A happier place…inside

A new profile picture (that I took of myself!)…sending you a smile today!

I started getting a stuffed-up head one day last week, and by the evening, I had a full-blown headache. As I lay in bed that night, tossing and turning, feeling and thinking, “Pain” and wondering if I was coming down with some bug, it dawned on me, in the middle of my thrashing about, that I was thinking thoughts that were full of discomfort and dis-ease: pain, ache, suffering, worry, illness…all very uncomfortable thoughts. When I realized this, I imagined a loving hand on my forehead and began thinking words that were positive and soothing: health, healing, love, light, flow, and harmony, and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

I had a good night’s sleep and woke up headache-free, but before I got out of bed, I found myself thinking about what a friend had said to me (a couple of months ago) that made me uncomfortable. Instantly, the headache returned and I “got it”. What a great feedback system we have in our bodies! Then I realized that I needed to think a better thought, and an image flashed into my mind of my friend laughing and rolling around on his front lawn naked (don’t ask me why this image came to mind but it made me smile) and my heart felt warm and loving toward him and my headache receded until by noon, it was gone.

As I thought about what precipitated the headache in the first place, it was easy to see that I had been thinking about this same negative situation (off and on) during the previous day. And like thoughts always do, the more I pondered what “wasn’t right” with this particular situation, other thoughts about people, places and things that seemed off, jumped on the, “What is wrong” train too.

Nothing in our lives is random. Everything that happens is for us, not to us. Life is like a quiet friend, always whispering, and signaling for us to move up and out of limiting thoughts and beliefs; to think a new thought about an old condition, friendship or situation. This is real freedom….and it is ours for the thinking.

A man’s surroundings are never against him: they are there to aid him…To maintain an unchangeable sweetness of disposition, to think only thoughts that are pure and gentle, and to be happy under all circumstances, —such blessed conditions and such beauty of character and life should be the aim of all, and particularly so of those who wish to lessen the misery of the world. If anyone has failed to lift himself above ungentleness and unhappiness, he is greatly deluded if he imagines he can make the world happier by the propagation of any theory or theology“. From, Above Life’s Turmoil, by James Allen published in 1910

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  1. This is great, Mary. Last Monday, I started getting the symptoms of a cold a few hours after I had tripped and fallen. After the fall I was feeling lots of self pity. Oh, I can’t trust my senses or my broken body. When I noticed the possible connection between the fall and the cold symptoms, I called a 12-step friend who said the antidote to self pity is self care. I changed my thinking. I thought, “Look how much I’ve recovered over the last year, how strong, I am, how I went ahead to a stretch class after the fall.” The cold symptoms went away! Thank you, G-d.

  2. Beautiful and sunny picture!!!!  Thanks     Just to let you know…..Chucks Mom passed yesterday. Soo fast only 10 days from when they knew she was sick to finsish. We’ll miss her.


  3. Dear Mary, “Everything that happens is for us not to us….” What a wonderful way to describe today’s message! I will hold this thought in my head today as I pay attention to my thoughts and my reactions to life’s challenges. Thank you Mary! Your blog is an integral part of my mornings and the first ‘food for thought’ which I digest each day.

    • Well, I love sharing this “meal of good thoughts” with you Debra and thank you for your wonderful words

  4. Mastering the art of staying healthy keeps me very busy as it comes with many opportunities to grow and learn. Your blog has become one of my healthy ways to see (love your pictures) and hear news reports. As I start my day I am always delighted when White Feather Farm has posted a new entry.

    • Thanks so much Betty. The thought that this blog is meaningful (and produces feelings of delight!) makes me feel good all over!

  5. Another valuable life lesson that I’ve learned from you Mary is that healing doesn’t occur amidst thoughts of alarm, fear, panic, stress, anxiety, anger, worry…either in myself or when thinking about others. That anything we think about with emotion (in this case, low energy thoughts) our cells feel it, interpret it and take it on (both the healthy and the unhealthy thoughts). So I must change my own thoughts and how I think about myself and others and hold us all in the highest place…see myself/them as healthy, whole, perfect. Otherwise, I am not doing anyone any good! Just as I can make something into a problem through my thoughts, I can just as easily, (and much more pleasantly!), step out of the problem, through positive, pleasant, calm thoughts and energy. Sometimes it seems so complicated and then other times so simple…what do I want to emanate? How do I want to feel and what do I want others to feel from me? Higher healing vibrations for sure…let the light flow! I love this post. It really helps to reiterate the ultimate worth of thinking new thoughts, good thoughts…thankful thoughts. Thank you!

