yes, a friend emailed me this morning and said that they saw me on the show (we don’t get cable so I didn’t see it)…me on Hotel Hell…the Universe has an interesting sense of humor!

  6. Dear Mary. I really related to your post this morning! I often experience similar feelings with my blog… “Did I already write about this and will this blog post be a good one?” Thank you for reminding me that if a message wants to be heard, it needs to be written! I never tire of your beautiful blog messages and I always look forward each morning to reading your musings, teachings and observations. Your posts and the wonderful people who comment on them have become an integral part of my life and I am grateful each day for the inspirations and realizations they bring.

  7. Mary,
    I have not ever commented on any blog before, but you hjt the nail on the head this morning. This is a constant battle no matter how old one gets. You think with age and “wisdom” these thoughts would cease to exist.
    Discovered your site a few years ago when I was going through one of the roughest times of my life and you silently helped me.
    Thanks for your inspirations.

  8. one of your very best, mary. well-written, heart-felt. simply try to tell the truth…and there is nothing small about that. my mantra with your twist. thank you…and may it be so for all of us.

  9. I echo all of the above! Where does it say, “There is nothing new under the sun?” I think it’s actually somewhere in the Bible, so never Mary, doubt that your daily offering doesn’t fall fresh as rain on our thirsty spirits. For the same reason the Psalms are beloved, or we never tire or reciting a favorite prayer, there are only so many ‘themes’ on the human condition and every time you shine your light with your words and your pictures, we are delighted and refreshed. Again, that tapestry image? We are weaving more and more precious threads together and becoming bigger and stronger and more supported, each one of us, every day. Thank you Mary for the gift of White Feather Farm!

    1. Susan, thank you for clarifying that quote. I’ve often heard it used in reference to the visual arts and I’ll print off the whole quote.
      SandyP in Canada

  10. Good post, Mary…so ME…letting go…letting go…going into “Our Town” to volunteer at The Village Store…see you around town. Lucky me. Hi Jack.

  11. Mary, I wouldn’t care if every one of your posts was recycled on a daily basis. Your message is always just what’s needed, and just logging into the blog makes me feel a connection that isn’t offered anyplace else. So post and re-post to your heart’s desire, but please….DO POST!

    P.S. Can Luke come to “Camp Suzanne” for a week? LOVE that face!

    1. Thank you Suzanne…. and I bet that Luke would love spending the week with you too!

  12. Hi Mary,
    Sometimes your words have an impact on me you couldn’t imagine. Your presence in anything you say always does. Love & thanks.

  13. Reminds me of the prayer that Christiane Northrup recites. “Dear God, Please help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.”

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