Loving the leftovers

Bodhi on my lap this morning

It’s 8 am and I’m sitting at my computer in my pj’s. I haven’t had the chance to really read and appreciate the comments from yesterday, so that is what I am going to do next, but I wanted to touch base with you before the weekend. We had a really nice day yesterday and yet at the end of the day, I found myself thinking of some of the ways that I hadn’t changed.

When I caught this, instead of letting the self-criticism go on, I really focused my mind and “forced it” to think of examples of how I was changing and becoming more like the woman who I want to be. As I focused here for a while, I started to feel appreciation for all of me.

I am really ready to step out of old, worn out patterns of thought and behaviour, so when I see myself acting in old ways, my first response is discouragement, which is often followed by the thought, “I thought you were better than this. You haven’t changed at all.” …but this too is an old thought. It’s time to leave the negative past, and those left-over thoughts will (in time) diminish too, if I don’t keep feeding them with my energy and attention.

How about taking this weekend to love all of you; your body, your mind, your emotions and your thoughts. Just accept and love them and see how “they” respond to this onslaught of acceptance!

“The most powerful tool for changing energy is subtle action. Feeling and sending love…is subtle action. Even a brief exposure to love creates new brain responses.” (from a talk by Deepak Chopra) the link to the full article is below      http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Subtle-Action-A-Powerful-Tool-for-Energy-Change

12 thoughts on “Loving the leftovers

  1. I’m envisioning Mary sitting in her PJs – enjoying the posts from yesterday. I think it will be quite a pleasing and rewarding experience. I know for me it was as I kept track throughout the day of all the things we are grateful for. Should bring a smile or two to Mary’s face and to her heart. Our assemblage is something of which to be proud and grateful. Thank you again Mary.

  2. Mary, thank you for a positive reminder about acceptance. I love the thought that as I enjoy the yummy leftovers from Thanksgiving this weekend, I’ll also let go of “thought-leftovers” from old habits of negative thinking. A great weekend activity! Thanks foo for Deepak’s beautiful reminder about gentle love and it’s powerful ability to ‘create new brain responses’.

  3. Boy, are you right about your comments this morning, Mary…I woke up this morning early, then went back to sleep but what flooded into my mind at that time made me say to myself…change the disc…change the disc….and if nothing else, your blog and Jon’s has made me more mindful of what is going on in my own mind. At least I’m being more proactive about it and taking my mind to task. I see it now as a child needed to be raised more mindfully…don’t know if that makes sense or not. I never bothered talking to it like a recalcitrant child before and it is all of that.
    SandyP in Canada

  4. Mary, thought of you and your family enjoying being together early yesterday. I smiled thinking if the day would ever come that my 2 sons would handle a holiday……..
    I loved your quote today about small but mindful things. I wish that everyone could take a moment before the day starts everyday and just be grateful. All great things start small, maybe one day we will see more and more folks follow a more kind and inclusive path. So we will continue our days, doing the best we can for that day…..appreciating our gifts and talents. Happy Friday!

  5. Leftover thoughts or leftover turkey? ? ? Guess that’s an easy choice – trash the leftover thoughts and enjoy the turkey, or whatever was your feast of choice yesterday. Love to all this Thanksgiving Weekend?

  6. I had a really great day yesterday because I kept finding myself saying to myself…think a better thought. I thought kind and loving thoughts toward everyone I was in contact with. It even made me relax during a three hour ride home in the dark…one that usually makes me very high strung because of all the deer along the roads. We did see deer…but I didn’t freak out. It’s so wonderful to be on top of some emotions instead of being controlled by them. Thanks again for all you do to help me *think better thoughts* about so many situations.

  7. Mary, as always I thank you for the reminder that we are constantly doing the work of loving ourselves more and as we do that love spreads to others. As always I remain with your followers here, a grateful soul.

  8. Mary, thanks for this reminder of the wisdom of acceptance. I’m reading a book by Wayne Muller called “A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough”, and I keep thinking about how much you and my friends here would enjoy it. Muller says, “When approaching a task, a responsibility, or some choice between this and that, take a moment before you begin and ask yourself: Am I truly able to say that I really love this? Or is it more honest to say that I can handle this? You will know instantly which is true…The more we choose the next right thing based on what we love, and less on what we can handle, we are likely to have many sources of sufficiency and nourishment.” I hope you spend plenty of time sitting with Bodhi on your lap this weekend.

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