    P.S. Love the new profile pic…thanks for your smile! xoxo

      • Most of them come from my awesome teacher! I find when I write them down, repeat them, speak them or share them, I internalize them even more deeply…helps me to ‘get it’! Much love…

  6. I just love the smile with the adorable hair cut!! You posted exactly what I was thinking about for this busy week……..all the things that were coming at me fast. But then it dawned on me that it was my holiday too, I can enjoy it or stress about it. If I start with my gratefuls first, plan just a few tasks, somehow it all rolls out the day, week, whatever, just beautifully.
    I need to appreciate first, then decide what is stressing me out. Is it overblown or just first born, anal rententive (fear) response?
    Thank you for the reminder on this fine Monday, hope the day is lovely for everyone!

    • I love the thought that it is your holiday too Teri…thank you for that reminder!

  7. Mary,

    Your last paragraph about nothing in our lives is random and everything that happens is for us not to us…really struck a cord with me.

    I am trying to end an old love relationship and have recently met someone else who shares my views for life and what we want out of it so much more than the other person who wants nothing more than to stay at home and vegetate…I am not ready for that and have been battling with myself over ending this for fear of hurting this person. However, I realize that I am limiting myself by staying in this realtionship and not moving forward. Thank you for helping me be honest with myself.

    I love the pretty photo of you…very sweet and thank you for posting it.

  8. Oh, Mary, your message is so perfectly timed, as is often the case. I shared this message with my older daughter, who is feeling a lot of stress at the moment and is having problems sleeping, very unusual for her. (It’s really all good, in a sense, as she’s in a good place in her life/career and just trying to make it better.) Envisioning a loving hand on one’s forehead – what a comforting thought when your mind is not letting you rest! Your last paragraph really struck me, too. I think I should print it out and read it every day! And thank you for the beautiful photo – and smile!

  9. i love the vibrance and energy that i see in your new photo. you’re sparkly; your smile and words fit together. i look at the photos you post as much as what you write. you’re real and transparent which is why i am attracted to your blog.

    about a month ago (because I was offered a comcast TV upgrade from basic cable for less than my present bundle) i accepted the upgrade. i knew that i’m not much of a TV watcher, but…….ok. after these last few weeks while going thru the remote’s learning curve etc, i’ve pretty much opted out of everything except the few programs i watched previously. what a laugh for me. there’s so little that actually interests me of all the new choices.

    i needed nature, positive thoughts and healing; i needed to think different thoughts. turning off the TV i pulled on a jacket and went outside into the evening wind and rain. i needed to turn my face and energy to the primal elements and vastness of sky. yes, yes, our bodies are accurate feelback systems.

    thank you mary, for this refreshing, uplifting and generous gift of yourself. i love you.

  10. I have been sick with a cold for a couple of weeks, moaning will this cold end! I realized this morning that I have had a situation come about that I didn’t like the results and have been in a funk since. At this time I cannot come up with another solution. I know that I must accept what is, until I can make a change. ( I have horses, they are 18 and 20 years old. they have always been in my back yard. I have had to board them, 45 miles away. This really saddens me, as I also don’t have a car to go and see them.)
    Maria Wulf posted a week ago an affirmation “I am not afraid to be happy”. the more I think of these words the more I look at my life and see so many around me that, I believe, are afraid to feel good. To be happy.
    I also know that “freedom” is in my hands or rather mind.
    Thank you for the reminder. I’m sure the cold will dissapear soon!:)


  11. Another very helpful post, Mary. I am here reading and lapping up wisdom every day, from not only you, but your flock as well. I don’t often comment, as so many times it would be “Me, too; me, too!”, but please know your words have helped me many, many times. After reading today’s post, for instance, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted and I could breathe easily again. I fancy myself a quick learner, but unfortunately, I think I am also a quick forgetter. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate all you do for us. I also appreciate and learn from every comment made by every person who follows your blog. So glad I stumbled upon it 🙂

  12. You wonder why we pollute our bodies so with our minds. I am doing it less now only because of your blog, Mary and Jon Katz’s blog as well as the fact that I’ve reached an age where some things in myself and others are no longer useful and/or tolerated. Why do humans, who are given a brain, get tied up with their egos?! I think of all the wasted years I’ve spent mulling over past hurts, past life issues when it’s been, in the end, such a waste of time. Reflection is one thing as long as it doesn’t get out of hand time-wise. Of what use is ego unless used for the benefit of others and ourselves. Define ego? I can’t separate it from mind.
    SandyP in Canada

  13. That’s a great picture Mary! I am starting to try and keep the negative thoughts out when they creep in thanks to your wonderful blogs.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful post. I love your blog, it is always uplifting and leaves me feeling happy. I know I can open it and receive a thoughtful gift from you. A Faithful Reader. Darlene

  15. I love the post: ‘for us…not to us’ peacefully shuts down the ‘why me?’ scenario and inspires action rather than self-absorption. I agree with all the WFF community: starting my day with your blog (and Jon Katz’s as well) helps to frame my thinking for the day, to act rather than just react (and ‘acting’ can include taking care of ourselves). I love your new photo, too. At 55, I’m still trying to conjure up the courage to deal with photos of myself!! You inspire me.

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