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Bodhi on the bed

Good Sunday morning everyone! A couple of days ago I wrote a post about our search for a new home, and a member of our community (thank you Patte) recommended listening to the Mary Chapin Carpenter song, Another Home. I pulled it up on YouTube and immediately the tears started. It talks about new ways of seeing, possibilities, starting over, and new beginnings. (the link to the song is below the lyrics). Have a perfectly wonderful day!

“Another Home”

There’s another home somewhere

There’s another glimpse of sky

There’s another place unlearned

And a face not memorized

There’s another quilt of green

Where the trees throw down their shade

There’s another way to lean

Into the wind unafraid

There’s another life out there

Beyond your quiet room

Use dead reckoning

The sky, the stars and the moon

There’s another storm to chase

There’s another bridge to burn

There’s nothing perfect here

Another lesson to learn

There were days I gave into losing

Empty spaces of my own choosing

There were nights I forgot to hold on

So I let go, I had to let go

There’s another home somewhere

That I close my eyes to see

I will find you there

You will know it’s me

By my shield and sword

By my soldier’s heart

We made it through the war

We made another start

Just beyond the trees

Not so far I swear

There’s another turn that leads

Towards another home somewhere

21 thoughts on “A new chapter”

  1. Mary I can relate to this song because a year and a half ago I divorced and needed to start a new chapter in my life by finding a new home somewhere. My new home was found in Charleston, SC close to the ocean where I find such peace. I’ve never been happier. You, too will find that special place some day! I’d never heard this song, but love it & will listen to it again & again!

  2. Everything about this song is beautiful…meaningful…hopeful…peaceful…soulful…confirming. It says to me that there is always a place where we belong, always open roads ahead of us…and the certainty of magic and wonder unfolding…just beyond that curve up there…

  3. Mary, it’s interesting for me to read the lyrics to a song because I’m most attuned to the melody and never seem to pay much attention to the words but they are beautiful. Because I’m more visual than cerebral, perhaps, I look for images in my mind that happen when I read words. And I see that Bhodi has a lovely soft quilt upon which to sleep…almost looks like a pineapple pattern but not quite. It’s also interesting what each person takes from your postings. This is an enriching forum, thought provoking, spiritual and life-enhancing. For me.
    SandyP in Canada

  4. Yes, a Sunday post from our dear Mary is such a nice surprise! And here’s a Sunday snicker to share with the flock, courtesy of Blackbird Elementary school:

    Me, to one of my second grade students, “Look at this picture Jessica drew of me, isn’t it great?”
    Second grader (after a pause), “Why are you naked?”
    Me (miraculously straight-faced), “I’m not naked. She just didn’t have time to color in my clothes!”

  5. Aside from the fact that I adore Mary Chapin Carpenter, have been a fan for years, seen her perform live several times, this song certainly IS my life at the moment—this moment.
    The chaos of our move has shifted to a slower pace of unpacking, finding new places to explore, generally settling into the newness of it all. This morning a flock of wild turkeys joined me on my walk to pick up the paper! Talk about a novel experience! Yes, a perfectly wonderful day.

  6. Perfect! After 20 years of looking, yesterday we purchased a 17.5 ft travel trailer! It’s just right & we’ve been looking for a new home (Craig’s list, Redding CA and Medford, OR) for our 35′ converted school bus, so some big switcheroos are in the offing!

    Bus is cleaned out of 16 years of fun, and we’re gently making sense of the new Skyline Aljo–with lovely brown accents, a full bathroom and all the trimmings. Best of all, we can store it in the winter by hooking it up on our friends’ ranch. Look out Pacific Northwest and winters in the South–here we come! (Anyone traveled with two cats in a trailer, your advice is welcomed!)

    And I really think we’re headed home everyday, though it may not look like it…

    1. Yay for you, Kathi! Congrats on your new traveling home; sounds like you’ve cut your living space down but your enjoyment level way UP. Check out the blog called Wheeling It—this couple tour full-time with two cats and a dog—and the site is a wealth of information and photos on the entire western states. Happy trails!

      1. Cheryl b: thanks for the reference! I’m thinking I should try a new blog by a diff. ‘company’ than Blogger, since it’s gotten really recalcitrant on its workability. Mary, wondering if you went to WordPress for its superior blogability?

    2. Sounds like a wonderful life is about to envelope you both! My best friend and her hubby got a travel trailer when he retired, and they spent the next 20 years traveling all over the USA. She said those were the best years of her life, bar none.

      So enjoy every moment, savor the wonderful things you’ll see and just LIVE! Huge congratulations to you both…kitties included.

      1. Thanks, Suzanne! We’re keeping our home in the woods, of course, and now have to get a strong enuf truck to pull the 17.5 feet, but we’re having fun packing it carefully and lightly. Once we went all the way to the top of Vancouver Island and down the mainland in our Dodge Caravan, and lots of camping trips in the converted schoolbus, so now we’re ‘in the middle’ size-wise and still affordably. We hope!

  7. Hi Mary, This beautiful piece was just meant for you. So nice it moved you like that. Godspeed to you. Happiness, Cindy

  8. Taking the meaning of “Another Home” a different way… I had to say goodbye to blessed BC today, as she was released from this earthly home to a spirit one…Thank you, Mary for the post.

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