Don’t bug me

bugs on the screen

I saw this pair of insects on the screen door last week.  At that moment, I’d been wondering if there was anything more that I should be doing about a certain situation in my life; was I missing some step that I should be taking? Was there anything that I should be doing that I’d overlooked?. But what I was really feeling/asking was, “How can I hurry things along here?!”

So when I saw these insects and thought,  “I wonder what this means?’ and the instant reply was, “Don’t bug me. I know what you want and things are moving along at the right speed, even though you think it should be faster”, this made me laugh out loud.

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. Blaise Pascal

11 thoughts on “Don’t bug me”

  1. A perfect reading for me this morning! Thank you. I have been trying to stay in the moment and trust that things are happening as they should. That is not easy.

  2. Dear Mary. Your post this morning rings so very true for me… I have a tendency to hurry things along, especially when I really want something to happen! Patience is a quiet, bold teacher….giving consistent lessons in allowing things to unfold. Thank you for your words of wisdom and reminder that there is a divine order which allows for our highest good to come to us just as it should! Pascal’s quote will be with me today as I settle my impatient mind.

    1. faith in the unseen (until it is seen), and faith that I’ll be led to act when the time is right, are 2 of my constant lessons Debra…I’m reading this wonderful biography of Emerson and when I read his words the other day, “I never was on a coach that went fast enough for me.” I thought, “Wow…even Emerson had this struggle at times!”

      1. Thank You Mary! Even Emerson was challenged with being patient! What a concept!…a relief to know that we are in such good company. Letting go of my own perceived agendas…including the speed with which they should unfold….seems to be my every day challenge right now. Thanks for your ever-supportive words of wisdom.

  3. Such a difficult lesson for me to learn!
    Do as much as you can, then let the rest emerge trusting that all will be as it should be, not necessarily as I would wish it to be!

    Hope you had a lovely trip with your Dad, Mary.

    Love from Fran

  4. Looking around at nature can be such a sweet teacher – everything happens in its own perfect timing – summer, fall, winter and spring. A time to hibernate while seeds are hidden but really not dormant under the earth – then spring with its unfolding, summer growth, fall’s last hurrah – no rush, just perfection.

  5. Susan, I love the way you worded your comment, can just see each season in my mind just by your decreption, and such a peaceful feeling of words, actucally makes you stop and slow down 🙂
    A wonderful day to all.

  6. Dear Mary, This reminds me of the time when my daughters were little and they lliked to help me make cookies. I know I could have gotten them done so much faster but they had wanted to do them. I think God somethings says to us just let me do this and it will get done and we are like my little daughters and because God loves us so much like we love our children he says ok and so sometimes things that we pray for may take alittle longer because we try to help Him. Joan

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