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Fred sleeping on the meditation cushions

A neighbor called me yesterday to ask if we had lost a cat. Everyone around us knows that we love cats. When I said that we hadn’t, she replied, “My husband hates cats and so I was just hoping that he was yours. He is so friendly. ” I told her that I’d call another neighbor (who has lost their cat a few times) but if it wasn’t theirs, I asked that she call me before letting her husband take care of the situation.

We can’t adopt another cat but if she calls, we’ll pick this one up, bring him (or her) home, and then take it from there. I needed to stop my mind from going down two tracks that it really wanted to take: 1. judging that man, and 2. wondering how we would find a home for this cat. Neither anger nor fear would get me the result that I wanted which was a happy resolution for all.

It’s hard for me to imagine someone “hating” cats (or any group of animals, for that matter) but I cannot dwell on that or the feelings of hate start to make their way into my heart.

Is there a situation in your life that you feel is “wrong” and makes you feel bad when you consider it? Why not try, just for the weekend to suspend all judgement and see what happens.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – From Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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  1. I love the quote you picked, Mary. It has helped me many times in the past reframe situations, alter my perspective …..let go of judgement……and turn it over! There is a happy home for that cat somewhere. XXO

  2. Oh, how timely this post is for me today as I am wrestling with this kind of thing right now!
    Feelings of guilt generally accompany these kinds of judgments as well, which only compound the situation for me.
    So I will start with a little forgiveness today – starting with myself!

  3. Mary, thank you for not only taking good care of your thoughts about helping this cat, but about reminding us all to also watch our thoughts. Bless you for taking the actions necessary to help this feline! Good will come of this, I’m sure.

  4. I have been trying lately to practice this in my life. I am in a situation where much hostility is being directed at me and it is somewhat unsettling. I live on a beautiful little lake that has been an important part of my life for 60 years. The lake association has taken it upon themselves to start a movement to pour a lot of poisonous chemicals into the lake next spring to kill some invasive weeds. I have never been outspoken in my life but cannot condone a plan that will harm the ecosystem of the lake, kill fish, frogs, turtles and other life forms as well as take a chance of contaminating wells in the area. I am struggling not to feel contempt myself for these people who have no regard for nature and simply worry about their property values. I am heading up a movement to gather support for more natural solutions to the problem. This will be an ongoing situation for many months or perhaps years and trying to see these people with love is a real challenge. Especially when much negativity is being directed my way. I appreciate your postings so very much!

    1. Back in the early 70’s when they were going to arial spray our area for gypsy moth caterpillars my mother – who kept to herself most of the time in the community, went door to door with information about the environmental hazards of spraying, and convinced the majority of the members of our community who were in favor of spraying to change their minds.
      I will never forget this powerful action on the part of my mother.

  5. Mary, I think it is very hard to go through this life without feeling and being exposed to some pain in dealing with people, situations and ourselves. You’ve struck a chord with me this morning and I am grateful for the reminder of a more positive resolution to any problem and not getting bogged down with our own personal feelings and reactions that may not help in resolving the issue at hand. It is a post to be printed off this morning. Thank you.
    SandyP in Canada

  6. Wow,you are all bigger,better people than I am! Whenever I hear that someone doesn’t like cats,I am instantly suspicious of that person. I find most humans that profess to hate cats are overbearing,tyrants that have a need to control everyone and everything in their lives. I stay clear of them. Cats will not be bullied or take commanding behavior. That’s why I like them. If a cat likes you and trusts you,you must be okay. Cats are very honest. You can’t hide anything from a cat.

    I like to imagine people that when people who hate cats die,they will be sent to a planet totally populated by cats. Here,they will learn what they should have in this life!

  7. What popped out at me in Mary’s post was “anger and fear won’t get you the result you want”. Wow. Have to let anger go, kick fear out the door, AND suspend judgment. Think how much lighter we’ll feel. I am definitely going to put this into practice this weekend. Thank you everyone for your comments, too. And good luck Mary with your kitty guest – may a wonderful solution present itself to you.

  8. If we could all master the art of meditation like our friend Fred in the picture we’d never judge another again. :o)

    Thank you for a great post.

  9. If EVER I needed this message, Mary, it’s today!

    My Golden, Poot, had to be taken to the vet hospital yesterday due to vomiting a mighty quantity of blood. He’s still there, on IV and Pepcid. He’s been ok since but they are starting him on some small meals today to see how he does. The vet said that he has a suspicion that it might be a small stress ulcer from the past year that he’s had with his previous owner.

    I’m fighting hard to move away from the feelings I have about her right now, and dwell on what I need to do to help Poot adjust and get well. However, I find that when I relax my guard, I am taking great delight in picturing my kicking this person under a bus.

    Enough said about that. Thank you for this most timely post. I will read it again and again I’m sure!

    1. Oh Suzanne, it sounds like Poot landed under your loving care just in the nick of time. Imagine how your neighbor may have reacted (or not at all) if this had happened even a week ago. Better maybe not to even give her another thought – focus all your energy on Poot, because you are surely her guardian angel!! We’ll all be rallying around you both this weekend that she will be well and back at HOME in no time at all.

  10. I believe all animals come into our lives for “reasons” whether to teach us something of ourself or to open our eyes to others…that being said the vagabond cat will be where he is meant to be – blessed be.

  11. So apt. I’ve learned to tolerate many things, but people who kill or abandon pets… Of course what hurts is being helpless, unable to protect the defenseless animals.
    And I hope you find a home for the cat.

  12. Needed your post today Mary,thank you.I really dislike the word “hate”, it’s such a strong, negative word. “Hate” and “Shut up” are words I so don’t want to hear.
    Thinking of Poot and wishing him a fast recovery so he can get back to Suzanne’s loving care.
    Mary, let us know what happens to kitty. I wish there was a warm, cozy home for each and every stray.

  13. Dear lost kitty:
    To venture across Ms. Mary’s door
    Must sure portend wonderful things.
    No room at the inn but the network is wide
    Such good fortune this certainly brings!


    Dear Suzanne:
    Yes, the bus would quite squish her
    And we would not wish her
    A much kinder fate.
    But Poot shows us how
    In the here and the now
    That love rises higher than hate.

    Blessings to all who open their hearts and homes to any animal in need of sanctuary. Namaste.

    1. Cheryl b.

      These poems are beautiful and express my sentiments precisely!
      Thank you!
      From Fran

      Best wishes to Mary and the stray kitty, and best wishes to Poot for a comfortable recovery .

    2. So glad I checked in today, Sunday for your beautiful whimsical poems Cheryl b! Hope you are happily settling into your new digs! and enjoying life. You obviously did not leave your Muse behind! hugs!

  14. Thank you all for your thoughts for Poot. He came home Saturday on two ulcer drugs and a prescription bland diet and is doing well.

    Sorry, Mary, I shouldn’t use your blog as a place to post information but you guys all feel like family to me and I wanted to give all the news. Thanks so much.

    1. Dear Suzanne, I think it’s wonderful to post about our lives, and encourage everyone to do so (ask for prayer, update us on progress, share stories of hope) …it is one of the things that I love about his blog community. I’m so happy to hear that Poot is home and will look forward to updates!

  15. I agree with you Mary, I cannot understand how anyone can hate animals? Please keep us updated on the cat.

    I am dating a fellow who was raised on a farm and does not want a dog in the house under any circumstance…I was considering a future with this man but after thinking it over I realized I love dogs and cats and down the road when I retire I do want a dog or cat in the house and therefore do not think our relationship will work. He means alot to me however I have a yearning for a pet again and do want one eventually. Big problem….easy solution on one hand…very confusing on the other.

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