Up, up and away….finding our wings

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly. Richard Bach

I read the quote above this morning and thought, “And especially don’t believe what your eyes are telling you (or your thoughts are telling you) when you are angry, pessimistic, afraid, worried or you are just plain tired, or in a bad mood.” It’s just such a bad habit (that I admit to as well) to try to solve problems when you don’t feel good. We think that if we could just take care of “it” then we would feel better, and yet because we don’t have access to high-level solutions (from that very low point of view) so often we just make more trouble for ourselves.

One thing that works for me (when I choose to discipline my mind enough to try it) is to say “Everything is perfect right now. The solution  to this______ is working itself out and will soon be revealed in a way that will delight me. There is no problem here.” Stating this over and over to myself, I feel my energy improve and suddenly, the thing that felt like an overwhelming problem, becomes lighter.

If there is something going on in your life that feels “stuck”, why not try the affirmation above over this weekend?

Fred in his “cat pen”…a good solution for a guy who can’t find his way home

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  1. Dear Mary, I love Richard Bach and his inspiring books. Thanks for this uplifting weekend focus. It comes at a particularly relevant time for me as I get unstuck from a situation in my life which has been giving me challenges. And thank you for the reminder that in order to resolve a problem, I need to free myself of thinking there is a problem. So simple! So easy when I just let go. I hope your weekend is divine.

  2. I love your way of thinking Mary ~ thanks for your words of wisdom to carry us through the weekend ❤ Marian

  3. Such a timely post while I am ruminating about a job situation and can’t see past my own negative thinking…I was at a reception at our local SPCA last night and it was amazing to see how happy the dogs and cats were to simply accept the love that was available to them at the moment. It is something for me to learn: don’t let a negative situation cloud opportunities for happiness.

  4. Thank-you for this Mary.I will practice this over the w/e. Cardiac issues settled for now. I did all that I was told to do.(although I fought it all the way.) The meds, monitoring and sending it in from home,numerous drives to the cardiology center. Two heart meds later I know they’re are no definates here. But I will try to stay positive and grateful.
    Fred is so cute in his cat pen!
    Have a great w/e Mary, Cindy

  5. I simply love the word AFFIRMATION! Big smiles! and I also have tossed out the word “problem” from my vocabulary, and substitute, “challenge”. Challenges invite us to get creative, – there has to be a solution – and the solutions are as infinite as the colors on a painter’s palette. The best ingredient, – time and patience, and a clear eye. I was thinking how a raw onion transforms from something extremely pungent to syrupy sweet if caramelized over low, slow heat. You just can’t rush the process. – The Bach quote reminded me of one of my favorite lines from The Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is important is invisible to the eye.” A wonderful weekend to all!

  6. Susan A., I love the change from problem to challenge. I shall take that upon myself too and thanks. This is what is so nice about this forum, people share but they also share solutions and ideas, too.

    The past year I’ve had a situation that needed getting ‘unstuck’ too and yesterday after a very calming massage, I got into it over the internet with this family member and lost the benefits of my calming massage but before I knew it, my finger hit the wrong address and off it went back to the family member with the few questions and comments I’d written on it. Oh, Oh, I thought…that’s it, relationship t*ts up, but no, it helped break a little crack through the wall where it released words that needed to be said. The challenge (not the problem) is resolvable but the best thing that has come out of it is that time has allowed me to step back and look at myself and my responsibility in the situation. With reminders, I trust I’ll be able to keep my hand to the wheel instead of ‘loosing my blob’…as the English say.

    I love the cat pen, Mary. I have a friend out east who does the same thing. They’ve lost too many cats to coyotes, as have I.
    SandyP in Canada

  7. Our two cats, blind Jack and sighted baby Cameron have a (lovely) orange plastic deckette off the mud room, and a large wire pen past the garden. Sometimes we look out and see a turkey flock, and/or a momma and fawns visiting them. Delightful! I have a couple of big decisions/challenges this weekend & will try the affirmation. Saw a silly Bollywood Netflicks last week in which the ‘hero’ keeps gently tapping his chest saying “All iz welll” & teaches the others. I like that. Happy fall to all!

  8. A challenge, now that sparks interest, not fear, as in problem. Have a great weekend all. Mary, please pet Fred for me, a very pretty cat 🙂

  9. oh mary, thanks again. richard bach’s “illusions” was one of my first reads on my road-to-enlightenment back in the early 70’s. the messages still ring true on my journey. i’m so grateful to have the internal wealth from all my spiritual findings. you are a teacher on this path, and i love you.

    and oh, i’ve been thinking of you and your b-day celebration this week, though i don’t know the exact day you are in my heart with smiles. i hope for you, all that you hope for yourself. birthday cheers as you celebrate.

  10. My big tiger cat is sick right now and I wish I could do something else to make him feel better. He’s had 3 vet appointments in 2 days, 3 X-rays which luckily were much better than expected and 3 shots. It’s almost impossible to get pills or liquid medication into him, the Mr. has to change his shirt after every time. The best thing to do right now is to let him sleep curled up in a blanket on the couch. Your affirmation is perfect for today.

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