Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

My skin balm (you can read about it here)

I think it’s about time for another give-away.  A tin of the skin balm that I make is the gift. To enter, just comment with an “impossible wish”…something that would be beyond your wildest dreams (but that you would love to see happen anyway). Have fun with this. Your comment can be as silly as “I’d like to jump over a pine tree” or as practical as, “I would love a new pink Volkswagen Bug to be sitting in my driveway on Christmas morning”.

Most of us did this kind of fun imagining when we were kids. It is high-time we started using our imaginations again.

I don’t want the money. I don’t want the drama. I just want to do my show. I want to have fun again.” Dave Chappelle

P.S. I’ll choose a random comment on November 29th. If you are the winner, I will mail the skin balm to you (or if you’d like it sent to someone as a gift, I’ll do that too).

111 thoughts on “Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm”

  1. Good one Mary! okay, I wish for MORE fun, laughter, accomplishments, creativity, time, and spiritual connection each and every single day!

  2. Mine is true wish…I would love to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes so I could retire (am 76) and not worry about paying my bills and I would be able to enjoy life alittle.

  3. Boy oh boy had I ever been thinking about you and your balm lately! It was not necessarily about the balm itself – but it was about the fact that receiving balm from you was another way to benefit from your caring. Your attention to detail and caring is so evident even with such an everyday thing as how you mail things. The stamps/stickers/words of how you package your treasures are the same as how you “package” your treasures on the blog. I have been meaning to write this and now is such an appropriate time. Thank you again for your continued demonstration of loving, giving and wonderment in all your expressions.

  4. Hi Mary ~ Thanks for letting us “wish upon a star”! I wish for a little elf to come and sort out all the clutter in my house before the weekend so I can just have fun!

  5. Good Day Mary ! Okay, here’s my wish – to be flexible enuff to use a hula hoop again, good for the hips, the waist and so much fun !! Maybe your wonderful skin balm will help with that – its a miracle for healing so who knows! All in fun, thanks for the chance to win! Donna

  6. Woo! Thanks for the invitation to formulate a wish, Mary. I love the way it’s helping me get a little clearer on what I really want. So, here goes:

    I wish for the insight to discover the next small step I can take towards a life in which whatever gifts I am or have can be used in service with the Universe.

    Yep. That’s what I want!

  7. I wish that some year I could go to the King’s Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at King’s College, Cambridge, UK. I think to be in the audience would be an incredible Christmas experience.

  8. I’d like to be cured of cancer, forever and ever, and everybody else who has it, to be cured too. If I got two wishes, the 2nd would be for no more homeless animals.

  9. I would love to live on a farm again as i did when i was a younger woman and have all the animals and a house full of love for my grandchildren to come visit!

  10. My “impossible wish” would be the same weight as I was in my 20’s, 30’s, and that I didn’t need “Mary’s Skin Survival Balm”.

  11. I wish that for one day, just one day, everyone in the world would feel connected as we do here at WFF…and that I could play the piano!

  12. I would love to have a pair of Arabian horses, one black and one white, similar to ones pictured in an old print of my aunt’s. This beautiful print has been in my possession for several years now and I have been “wanting” these horses since I was a child!

  13. I would love to live a fully creative life and stop letting perfectionism and fear
    get in the way of manifesting my dreams

  14. I would love to be able to build a concrete monolithic dome home. No worry from storms, tornadoes, fire or much of anything else.

  15. My impossible wish would be to have my Mother and Father, who have both passed away, come back for a one day visit, once a year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to ask the questions I didn’t ask while they were alive, to share with them all the things that have happened in my life since they left.

  16. I want to have independent wealth to be able to randomly help wherever it’s needed…..anyone, anyplace.

  17. I’d like to wake up one morning – sooner rather than later – and find that everyone was willing to agree to disagree and behave civilly and with respect, regardless of the issue. No more wars, need for cease-fires, endless election campaigns with sore losers, etc., etc.

    1. i live in salem oregon and know of someone that is interested in buying a farm somewhere in the willamette valley here in oregon. where is your farm located?

  18. I want to lift off and fly when I am awake, as I do in my dreams. (I just know I can do it, if only I could remember how.) [No need to put my name in the hat.]

  19. I wish, for one week or maybe even one month, my children could relive what life was like when I grew up. Life was so much simpler, relationships were built on getting to know one another by spending time with each other and not from reading Facebook posts. I am 36 years old and still love the smells of a new book, the changing seasons and mom’s cooking every night because she was fortunate enough to be a homemaker for a living. This would be my wish ☺

    Happy Holidays!!

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  20. HI Mary! I would like to live in a world where animals are respected as teachers of light, people live harmoniously ALL THE TIME with all life and my next horse partner and I are riding with the winds of ecstasy.

  21. I wish to win the lottery….I know that would be selfish, but it would be put to
    good use. Get my grandchildren through college and pay their loans!!!

