Spreading the love

sweet Noah

sweet Noah

As I drove to the grocery store yesterday, listening to an inspirational cd, thinking to myself how great life was, and feeling terrific, I decided that I would smile at (and silently bless) any person who made eye-contact with me as I walked up and down the aisles. I had a wonderful time doing this, and noticed that most of the people who really smiled back (one even winked!) were older men.

When I got home, and was pondering the friendly encounters at the store, I caught myself in the kitchen mirror and realized that the pin I usually wore on this particular top (keeping it from being too low-cut) had fallen off. I am a pretty modest dresser and never wear low-cut blouses (especially ones that show any cleavage) but suddenly it occurred to me that maybe the smiles I was receiving were for something other than the “high-vibrational energy” that I was trying to radiate!

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier“. Mother Teresa

The winner of the pendant was Winnie!

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  1. Oh Mary, What a great way to start my day! The picture of Noah is priceless as is your assessment of the smiles you received. I can picture a number of very happy older gentlemen walking about with smiles on their faces because of whatever they chose to see that you were radiating!!
    Love from Fran

    • i’ve never looked at it that way before Tricia….this could be a whole new way to experience life! (only kidding)

  2. A smile is a smile no matter what ignites it, Mary!! And what a smile this post brought to my face first thing this morning! Thank you … smiles to all who gather here today.

    • Thank you Laurie, …I couldn’t wait for Jack to get home last night to tell him about it and he got quite a laugh too! …and I have to agree with you that smiles are a wonderful thing

      • And I bet YOU laughed, too, when you realized what had happened … completing the circle of positive energy. And look how that “smile pebble” is still radiating out ripples of smiles – sweet!

  3. Mary, think of the happy smiles you’ve left us all with this morning. The picture of Noah is wonderful. I could reach out and hug him. Starting my day with White Feather Farm is just the best ever. It’s a mindful way to live my life and I’m grateful to have found you.
    SandyP on the one sunny day this week in Ontario, Canada

    • thank you Sandy and I’m so delighted to smile with you (on this sunny day) too

  4. Mary – You made me laugh out loud this morning! And I’m sure you made some people’s morning much brighter with your smile. 🙂 Noah looks so sweet sleeping there. What big paws he has!

    • You are right Debra…I have always loved winks (but didn’t really think about this until now) …

  5. I join with the previous posts in appreciation for the smile and chuckle II got from the photo and the story. Delicious way to start the day seeing Noah all cuddly and warm – our day in Cleveland is grey and cool. Are his paws large and/or does he have an extra toe or is it just the angle of photo. In any case, it would probably nice to receive a hug and a snuggle from him.

    • Noah has huge paws that in some pictures actually look like mittens….and he is a realy snuggler too …

  6. First of all..thanks for taking the adorable photo of Noah..how sweet! Has there been any news on the lost (found) cat?

    I had to really chuckle at your assessment of the men in the supermarket..brought to mind the saying that men will always be men! However, that might not have been the case Mary, perhaps your pleasant smile just brought out alittle happiness in them and they returned your smile with one of their own….I like to think thats what happened…..

    • thanks Julie,…no word on the kitty so I am assuming they found his/her home

  7. I would have smiled….and maybe even winked too…., Mary….(cleavage or no) – ha ha. Enjoy this day….they are all filled with the potential for lots of smiles!

  8. Ahhhh Mary, I’m still smiling ! Thanks for spreading the happiness, I was ready to walk out the door to go food shopping….will do it with a big smile on my face (checked my top). Sending happiness back to you !

    • thank you Jude and hoping your day was filled with smiles (for whatever reason!)

    • I’m so glad that you got a laugh from this post…it makes me very glad that I shared it!

  9. I think that the fact that you were wearing a lower cut blouse, maybeade you appear more confident. People seem to respond to confidence in a positive way. Of course, Mary, you are an attractive, friendly person, so I’m not surprised you received many smiles and a wink, to boot:-)

    • Well, I wouldn’t have felt confident if I knew what had happened to my top but maybe this will help me to relax a little more with my clothing selection…now that could be fun!

  10. no matter, mary, thanks for spreading the smiles and laughter. what a yummy photo of cat and cover.

    • thanks Virginia (and you are right, both Noah and that blanket are very yummy)

    • Only doing my part to make the world a happier place! It is good to laugh…especially at ourselves, isn’t it!?

  11. Mary, I am reminded of what my friends sometimes refer to me in running a bed & breakfast as I’ve done for the past 20 years…due to some nefarious experiences I’ve had with my guests, they now call me the Brothel Queen. I have to say, that came to mind when I read your post this morning…in all innocence, thinking to project warmth, love and openness, your well-considered intentions were read slightly and amusingly off-kilter. If you smiled at people down east in the Maritimes (Canada), it would be entirely natural and welcomed. You smile at people in the city of Toronto and they think you’re up to something sinister. You’ve had a great post this morning. This is why I enjoy it so much…you can poke fun at yourself and you see the humour in life and your own experiences.
    SandyP again ….where it’s still sunny…nothing but rain forcast this week coming).

  12. Ah, Mary, I am weeping with laughter! I love the way you just tell it all like it is. After your sojourn in the market, I’m betting the smiles of the guys continued on long after they got home. Whatever the root cause, the day was brightened.

    Love Noah’s sweet picture. He, too, made me smile.

  13. “High vibrational energy”… Hmmmm…I believe you made their day in more ways than one! Sweet sweet story, Mary! If you shop every Monday, you may just have another following!!!! Thanks for the smiles and for the pic of sweet Noah! XOXO

  14. Hi Mary. Great story. I normally do not reply to messages, but feel like I need an input on this one. I try to be a more positive person and think good thoughts. However, whenever things are going well and I think, “wow, things are going well, and I am very happy”, something terrible happens. It may be my subconscious at work here drawing negative energy, but this pattern has happened to me ever since I was a child. What do you think? Thank you, Lena

    • Hi Lena, and yes, this is a pattern/belief that is pretty wide-spread. As far as energy goes, the better you feel, the better position you are in for good. But if you have a belief that something bad is right around the corner, then that belief has a pull to it….the good news is any pattern can be changed (it might take a little work, but it will be worth the effort)

  15. Noah looks so adorable in this picture!
    He made me happy to look at it.
    Funny story about the men at the grocery store!

    • Thank you Carol….the idea that looking at Noah makes you happy is a sweet one for me too

  16. While a little show of ‘skin’
    Could bring on a grin
    Followed by a wink
    Must make you think
    A heartwarming smile
    Or did I beguile?

    Woo woo, Mary—no matter the source, you brought joy! 🙂

    • The theme of this week is “showing skin to the world” at our home! Thank you for the funny, fun poem Cheryl

  17. Noah is so sweet in this shot.I love the pink.
    Try it again Mary with the pin on. I bet you get double the smiles! Smiling is so contagious. (Men…you can’t live with em’,you can’t live without them… They never change.:) )

  18. Hi Mary, My husband placed our 1st order for your balm creation and cannot wait to try it! So happy to have found your website ! I am reading your blog often making it a habit to smile more, be thankful often and to appreciate every day as the treasure it is !! Thank you, donna

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