1000 times Yes!

Fred and Noah, sleeping head-to-head

The other day my son Tom and I were discussing Christmas plans and he told me that he and his brother (my youngest son Matt) wanted to host the family Christmas gathering at our house, and that they wanted to do the menu planning and most of the cooking. If you could have seen me, I’m sure that I would have looked like one of those cartoon characters doing a double-take, as my first thought\reaction was, what?! You two?! Really?!

It was so far out of the range of possible scenarios for our holiday gatherings that my mind couldn’t process it. I didn’t even know that they could (or would want to) take charge of an event like this. I said yes because it sounded like a big adventure (one that I would get to be a part of, but would not have to orchestrate) and I felt an odd sense of excitement, not dissimilar to the day I committed to go sky-diving.

Over the past week, as we firmed up plans, I had a most enlightening conversation with my future daughter-in-law, Lindsay. She and Tom met in Jackson Hole (Matt was also living there at that time) and she told me that during their time there, Tom and Matt used to plan incredible parties, even down to setting a dress-code. She went on to say how much everyone enjoyed these events.

My sons are both in their 30’s, and I never knew this about them. I am so glad that I said yes.

Over the next 72 hours, it is going to be my intention to say Yes (quietly, and to myself) 1000 times. Care to join me?

(a favorite prayer of mine is below)

I am now willing to accept the unexpected, unusual, and amazing happenings in my life. There is but one Presence in this universe, and I am one with that Presence.There is but one Power, and that Power is good, loving, and benevolent.

Knowing this, I am ready to experience the wonders of life; the new adventures that contribute to a greater understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos.

I am prepared to hear the inner voice, behold the phenomena of hidden hands, and welcome the work of angels on my behalf. I am open to the truth that nothing is too good to be true. Yes!”

 (the final prayer in the book, Nothing is Too Good To be True, by John Randolph Price)

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  1. I am so happy for you Mary and reading this I could just feel your joy and excitement ~ I know your holidays together will be very special this year. It is wonderful to find out things about your children, things you never knew ~ we never get tired of that!!!
    Enjoy your day and have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo Marian

  2. Oh Mary, how wonderful! It sounds like such a special and magical time full of sparkle and TWINKLE! And…thanks for sharing this most beautiful prayer. I most certainly will join you in your ‘yes’ intention this weekend. Much love.

  3. How wonderful for you, your family and everyone who lives your prayer. A big YES, with a smile and hug back to you !

  4. We would have mounds of food, well-dressed people, lots of wine, and the best part is that everyone would pitch in- it was a beautiful thing and a great memory of mine! Looking forward to Christmas and our dry-run over Thanksgiving 🙂

  5. My how you have grown, from the times of not wanting to have holiday parties at your house, to being excited and elated that not only will the celebration be at your house, but letting others handle the details. Your son’s are beautiful, loving, balanced young men.
    You are always an inspiration! BTW….I know the sky diving feelings 🙂

  6. Isn’t it great to hear something about your children you didn’t know! A very good something! A thousand times yes!

  7. Dear Mary….your post, as usual comes at such a poignant time for me. Not only does your Christmas gathering sound like such an uplifting experience (good on you and your beautiful sons and Lindsay)….but your quote and reminder to believe in angels and interventions of the most positive kind really helps me stay focused on what I know in my heart to be true. Thank you for writing about expecting the unexpected…..about knowing that the power of the universe is a benevolent and loving presence in our lives! Bless you and your beautiful family.

  8. Mary, I’d been so busy being a mother that I’d forgotten how to be not a mother. Being a retired mother is the best thing in the world. What a wonderful gift for you and Jack this Christmas and what fun for your boys and other family members. What we don’t know about our kids and all of a sudden we do.
    Noah looks like he has a sixth toe, does he? Your cats are so cute. If I wasn’t a dog person……!!
    SandyP in Canada

  9. Shortly after my daughter moved out and got her own apartment, she and her roommate invited me over for dinner. That, alone, was shock enough but when I went, she was sitting there hemming a pair of jeans. I said, ” You always said you didn’t know how to do this.”
    Her response was, “Why should I tell you I know how to do it when you always did it for me!”

  10. What great sons, Mary! I have a wonderful homeopathic doctor who also is a chiropractor and when he is doing the adjustments, he always is saying so so softly, just under his breath, “yes, yes, yes” – how reassuring it is to be in his hands. A thousand times yes this weekend! xoxo to all!

  11. Mary – After reading this, I went back to reread the “twinkle” post. Who would have thought that such an exciting plan would unfold!

    Thanks for including the prayer – yes! (And those kitties are just too cute!)

  12. Dear WFF friends, may I ask for your thought and prayers for my brother’s 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Archie? A veterinary oncologist has diagnosed Archie with lymphoma and chemotherapy is financially out of reach. Given Archie’s young age, the news is a shock.

    Archie is a goofy, big, lovable, lug of a dog who has grown up with my 5 year old niece, my 5 and 8 year old nephews, and my 12 year old son. The kids are devastated. To say that he is part of the family would be an understatement; he has “personality-plus”. We are all hoping for a miracle. Please hold Archie and the humans who love him in your healing thoughts.

    Thanks so much, everyone… it is a comfort to think of the power of the Flock at work. Bless you all.

    1. Kelly, I will be chanting my ‘yes’s’ this weekend for Archie, that his body will rally to his defense, and that he will be well. So much love to you and your family. Susan

    2. Kelly, your description of Archie made me fall for him sight unseen. Prayers of healing and acceptance to your family and blessings always.

    3. Kelly, I’ve lost two Aussies to hemangiosarcoma, a disease prevalent in the Australian Shepherd breed and I wrote an article on it for the Aussie Times, Dec. 2010. Many contributed to the article as to how they felt and dealt with their experience with canine cancer. It is not easy. Loosing a pet, as I’ve said before, is part of loving them but the shock of that kind of diagnosis, which is often a sudden diagnosis, leaves us dog lovers reeling. Prayers for the strength to deal with what has to be dealt with in your family and your brother’s family and that Archie will not have to suffer long if that is his destiny.
      SandyP in Canada

  13. Bless your sons and you. . . I look forward to such an offer from my two! and a bow (‘yes’) to your goodness. . .Veronica

  14. Fred and Noah are amazingly cute in this picture! I am going to say yes and try to make it 1000 times this weekend. I like that plan. I also like your prayer at the end.Have a great weekend Mary and Thank You.

  15. Aw, good good wishes to Archie and all. Send Light to handle the election perfectly, too, and that all good things emerge for the East Coast! Wonderful prayer, too, thanks!

  16. Mary, How great this is for you! We do have so much to be grateful for. Your sons sound awesome! My daughter had me for a “sleep over” the other night while I was alone. I was so touched by her sweet gesture.
    Count me in on the “yes train”. 🙂

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