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When I first thought of the idea of saying yes 1000 times (over this past weekend) my feeling was basically that it would be a nice focus, but I wasn’t expecting any big deal in the way of things happening in my life. Saturday afternoon, we got a call from a friend inviting us to an impromptu party and my initial reaction was, Yes.

I called Jack to see what he wanted to do, and he had the same feeling. This is just not all that normal for us. We are not really party people and had planned a quiet evening watching the Notre Dame football game, eating chicken soup and going to bed early. At the party, a friend was telling me how much she enjoyed the depth of the comments on this blog. She went on to say that she was really interested to hear how this particular post had effected people. We talked a little about a post dedicated to asking for your responses to this “exercise”/prayer of simply repeating the word yes.

Later that evening, I was asked to officiate a celebration later this year (something that I have not been doing for various reasons) and again, my first response (and inner feeling) was Yes! Wonderful! On Sunday morning, another friend called who just happened to be passing through town and wanted to meet for lunch. I had gotten up late, gone for a long run and was just enjoying the feeling of cocooning myself in solitude and “home” and so I told her this.  She completely understood, and my “no” to her request, was really a “Yes” to my life.

What I’ve been wondering is this: If I hadn’t been saying yes, focusing on opening my heart to Life, and Love and the new, would I have reacted the same? Would these opportunities even have been presented? Would I have said yes to my friend out of guilt or obligation? Would I have said no to the other invitations because that was what I usually do? I don’t know.

Something so powerful, and beyond our conscious mind’s ability to reason it out,  happens when (with feeling) we say, think, whisper, or write this simple word, Yes. I would love for you to share (comment) your experiences with this theme of yes if you would like to. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is never too late…I’m thinking that I’ll keep it up until at least until the end of the week and from there, who knows!

“A ‘no’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Thank you for this topic. It sends positive energy and speaks of self care. We need that especially in this time of so much media negativity.

  2. ” no is a complete sentence ” , for me, it is in the “knowing” , I have to take a moment or longer to get in touch with me ( and usually my emotions), it is in that deep, quiet space that I find clarity, is this something my heart and soul want to say yes to, or is this my head (and old tapes) saying I “should” , out of guilt, people pleasing, over sense of responsibility, etc etc etc. Yes to this , is no to that , and ultimately when I say YES to me and show up more often in my OWN life, everyone around me benefits……they get me content, or happy or joyful and that’s a ME I enjoy being around!!! Thank you Mary, made me think about YES!!!!

    1. I could not agree with you more Sandy. I used to feel obligated to say yes to almost everything, and it wasn’t fun for anyone. I heard this really “tough guy” (in an anonymous meeting) say once, “I resented the hell out of people ’cause I couldn’t say no to them!”…I completely identified with him.

  3. This is interesting Mary. I have recently had people (family mostly) say yes out of obligation and have found that it brings a different energy to the gathering that would have been better or more enjoyable if they had said no. I like Ghandi’s quote. I think when you do say yes you should consider others involved so as not to be a “kill joy” (for lack of a better phrase). Saying yes should be done with enthusiasm because if it is not, the real emotion will show through. which brings us to the holidays and the myriad of “obligations”!!
    does this make sense because i’m just figuring this all out after all these years!!

  4. Finding the balance of when to say YES and when to say NO…I love this discussion!
    Smiles to all for a fabulous day…Marian

    1. thoughts for a fabulous day being sent back your way Marian (along with a hug through the ethers)

  5. Mary, I must confess that after reading Friday’s blog and deciding to say “Yes” throughout my weekend,it slipped my mind. But, I don’t think my sub-conscious self forgot because I did end up feeling an affirming, positive and powerful sense of confidence, determination and uplifting support throughout my weekend. This morning after reading your blog and realizing I didn’t make a conscious effort for a ‘yes’ filled weekend, I was struck by how empowering my weekend really was….very much a ‘yes’ induced experience! There truly is a hidden power, an unseen presence in our lives that asks only that we acknowledge our connection to it…..in order for it’s unconditional love to fill our being. Even if we aren’t aware of it! Thank you once again Mary for being such a consistent and beautiful reminder of this. I’m thinking of making a t-shirt with the simple phrase “YES” printed on it.

    1. that would be a T-shirt I’d love to wear Debra (I think it would get a lot of smiles too)

  6. The quote is wonderful, the post is wonderful, Mary and the Flock are wonderful! Yes, yes, yes! What a wonderful place to check in every morning, so full of affirmation and support. Right before reading the post I was checking my email and my son’s girlfriend invited me to have lunch today – a last minute spontaneous invitation. Even though we have guests coming for dinner, and part of me was, ‘oh it will make for a busy afternoon’, I was just so touched by her thoughtfulness, and couldn’t even entertain any answer but YES!

    1. I can feel the joy from that invitation coming right through your words Susan!

  7. Thank you for your curious posts that spark my consciousness every day. I have become aware of my resistance to the flow of my life and found the power of yes has opened doors, diminished fears and expanded my gratitude for where I am today.

    1. Very well-said Wende…flowing with life is what I too try to be aware of every day.

  8. As others have said, I find that I get as much out of the comments as I do your original post, Mary, Wende, you have said it well, “curious posts that spark my consciousness” I can often say when I read Mary’s topics…I have felt that way before. It makes me realize how connected we humans really are. I too, am initially resistant to most things though I’d like to think that I keep an open mind on most things…but Ghandi’s quote struck home. To say ‘no’, particularly with family, is not always easy. Yet, to not say no sometimes feels as though I am prostituting my ideals. I’ve needed to give myself permission to be more careful with my own self. This is an interesting post this morning. Did you have a moment of guilt when you said ‘no’ to your friend coming through town, Mary? I wondered.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. I didn’t feel guilty because this friend is very up-front and clear too…not at all into guilt (which I admit, does make it a lot easier!)

  9. Last evening a neighbor from across the road came over to invite us to a bonfire they were having later. I looked at my husband quickly and saw a “no” on his face, but I was thinking to myself this is a “yes” weekend. I told my neighbor thank you so much and hoped they will have a terrific gathering but we wouldn’t be able to join them. Actually, it turned out fine, because our oldest son came over to surprise us and we had a nice dinner and a great evening visiting. So my guilty “no” turned out okay.

    1. I love it when things like this happen and I get to see that even when I feel a little conflicted, things can still turn out right…we don’t have to do everything “perfectly” is the message that I need to remember …over and over

  10. Good weekend and day, here, too, though I also forgot our weekend emphasis, Our autumn leaves are just creating a Hallelulia (sp?) chorus on the streets of our little town. With afternoon sunshine glinting everything with gold, I can inhale I AM and slowly exhale YES…after being part of a team washing 7 shelter pit bull puppies! Blessings here & to all…

  11. I’m sucking positive energy from this post like a hummingbird at a nectar plant. My MIL is visiting and I’ve revisited how much work I actually have to do on ‘walking the walk’!
    Thanks be to Mahatma. So much wisdom there.

  12. i recently said ‘no’ to a weekly cooking job i had been doing, so as to have a day off – to do laundry, to draw, to help a friend, to do whatever. like saying ‘yes’ to my life, to spaciousness, closer to how i want to live. i felt nervous that people would be upset about this. some might be. i ran into one of the people i was cooking for, and he was happy for me that i was taking care of myself. i can still feel some creeping in tendrils of ‘uh-oh’ and ‘what if’ but i keep trying to shoo them away.
    i woke up today with an enormous feeling of relief that i didn’t have to cook for a lot of people…
    i’m going to keep practicing saying yes to myself whenever i’m in my car.
    (as i seem to forget just going about my day…)

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