Think a new thought…

I found this artist’s (Pamela Zagarenskii) gorgeous work through her cards,

Here in the United States, we had a presidential election on Tuesday. As we were leaving a wonderful restaurant yesterday, the owner said to Jack, as he paid the bill, “Four more years huh?” in a very deflated way. Jack said that he didn’t even know what to say to her, so he thanked her for a terrific lunch, told her that he loved her restaurant, and left.  As we talked about this later, we agreed that no matter who had been elected, we would start looking forward to the next day, the next four weeks, the next four years…. of our lives.

If I am feeling discouraged about my life, instead of voicing the same old complaint; “Why are things so bad?”, a much better question would be, “What new thought can I think, right now, that will make my life better?

“I’ve learned that next to the atomic bomb, the greatest danger is defeatism, despair, and inadequate awareness of what human beings possess. I feel that any problem that can be defined is capable of being resolved. Out of this has come my conviction that no man knows enough to be a pessimist.” Norman Cousins

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  1. I love this picture and your post. I am so tired of all the negativity of this election campaign and was really looking forward to it being over with. But I find that it all continues! What’s the deal?!

  2. I love your post! It too is an issue that has been bothering me alot. I have been so upset and worried about the hate that has been spread around by misinformation. Between postings on the internet, hate emails etc the lies that have been spread are almost like McCarthyism!. It really does frighten me that this is what we are teaching our children – how to hate. When I posted that exact comment on my facebook yesterday an old classmate from high school, posted back that “I would know hate when the President started executing the professionals! “- oh my god – where did that come from? I hadn’t made a statement about who I voted for, I made a comment that we were doomed if we didn’t become united to work together! It is really unsettling, and I don’t understand it.

  3. Dear Mary, what a wonderful resource for inspiring art! Thank you. And thanks for the Norman Cousins quote….such a beautiful attitude about how to approach life’s apparent challenges. Here’s to thinking new thoughts about how we’d like things to be….and then allowing it to happen that way!

  4. Hi Everyone and I just wanted to add that today’s post is not about politics, right or left, right or wrong, media, or people (other than ourselves)…it is about paying attention to our own thoughts and the concept that we get what we expect, so what would happen if we expected more from ourselves in the way of new thoughts!?

  5. Oh so very true……and important to hear this….and every day. Thank you for YOUR positive energy and inspiration. Forward we go (rejoicing!!!)

  6. There is an awful lot of ‘down’ energy floating around the universe lately, and it can be quite contagious. Your post reminds us that we can all open the window in our mind and let the fresh air change the atmosphere. Nice going, as always.

  7. The answer that sprang to my mind when I read the comment from the restaurant owner: “We can only hope” …. without specifying exactly what it is I’ll be hoping for!

  8. Thank you for another uplifting blog. I always start my day reading your message and it brightens my day.

  9. Mary, Thank you for your suggested alternative to ‘wailing and gnashing our teeth.’ :o) You always send good, timely messages. The artwork is beautiful.

  10. I really appreciate the positive energy from this space. The lovely people who leave uplifting comments and Mary is always “spot on” with timely thoughts. Thank you all for giving me a comfortable place to come to and pink energy to start my day!

  11. Hear, hear, Mary! Four more years? We should be only too happy to have one more day, – because every single day is a universe unto itself, to greet the rising sun and linger at day’s end with the last rays, – to awaken alive and under a sheltering roof, with people to love, pets to enrich our lives, food on our tables, – So glad Jack simply said thank you! for the lovely lunch. And thank you Mary for another wonderful message – LOVE the art work – Have a wonder filled day everyone! xoxo

  12. Well, I guess it needs to be said then: We and all our friends are OVERJOYED that President Obama won again! Hopefully, with work, prayers and Spirit, we can create a country safer for the poor, elderly and disabled and all the rest of us, for peace, and freedom, and new joy! YES!

    1. I think Jack demonstrated remarkable restraint and grace. I hope I can do the same the next time an unreasonable person splutters in my direction. On another note, I wonder if there will be an amateur gynecologist available the next time I need one. They all seem to have given up their practices and morphed into conservative politicians. Sorry but I couldn’t resist.

  13. What comes to mind when I heard Jack’s response was this: “you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”. My husband diverts all the time. Many times I appreciate it except when I’m trying to make a point. Then he diverts and I forget what my point is that I’m trying to make. It is frustrating at times. I have to be careful to stay on course with him as he slips under the wire all the time.

    On the other hand, I can think of as many positive thoughts when I’m dealing with someone I feel is stuck in a rut but I’m sure my leaky negative energy is seeping through some cosmic barrier.

    SandyP, in Canada.

  14. The thought that will make my life better is not a new one. It is the answer to: “What is there in my life that I am grateful for?”

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