I surrender

Ben on the meditation cushions

Years ago, when I entered a 12-step program, I remember seeing a banner that read, “Let Go and Let God”. It was hanging on the wall behind the speaker, and I had no idea what it meant, but thought, “What a lame philosophy! How could anything get done if we don’t do it ourselves?” It took me a long time to understand this spiritual teaching. Being raised with the concept that God was something separate from me (a distant, critical, large “being” that was waiting to pounce on my every transgression from the good path, or someone who gave gifts and answered prayer if He felt like it) was not only disempowering, but it left me lonely and scared of living and life.

We are no less than temples of the Living God, which means that we can never be separated from the sea of infinite Good. If we need help, we don’t need to grovel and beg to some distant power.  There is no distant power. What many of us have been taught about God; that this force is Someone removed and different from us, was wrong. God; Universal Spirit, the Divine, The Field of Infinite Possibilities, is accessed through our own hearts. What we desire, what we need, is also a part of us. When we “surrender to God”, we are only giving up the idea that we are little, individual, lumps of flesh and blood, trying to figure this life out on our own.

“The day I surrendered myself for God, I transcended all anxiety, because trying to look after oneself is the only anxiety.” Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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  1. Mary, in addition to to your thoughtful writings, I have to say that I LOVE your photographs of your “four-legged family”! I think that the caption to this one should be: “Meommmmmmm….” : )

  2. Mary – I was raised with the same concept of God and found it so hard to believe. You have so eloquently stated what I’ve never been fully able to put into words but totally believe. What a truly powerful message!

  3. My favorite was “take what you need and leave the rest”…a sign often placed in the middle of the meeting circle. It kept me from judging what others said, and also freed me from the feeling that I had to adopt everything that was said..to take those gifts that were offered by others, and let go of those that were not helpful to my situation. Jen

  4. Beautiful, beautiful. I really needed to hear this Mary. Thank you. The separation concept (of being something other than a beautiful expression of the divine goodness, not separate from it) is one I think so many of us struggle with. When I remember that I am not alone, but that the path of least resistance dwells right there inside me, I feel strong, reassured and peaceful…no longer worried or confused. Thanks also for Bhagwan’s quote.

  5. My own spiritual path has led me to understand that the “kingdom of Heaven is within.” I always had difficulty with the concept of “surrender,” until I recognized that doesn’t mean sitting back waiting for things to drop from the sky … it means doing all within my power to achieve the right outcomes, but then surrendering the results to the Divine. Have to admit, though, it’s a process not an event, especially for someone like me who likes the “control.” But I pray daily for surrender, faith, patience, and acceptance – and often more than once a day!

    Thanks again, Mary, for the reminders we are not alone on the journey! Blessings to you and all who gather here.

    1. Thank you very much for this, Laurie. This thought of “surrender” as “surrendering the results” is very helpful to me.

  6. I am so very grateful for the help I have received through your blog, Mary. You have helped me realize I could think differently about God and not get in trouble! I’m on this path that has opened me up to such beauty and wonder, and Laurie, I agree, it is a process not an event. Glad I’m here with all of you. Blessings to all.

  7. Mary, I have also struggled as others have expressed here on occasion, with the concept of organized or in my words, a man-made religion. To believe as a child as I was told as an adult when I started questionning religion, never made much sense to me. Myformer experience of a higher power was that of something out there and not within. Yet, in coming here, I’m able to understand that it is from within that my spirituality exists and something I’d felt as well for some years. I’ve never had it put into words as you’ve done nor have I been able to explain or understand it. I know through a very traumatic period of my life, whenver I asked for strength to deal with my life, it was given. I wondered then if I was simply ‘fooling’ my brain through asking just to make myself feel better. The dichotomy of being raised to believe in a God that required me to confess my sins and seemed rigid, unloving is how my religion felt to me. So thank you for putting this into words because it’s a conflict I’ve had also.
    SandyP in Canada

  8. My personal spiritual practice has come to include Surrender as a fairly regular event. Always, always there is a sense of peace when I put down my Ego and allow the larger more expansive wisdom energy to step in. Not always immediate answers, but always an easing….which leads to gratitude.

