Eleanor and Fred on mouse patrol (after I took this photo, I was able to capture the little guy and get it to safety!)

I found this quote while trying to write a post, but nothing that I wrote sounded very good, so I erased it all and will end with my intention for today; I am going to look for some fun thing (even a little thing) to participate in. I hope you will too!

A girl can wait for the right man to come along but in the meantime that still doesn’t mean she can’t have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones“. Cher

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  1. Yes, some fun!

    I’m going to meet my daughter for lunch today.

    I love the snapshot of the mouse patrol at your house. I also depend on my kitties to help me locate furry intruders so that they can be safely relocated to the outdoors.

    Hope you find the fun you are looking for.

    Love from Fran

  2. Love this! And I love Cher’s caution-to-the-wind kind of fun. As adults, we can recapture the fun-attitude we used to live within as kids. I would imagine, by the way….that the mouse you rescued certainly appreciated some fun when you released him/her!

  3. I think my fun today will be pumpkin and gourd hunting! Although it won’t be a difficult hunt as they are everywhere already! I am always amazed at the beautiful crystal clear mornings that dawn after stormy, windy, rainy weather. And boy did we have rain and wind yesterday in New England! And each morning after a storm I am always reminded of something Rose Kennedy said when questioned about her faith and hope after the death of her sons…She said something like “birds sing after a storm, why shouldn’t I?”. Faith, hope, and fun…and the birds are singing so loudly this morning! Perhaps they will lead me to the perfect pumpkin!

  4. The mouse in the house is now reveling in his little mouse life, greatly extended, thanks to you, Mary. Eleanor and Fred’s fun will have to wait for another day.

    I actually have a day where I do not need to BE someplace, so I’m going to sit with a good book and some Leonard Cohen CD’s, and just veg….my definition of ‘fun’ for today.

    Happy fun-day to all!

  5. like it or not, today is my b-day, i am 64! did i really say that? i’m off with a sister for a long walk-hike and spending time together. tomorrow we plan to go to the oregon coast near waldport and take in the marine air…foggy mist and hopefully a smattering of sunshine. love it, love it. i’m so grateful that i am healthy and fit to trek about in this majestic state.

    thanks to all of you for particpating in our journey together. may it be well for all of us.

    ps………….i wish cats would like climbing around and discovering the beach, i guess finners, my kitty, will have to keep a vigil in-land, back home.

    • Happy Birthday Virginia! Another September Girl in the flock! That lil’ Finners just knew there was a very important reason to come back home the other day, “Mom’s birthday!” – Just love reading about Kathye’s New England and your Oregon day – here in the desert I was so happy to take an hour walk from 7 yo 8 a.m. (would have been unheard of a month ago because of the heat) – Mary and everyone, here is a link to today’s Daily OM – it’s so much about what we talk about all the time and I thought of our Mary when she began with her very first posts in Feb. 2011. Like the OM says, she sent her intention out not knowing at the time how many lives she would affect and how far!, across this country and the seas – we do all make a difference it says, in ways we’ll never imagine – hope you enjoy this: and HAVE FUN TODAY!

    • Another Virgo in the midst. My husband’s b-day is today as well, Virginia. Imagine two Virgos married to one another…(smile).
      I hope you are enjoying your day.

    • Happy Birthday Virginia! I’ll bet the best gift of all is having finners safe at home! love, Mary

    • happy day to you!!
      i’m so enjoying my o-goneness.
      the coast offers so much in being there.
      from ‘nother september birthday…
      hey, it’s all good!!

  6. Fun today? I guess my Mon and Tues must have been my fun days this week since I didn’t get a thing done! Today will be a “mow part of the yard” day but I did walk the dogs and go to Curves ~ and that was fun.
    I’m interested in just how you caught your mouse as I have had one for months and the “no kill” trap I’m using has turned into a feeding station instead…I need help!
    Enjoy the day everyone…Marian

    • well, this guy was so little that I just reached under the radiator and scooped him/her up (with Fred and Eleanor watching, and 4 others somewhere in the house, I think it just gave itself up…thinking life was over)

  7. Off for my pumpkin latte…………need I say more about having a fun little thing today? But will definitely be on the lookout for more fun, as well.

  8. Priceless quote from Cher but of course, she could afford such a quote. Usually the wrong kind of man is charming, witty, sensitive, thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread and when the hormones die off, he’s off to another who will think he is charming, witty and sensitive and just her cup of tea.
    SandyP in Canada

  9. Happy b-day to Virginia–it’s my late Mom’s b-day, too. My fun includes a swim class where the average age is 50+ and then I’m going to see if the babies’ eyes have opened on our latest batch of mother and kittens at the shelter! Days here at 4,000 ft are clear and in the 80’s, with a beginning touch of yellow and red in the trees after cool nites: ulp….

  10. Our fun today was a drive into the mountains…to Victor, CO…to see the fall color. The aspen were not yet at their peak, but enough had turned golden that it was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day!

  11. My fun today was taking a walk under gorgeous fall-clouds-against-blue-skies with my two labs and interacting with a pasture full of sheep. Upon spotting us, they ran over to the fence, bleating very individual bleats at us. They were so curious about us. I watched closely to see which sheep was making which noise (as best I could). After a bit, their protector, a type of white dog bred for the job, chased them to a far corner. They ran away as a group, some jumping with all four feet off the ground, kicking and frolicking as they went. Then curiousity got the best of them, and back they came to bleat at us again. This happened three times before I had to get back to get a cake from the oven. I could have watched them all day.

  12. Hey Sandy P. in Canada, I had to chuckle at your philosophy on men. Mary, so glad you helped the little mouse. I remember your humane mouse catcher, the cheese tray with lid!

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