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Noah sitting on my lap this morning as I write

Up until two years ago, the work that I did with people was done from my home. There were both positives and negatives to this. I loved the casual, friendly feel of having people into our home, but it also meant that I had to be more vigilant about cleaning and making sure our animals were not intruding. For the last 6 months, the pull has been getting stronger and stronger to return to working here, and so when I finally made the decision, it felt like a deep breath. Not because there was anything wrong with my office. It is a wonderful space; very affordable, large and lovely.

I’m not moving away from something that isn’t right, I’m moving toward something that feels better. For many years, I couldn’t do this. I had to find fault with my current situation so I could justify leaving. The trouble with this approach is, the more we look for trouble; what is wrong with our present set of circumstances, we take that energy of “wrong” right along with us, so after just a little while, the new situation (office, relationship, job or whatever) takes on all the feeling tone of the old. Always look for what is right about where you are….and you will take all of that positive energy right along with you to the new and better life that you’d like to be living.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are“. Anais Nin

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  1. “I had to find fault with my current situation so I could justify leaving”. How true a statement is that, Mary…it spills over into almost every area of our lives for when we begin to find fault with anything, relationships, marriages, where we live, where we work, while there are often justifiable reasons, real reasons for doing what we do, it was a need I had for years and am glad it no longer is part of my needs now. I began to ask myself why I had this need and realized that I was looking for other’s approval.

    I’ve also worked from home for years. For a decade I taught quiltmaking both in my own home studio and outside the home, many years ago. Now I run a Bed & Breakfast in our home and you’re right, it’s nice to work from home. My husband made two small white picket fence gates for each end of the kitchen and when they are closed, our guests know that our part of the house is off-limits. Having strangers in my home, I’ve found I need to have my space and they need to have their space and I need to be clear about it. Works for me. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy being back home when you get your space sorted out. Some years ago, I had therapy both in an office and in a person’s home and once I got used to the latter, preferred it, particularly so because this doctor allowed his dog to come into his office. The dog was quiet, non-intrusive but somehow comforting to me.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. Yes, comfort is the word I was looking for this morning!
      Mary’s pictures of her pets all bespeak the comfort they offer and are receiving. Look at Noah’s paw, toes spread, kneading with satisfaction…

  2. Isn’t this the truth that is often so very difficult to recognize?. Like the person who is knee deep in the river but dying of thirst. We get our mind set established and then only see what that confirms. Negatives beget negatives until everything is negative, The self fulfilling prophecy.

    Thank you Mary for a much needed jolt to get me looking for all the positives in my life.
    Let’s all go out today looking to confirm our own positive self-fullfilling prophecies.

    And thank you to Noah and all your other wonderful animals for “intruding” with their own very special message of “all is well” for us in this house with these people. Their pictures speak of love, acceptance, and calmness!

    Love from Fran

    1. Thank you Fran! (sometimes re-reading my posts gives me a jolt too!…like I had better listen to my better self here!)…and I am so happy that the pictures of my critters are enjoyed too

  3. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.“ Anais Nin

    There is so much truth and power in it your quote and message for today Mary. (Though hard to grasp at times and sometimes rather slippery in the face of old habits.) Ultimately it means that we alone are responsible for ourselves – how we navigate the world and our relationships in it.

    Sometimes it seems easier to ‘slam the door’ on the way out of a situation – as a way to propel oneself forward – most likely do to the anxiety that tends to accompany change. You are right about what we carry forward – attitude is everything. It’s the only thing we really have control over anyways!

    1. Yes Lynne, very hard at times to do (much easier in theory to stay focused on what I want, instead of what I don’t) and I just keep at it, moment by moment, to the best of my ability…thanks so much for your words

  4. Hi, your posts are so uplifting. I look forward them so much. Thank you Barb Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh Crap, She’s up!”


  5. Mary,Mary lovely Mary,I have been meaning to post to Thank you for my salve i bought and you sent..I love it and I need a wee bit of TLC so I rubbed it into my shoulders,actually rubbed it all over. As I really liked the smell.
    It made my day to get you’re package with bright stamps and wee fairie envelope.A wee personal touch, Thank you so much I was smiling big!

    Also referring to post I agree it’s how we look at stuff.
    I can make or break my days by how I see my situation I find myself in.
    Ahh well,everyone have a happy peaceful day.

    1. So glad you like the salve Alanna adn thank you for noticing the packaging too….peaceful thoughts being sent back your way

  6. I would rather visit a place that had friendly dogs and cats. Just to have the contact with them and some “pet therapy.”

