reminders…. and a give-away!

Rhodonite pendant (2 inches across on round leather cord)

I’ve had this Rhodonite pendant for a while and it is time for it to go to a new home. If it is something that you would like, simply post a comment that has anything to do with the symbol of the circle, the spiritual significance of Rhodonite, the color pink or green…any thought that comes to your mind will enter you into the give-away!

I’ll pick a random winner tomorrow, October 12th.

Split the wood and I am there, pick up the stone and you will find me there. The Gospel of Thomas

Kim Gifford quoted the Gospel of Thomas in a wonderful post called, The Fingerprints  of God

38 thoughts on “reminders…. and a give-away!”

  1. The colour green: Cornish Serpentine that my late brother worked into his Cornish Tin jewelry designs. The pendant is one of my favourite pieces.

  2. The circular pendant and its colors remind me of the cycle of the seasons and the serene colors of autumn where I live near the Adirondacks.

  3. I’m doing a Beth Moore study on the Psalms of Ascent…last week she had us write the names of those we love and care about inside a circle of thorns which represented God surrounding them…I thought of this when I saw this beautiful circular pendant ~ a circle within a circle ~ how cool.
    xoxo Marian.

  4. Good Morning! What a beautiful pendant. We are celebrating our 10 Year wedding anniversary on the 12th and feeling quite accomplished as this “marriage” has been the most loyal and solid relation I have ever had in my life. I feel my life is coming full circle the strong greens of the pines and the soft pinks of roses intertwined this is our marriage! I hope you have a blessed day! – Peace, Sandra

  5. Mary, what a beautiful pendant! It reminds me of the circle of life….. the never-ending, always changing yet most reliable concept of the universe. We are all connected somewhere on that circle and as we travel it’s course throughout our lives, we connect to the divine oneness of faith and trust.

  6. The circle…the heart of celtic spirituality…I have a piece of circular artwork in every room! 🙂

  7. Mary – This is a beautiful stone which reminds me of a small wooden “comfort bird” I’ve had for years. It appears that the surface is just waiting to be rubbed to bring one a sense of relaxation and well-being.

  8. The circle is about cycles as in the seasons, the wheel of fortune. The circle also is about perfection (of the moment), unity (that we are connected) and infinity (of our blessings and resourcefulness). The color pink stands for the heart – love, light and healing. Perhaps the mottled pink of the pendant is a reminder of the imperfection of human love which is often restrained and conditional.
    I’d love to be its next owner!
    Thanks, Mary!

  9. What came first to mind thinking of circle . . White Feather Farm, our flock – though spread far and wide, we are a beautiful circle of friendship – look east, look west, north or south, and you know that somewhere out there one of the flock is shining her light. We are all the richer for gathering here. Love this safe haven.

  10. Thanks for posting the link to my site Mary. I love the eternal, never ceasing nature of the circle. And, I love your blog. Always something to think about here.

  11. The circle to me is a symbol of connectedness. I have been reading John Muir’s “My First Summer in the Sierra,” written about his time in the Yosemite region. He writes with a sense of wonder about what he sees, “This quick, inevitable interest attaching to everything seems marvelous until the hand of God becomes visible; then it seems reasonable that what interests Him may well interest us. When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

  12. I wrote a post yesterday about the Japanese concept of ‘nagare’ … the flow of energy back to its source, and the beauty that is present at every point in the cycle. To me, this symbolizes so much spiritually, and it’s best represented as a circle. It’s a beautiful pendant! I don’t wear much jewelery, so if I win, please pass it on to someone … someone whose day will be really brightened by such a beautiful gift.

  13. Harry Chapin wrote a song about circles:
    All my life’s a circle;
    Sunrise and sundown;
    The Moon rolls thru the nighttime;
    Till the daybreak comes around.

  14. The center is my place to create my unique life, within the embracing love of friends, family, animals, God.

  15. It Reminds me of the circle of life My Father just died I want him back sooo bad Long Summer of sickness but he never complained the nurses sai d that he was in a lot of pain but did not want to make me upset never complained I was with him now he is in heaven with my Mother I still cannot get my thoughts straightI Much Loive and God bless to all

    1. It sounds like he was a lovely man Mimi…sending you thoughts of comfort and a warm embrace of Love across the miles, Mary

  16. So sorry for your loss, Mimi. I lost my dad a year ago and I miss him and think of him every day. I’m grateful I had that love and support of my dad for all the years I did, and the memories that are mine to hold forever. I hope your days and memories soon get easier, too.
    Cynthia R

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