Open heart, our true home

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For most of my adult life, I’ve craved the feeling of being “home”, but never really defined what that meant to me until the last few months. As I’ve tried to articulate the feelings that best describe “home”, acceptance, relaxation, warmth, beauty, comfort, security, happiness, calm and welcome are the words that came to mind…all states of mind, and all states of being that line-up with my True self. I can’t move to this place, I have to become it. We’re here such a short time. Let’s live with our hearts open, ready to embrace the Life that is ours right now.

“Pull up the shades…I don’t want to go home in the dark.” O.Henry’s last words

Over the weekend, why not try repeating the affirmation, “I am open to Life!” …and be ready to be surprised by what comes your way.

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  1. I was living in a rented room after I had left my husband and before our divorce. I read an article in Parade magazine (can’t remember whom it was about), but the person said, “Your real home is within!” I cut out the quote, and read it every day! It changed my life! 🙂

  2. I love your words…’ Let’s live with our hearts open, ready to embrace the Life that is ours right now.’ What a sense of peace and calming effect they bring. Enjoy every moment, I send this with a smile!

  3. In your post today Mary you said something that made me reflect on my Aunt who lived each day of her life to the max …she is now confined with alzheimers….she would say to me every day.. “remember Karen, we’re only here for a good time not a long time”.

    • Those are words to live by Karen! Thank you for sharing them… and sending the good thoughts to your wise aunt too

  4. Today’s message brings so many thoughts to mind about “home” or the feeling of being home. After my siblings and I left home my mother sold the family home and moved, then moved again, and again, and again, continually downsizing and, one might wonder, looking for the perfect place to call home? My mom is 83 now and her last move was only 2 years ago. As a young adult it left me with a sense of no place to call home.
    I do now know that home is within, it’s that warm feeling you get when you are in a comfortable surrounding with those you love or can even be when alone. It does come from inside you… I will remind myself of that when that old memory returns of not having a family place to return to.
    That being said, I do have a few places that speak of home to me, so familiar that once I’m there I’m at peace and all is good…
    I will be pondering this all weekend…enjoy yours, love and hugs, Marian

  5. Anybody know who said, “Wherever you go, there you are” ?? – so I guess you’d best be happy with the you on the inside, because it’s home, and will go with you wherever you go. For some reason, I’m seeing a big old turtle hauling his home on his back, and when it’s time to rest, he withdraws within, where it’s safe, where it’s known, where it’s home. Happy open hearts weekend to all!

    • That is a title of a book by John Kabat-Zinn. I’ve been reading The Gospel of Mary Magdalene lately that has many references to our ‘true home’ that is within us. What if we all were able to find our way home?

      • Ooh, Barbara, you know what words popped out at me from your comments? “What if we all were able to find our way home?” and I immediately heard Paul Mc Cartney singing “Once there was a way to get back home. . . ” oh, does anyone tear at your heartstrings like sweet Paul? Tender melody, brings back memories, doesn’t it?

    • Thank you, Susan, for reminding me of another milestone to be celebrated! Have a glorious weekend yourself; and if you should come across any turtles, ask for a message. They are the wise ones, you know.

  6. Well, Mary, I’ve had a disruptive week personally, so as much as I’d like to zone out on some peace of mind, which I’m now trying to do, the blue bird of disharmony p**ped all over me with adult kids stuff this week and so a friend that it’s a good thing elephants don’t fly. Laughter provides good endorphins.
    SandyP in Canada

    • Sorry about the p**p, Sandy P. All I can say is, elephants may not fly but you gotta watch out for those Pterodactyls. Hope you have a better weekend. : )

      • Thanks for the smile, Suzanne…you are a quick witted lady.
        This is an ongoing saga that is petering out slowly. I’d hoped to see some changes in behaviour but I’m not in charge of change.

  7. When our children were growing up, my husband was a minister in a denomination with an appointment system. We moved often, living in parsonages of various sizes and configurations. We quickly learned that home was wherever we were all together.

  8. I traveled abroad for a year when I was young, staying mostly in youth hostels. As a farewell gift, a friend embroidered a little square to sew on my sleep sack that said, “Home is wherever I put it.” It made me smile.

  9. What a wonderful post and comments. So reassuring and life affirming when we reach the point of knowing that home is not a street address…not a destination on our car’s GPS…but it IS indeed a place…a very special place deep within us, built and strengthened by love, family, and all who have entered our heart…I often feel at home right here at WFF, smiling when I see all the familiar names who also feel moved and connected by Mary’s wise words for us…Come on in…Mary always leaves the porch light on! Happy weekend! XOXO

  10. I had to giggle as I tried visualizing what I needed while I was teaching a class. The technology wouldn’t work!!! I said we’d try one more time and everyone had to think positive thoughts and AMAZingly it worked. Nothing else was different. Who knows, but the students were a little surprised, too. Your blog helps me keep my mind open!

    • That is fantastic Cindy! (and I bet those kids will never forget that lesson)…just wonderful

  11. Dear Mary,
    How amazing is your blog. Learning to relax, and mediatate on this is something I desire to do. But it seems that change sometimes upsets me maybe it was all the years , that I was left in charge of my mom, six in all ,and at least 8 visits from social services that each time they were called had to come but said that this was the best home and care they had ever seen each time. So caring for my mom with alheimzer and having to fight all that time with a very brutual relative to let my mom die at home and then God rewarded me with spending time praying for her to her and singing to her and talking to her about heaven and letting her go. So then after that 5 years of fighting in court but finally enduring it to the end and prevailing that all I did was for her. So going through all that did attack my immune system and nervous system and I find myself needing to learn to mediate more daily and let go. Then I know the fungus that has attacked my blood stream will leave. So dear Mary I am going to let life happen this weekend and see what happens. Much love Joan

  12. Well, Mary, as usual, your blog stopped me in my tracks and made me think about my life. It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been mulling over your post for a day, wondering how I could be approaching things differently in an area of my life that’s been troubling me. And it just struck me as I was reading through the comments here – I used your affirmation last night without consciously realizing it, and things turned out wonderfully!! It’s amazing how looking at things in a different light can totally change the experience – a truly powerful lesson. Thank you, Mary, for being such an inspiring teacher!

    • Thank you for sharing this Pam…it is always such a treat to hear success stories!

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