    1. Agreed!!!!……Pet Therapy cannot be overstated! Our dog, Ali, gets lots of love each and every day…..and she gives it back a hundred fold. For us not only is home where the heart is… is where the dog is as well!
      Ken, Pam and Ali

      1. I know…any office that I go into (that has an animal around), instantly makes me feel better too. Sending love back to you Ken, Pam and Ali

  7. Dear Mary, Your post this morning is so very meaningful (your posts are always meaningful!). I am in the process of finding my next horse soul-mate and have run into some bumps along the way….people who aren’t truthful, horses who are lame…and I have been tempted to lower/diminish my dreams and visions for my next horse-mate. I am currently leasing THE most wonderful horse named Scooter and your post this morning reminds me to remain strong in affirming that I am not only blessed to have such a special equine friend, he is also showing me the way towards a beautiful, joyful future with my next horse. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Debra (and I will be sending you good thoughts for the perfect match for you both)

  8. May be coincidental that today’s post is accompanied with that sweet photo of Noah sitting on your lap, your ‘muse’ of the day. I love this idea of, “I’m not moving away from something that isn’t right, I’m moving toward something that feels better.” Your cats show us this all the time Mary – one day we see them on your lap, another day sunning with Luke just where the sun hits the floor, – or yet another day tucked into the car happy as clams – they are settling simply by instinct,- not that yesterday’s spot wasn’t very lovely, thank you!, but today is another day, and to find loveliness wherever we are is perhaps the greatest joy of all. We don’t have to go anywhere to go on vacation, (the root of this word meaning ’empty’, vacate, vacuum, etc.) Just empty ourselves of our cares, and let the light in, – and be still like Noah, and just be. Mary, the lucky clients that enter your home will be greeted with your smile, and their eyes will see ‘welcome’ (and not dust bunnies!) and their hearts will beat just a bit slower, because love resides where our Mary lives. And what greater gift can you offer than that?

  9. It is so much more fun to do something “just because” rather than in response to something negative or fear inducing. What a great indication of confidence and self awareness. How nice not to spend energy on validating our decisions. Dance forward…..

  10. Mary, I just celebrated my 70th birthday Monday. I have spiritually grown more in the past year or so that I have been reading your posts than in the 68 1/2 years leading up to it!

    I tried to figure out whether it was because you are so smart, in-tune and giving, or whether it was because I’m finally paying attention to the blessings of life-experience. I concluded that it’s both! I’m getting smarter so I am able to drink in your wonderful lessons and really apply them. Someone said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You sure did!

    1. Happy Birthday Suzanne! I am adding your birthday to my WFF Birthday Folder from those who have shared their special birth date, so hopefully I will remember next year to wish you a good one ahead of time. So ‘with you’ on the growth I have also felt in this past year or so from reading Mary’s posts and from the ongoing sharing with the flock. Sometimes a post strikes an issue too personal to share online, but does it ever plant the seed for our own ongoing transformation. We are works in progress, growing better and wiser with every year, – Celebrate! Love to you, Susan

      1. Thank you, Susan! I think we here in the ‘flock’ learn from Mary, digest the lesson and then reply with our own ideas, which, in their own way, lead us all even further. How blessed are WE!

    2. And a Happy Birthday as well, Suzanne…another Virgo on the list. I would be lost without Mary’s blog as well. I am also trying to become more mindful of my actions and Mary’s week-day reminders are a wonderful way to begin my day. In fact, when they don’t come in, I feel a bit down but think…one can’t be inspired everyday of the week. Can one?
      SandyP who is a few years ahead of you…Enjoy being 70

      1. Thanks, SandyP! A friend of mine who moved to a retirement community some years back, laughed when I told her it was the big 7-0. She said, “Down here, you’d be considered a baby!”

        I’m thinking of moving…. 🙂

      2. I am so delighted that my posts feel like this to you Sandy! Thanks so much for letting me know how you feel

      3. Dare I say, Mary, that it is my morning’s meditation and a calming influence on my mind. I can’t tell you how much the blog means to me but I know it does to others as well, here…I think it’s wonderful to be able to reach out to others and hopefully have people respond as you mean to post.

    3. Well Happy birthday (3 days late) Suzanne and thank you so much for those wonderfully sweet words!

  11. Thanks for this post Mary. I read them in the evening. They help me review my day, take an inventory and think about tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Oh, you are so welcome Cindy and I am grateful that this blog is helpful…it makes my life so much richer to know that this work is wanted!

  12. Happy Birthday, Suzanne!.
    From this gypsy on the road, those annual milestones zip by like white lines on a highway. Spend a week celebrating!!

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl b! Once I got over the shock of having reached this age (in my head and heart, I’m still ‘Twisting’ with Chubby Checker), I realized how fortunate I am, and I’m going to make the celebration rock for a long time!

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