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The other day, I began imagining that a ball of light-energy was radiating love and good feelings from my center (solar plexus) to everyone that I met. I found that it took quite a bit of effort to keep focused on that image and not let my mind just wander wherever it wanted to go. Later that afternoon, I visited one of my favorite shops and a woman who works there looked up as I entered the store and said, “Hello sunshine!” She has never greeted me, in all of the years that I’ve known her, in that manner.

We are constantly sending out silent signals to the world, they are being received on the energetic level, and everything and everyone is responding, but so often we aren’t really aware of what our emanations (which are made up of our dominate thoughts) are. Petty complaints, worries, arguments, and concerns that flutter through our minds tend to produce unfocused, scattered, or frenetic vibrations, the world responds in kind, and a downward spiral of negative feelings and circumstances seems to follow.

But on a much more encouraging note, if we do our best to keep focused on some higher ideal of love, calm, happiness, or peace, and take it a step further, consciously sending this energy out to others, we will see and feel the result of this, and uplift not only ourselves, but everyone that we meet. We also create an upward spiral; good feelings go out and come back and things in our lives tend to get better and better.

How about giving this a try over the weekend? Choose a thought/feeling that you would love to experience, hold that thought and then as you interact with others, be aware of how they are responding to you. Look for evidence that what you think and feel, really is mirrored back to you.

Love is an outreaching of the heart…it is an emanation. As you radiate love and goodwill to all, and as you wish riches for (others), you will at the same time bless and prosper yourself. Remember what you wish for another, you wish for yourself, and what you withhold from another, you are with holding from yourself. You are the only thinker in your universe, and your thoughts are creative.” Joseph Murphy

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  1. How true Mary ! I can hear children singing….’this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”. What a wonderful challenge to all, let your light shine, the happiness you project comes right back to you! And Mary, you know, your light shines, even through the internet. I’m smiling right back at you !

  2. Mary, this is getting downright spooky. How did you know that I needed to hear this message today. I have a family gathering here on Sunday and a family member with whom I’ve had a serious misunderstanding over this past year will be coming. I know that I need to get my head wrapped around more positive thoughts but I’m still nursing a grudge and grudges are no good unless they are nursed…(smiling here). I know it’s not going to be easy for her either. Sitting in my own p**p is never good. I’ve enjoyed indulging myself. Now it’s in my face. A choice to be made. My stubborn soul is at sixes and sevens at the moment, full of apprehension, not wanting to let go. I’ll swear there is some conduit of energy going around with you to your ‘flock’ here.
    SandyP in Canada

  3. Mary. Thank you for another fantastic weekend focus! This simple, yet profound idea of watching our thoughts and keeping them centered on positive light for everyone in our own personal universe (however great or small that universe is) already gives me feelings of warmth and encouragement. I hope your weekend is filled with love and goodness too!

  4. Mary! I love the last line of your quote today (and the rest of the post goes without saying!) “You are the only thinker of your own universe!” We really do have the power to switch the light on, or stay in the dark of our brooding resentments and petty feelings. Not always easy for sure, and what a wonderful weekend project and timely for me as well as I, too have a difficult someone I’ll be seeing. I know I’ve shared a link to Neill Diamond’s beautiful song, “Turn On your Heart Light” before – but since I immediately heard him singing it again in my mind as I started reading your post, maybe I’ll offer the link so we can keep this in our hearts and shine it out this weekend. Love to all! Susan ( I love to imagine all our lil’ heartlights beaming up like fireflies all across this country and beyond!)

  5. Mary
    Thanks for the reminder on this one. I was doing it fairly regularly and then,as usual, wander off into the sunset and forget. I usually use a Buddhist chant, ‘May you be safe
    May you be well
    May you know the root of happiness
    May you be at peace”
    and all the same apply to me, of course.
    I find that I use the ‘May you be at peace’ a lot while driving. Somebody tears past me at 90 mph or is weaving in and out of traffic and my instinct is to say bad things about him or her but I know that if they are driving that way, they are most certainly not at peace and so wishing them to be at peace works better for my frame of mind and, hopefully, works better for theirs or at least gets them where they are going in one piece..
    Again, thanks

    1. smithharia, I really appreciate your sharing this idea, “May you be at peace”, – I bet it can neutralize a lot of negative energy and feeling when we encounter someone that just doesn’t jive with our own space and being. May YOU be at peace too, thank you!

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