  9. I enjoy all your writings. I am so working on this idea of Surrender – Letting Go…being part of a divine plan. Just lost my canine best friend (Iris) – blue eyed aussie shepherd – hit me hard – miss her very much. Heavy sigh.

    1. MaryAnne, I’m so sorry that you have the empty place in your heart where your aussie once lived and loved. Your pain is familiar to all who have and lose their beloved animals.

      I’m sure that all who read your post this day will be sending warm and loving thoughts to you, as am I. Blessings to you and much strength for this journey.

    2. MaryAnne, We’ve had Aussies for sixteen years and I almost think that until you’ve lived with them one-on-one that you can’t believe how human-like they are. They sense their humans moods completely. Any loss of a closely loved family pet is not easy. It is an empty hole in your mind but not in your heart. We lost one of our Aussies a month ago and I know that she and her sister are living in my heart and mind still. I’m thankful for the years I had with them but tears still come at times. It is a lonely loss because many people will say: it’s just a dog. But it isn’t. It’s a good and loyal friend. Sending a hug from another Aussie owner.
      SandyP in Canada

      1. I offer my sympathy, too, Mary Anne, and to you too, Sandy P having lost best friends so recently. As I took my long walk today and stopped to pet two young pups, I thought of my 13 year old Dobie at home and there’s that little tug knowing every day is a ‘bonus’ day when they get to be this age, but dogs do show us so well, that love never diminishes with aging. It just gets sweeter and stronger.

      2. Thank for the sweet soulful post. Yes, every day is a gift with a well-loved dog – they give as much as they receive. And, they live so in the moment. My heart is heavy…it is hard to relax – keep thinking about her last days. Trying to think of all the joyful moments.

      3. Thank you SandyP ! It is nice to know that other people understand – that you are not alone in your grief. I do have so many funny, happy, joy-filled memories of Iris and her special ways. Loyal to a fault – followed me everywhere. I cannot even consider cleaning her nose smudges off the front door glass – she loved sitting by the front door – didn’t want to miss anything! xo

    3. Sending you a warm hug and loving thoughts MaryAnne…so many of us on this blog are lovers of animals and so your sigh is well-understood,

  10. Mary and esp. Maud–well said! My teacher Pearl always told us to let go and let God/Spirit, which has a much more feminine slant to me as a seeking adult. The surrender which says, “Little me isn’t in control of this” is a great relief. And letting go of the fantasy that we control other people or events. When we can say: “I AM” (inhale) Peace (exhale), we can affirm it with every breath–when we remember!! FYI, I read this every day but often don’t comment. Good wishes to all! ~Kathi

  11. Another ‘jump-start’ post today, Mary. I don’t know what I’d do without your reminders that keep us tuned in and on the path. Awesome and invaluable!

  12. Another lovely synchronicity with the “Jesus Calling” meditation for Oct. 25. “I am God with you, for all time and throughout eternity. Don’t let the familiarity of that concept numb its impact on your consciousness. My perpetual Presence with you can be a continual source of Joy, springing up and flowing out in streams of abundant Life.” “Immanuel, “God With Us.”

  13. Back again – just read today’s Tiny Buddha and this quote seems to go along with the idea of surrendering to whatever life presents us in a way that allows us to go with the challenge presented, instead of bucking it. See what you think:

    “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ~Eckhart Tolle

  14. LOVE your shares, Mary, thank you! At times I struggle with this concept, always felt like I was giving up or dropping the ball, but I have come to realize, I am passing the ball to a source of infinite wisdom, strength and HELP! XXO

  15. To MaryAnne H. I can so identify. I’m sorry for your sad loss. My pup’s little nose prints are still on two panes of my large front window. I have no intention of removing them at this time.I have just changed my FB profile pic from his sweet face to myself! I felt it was time to do this only. I felt his spirit tell me that it was time. He died a year and a half ago. We all have our own pain and need to grieve in our own personal way.

    1. Thanks Cindy ~

      It so helps to know people understand and that healing takes time. So kind of you and so many others to reach out and comfort me and share their own personal stories.

  16. “Let go or be dragged!” Each day I say a simple prayer – “Higher Power, please show me the way.” Then I let go and wait to be guided. Works for me!

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