  22. Mary, mine,I’m afraid, comes down to money. I’d love to walk out my new front door with my dogs, stroll down past my new studio and walk on my very own path in the woods. Unfortunately, this is where money comes in. You see in this dream I am walking out of my newly purchased farm ‘the old Katz place’ aka Bedlam Farm. So if you could wrap my tin of balm with just under 400k all would be well:-)
    Thinking about it, just a walk with my beautiful wife and two gorgeous kids and maybe a new canine companion (as Timmy has been forced into early retirement from walks) soaking up the low winter sun would do just fine.

  23. Mary,this is FUN! I would love to wake up one fine morning on The Isle Of Skye off the West Coast of Scotland. There,my Collie Boys (what better place for Collies?) and I could roam the amazingly green hillsides and beaches,the brisk Atlantic breezes blowing through our hair.

    If I win,I’d like my tin if balm to go to my Friend Annita,who lives in Scotland and her hands are always hurting from the harsh weather.

  24. Your daily words are a ‘balm’ for so many. . .thank you! Ok, I wish that my body would be flexible enough again to go tumbling and rolling down a grassy hill the way I use to as a kid, with wild abandon. . .laughing all the way! Veronica

  25. Thank you Mary, for all that you do for us.
    I wish for absolute world peace – a complete and final stop to all wars, and all of mankind working together for the good of the planet.

  26. I would love a week of solitude, miles from anywhere, living on a hill top in a cozy yurt, with my hand balm to sooth my sore cracked hands. Not a lot to ask really….

  27. I love my life, but I’ve wanted for so long a screened in back porch. You know how it is, something else comes up that needs attention and it just hasn’t been done. I retired early and I love it and have three Dalmatians and three cats, and we would love to be able to spend some quiet time on our comfortable back porch year round…without having to worry about big honking mosquitos picking us up and carrying us away!!! 🙂

  28. I wish I’d find a new, chic in a shabby Martha Stewart way, chicken coop in my back yard for my 7 girls. Bwwaaaack!

  29. what a treat to hear of all the dreams, hopes and wishes of all of us. just love it. i would love to return to the time lived before the electronic age…but then we wouldn’t have this opportunity to be connected as we are here. maybe not, perhaps letting the past be a memory and living the now. thanks mary for posting. i still have a bit of your comforting balm.

  30. Impossible wish? I wouild love to travel the universe and see near and far stars, constellations and worlds. And while I’m at it maybe try some time travel.
    Love your blog. It always makes me think or smile or both.

  31. I would love to travel back in time, name a date at random around the time I was ten or so, and poof! be able to live that day again, inside my child body but with the awareness of now – to see my parents and siblings again through a ten year old’s eyes.

  32. My amazing dream would be to wake up in the morning on a farm, my farm, retired, with nature and peace all around me.

  33. My impossible wish would be for the FDA to do something truely usefull and ban fruit cake as a holiday gift………..pretty please!

  34. My wish is to have a place where I can gather all of my women friends, from near and far, for an annual long weekend of nurturing ourselves with our unique gifts, labyrinth walks, clean water to swim in and great food!

  35. My wish would be peace for the entire world. Also, no harm ever for any child or any animal. I would love also to have tea one day with Mary and her followers.

    1. Please include me on the ‘tea with Mary and followers’ list. Can you all imagine how powerful this could be??
      And of course the world peace column; it is pretty much the same thing…..

  36. My wish is to have just enough money to outfit my house and farm with enough solar panels to power everything, including a brand new plug-in Toyota Prius, so I could live my dream of not contributing to the decline of our beautiful “Mother Earth”.

  37. I wish to love myself warts and all. Not to judge myself or anyone harshly. And to loving freely and generously because love is endless, there is always more!

  38. Here’s my wish: to push off on my own, start my own practice, to marry again, and to buy that beautiful house with the barn studio….and to sell my current house for a fair and full price and quickly.

  39. My wish is for a significant travel opportunity, to spend relaxed, unhurried time in the company of my far-flung loved ones in CA, VA, Costa Rica, HI, and New England. I feel like my life has become too scattered across the globe.

    That balm looks lovely! oh yeah.

  40. I wish my son who committed suicide twenty years ago at age 18 as a result of severe delusions stemming from his schizophrenia had never become ill, and that we were enjoying a normal parent adult child relationship as I have with my other two adult kids.

  41. Mary my wish would be a Christmas Eve ride along with Jolly Old St. Nick. An all-nighter with the giver of gifts, the maker of smiles. I would bring my camera and record faces of joy as little ones tore open toy trains and baby something’s. I would gaze to the stairs and watch moms and dads as they squeezed each other with loving arms on the morning of happiness. I would sneak a homemade cookie, then step aside and let the jolly man work his magic. I would peek out from behind garland draped doorways as Santa filled orders sent to him at his North Pole home. I would pet the raindeer as they waited patiently outside, intent on completing their once a year journey on time and without fail. When the night was complete and my eyes were heavy I would drift off to sleep and relive it once again. That is my wish Mary. May yours come true too.

  42. I wish – you will make this an annual event, Mary. I love reading ALL the wishes, some make me laugh, others make me cry.

  43. I wish I could give a 100 dollar bill to all the souls who stand with signs on the roadside and I’d like to eat the perfect diet and maintain the perfect weight for the rest of my life!

  44. I would love to have the phone ring at 7:30 each evening and spend the next 30 minutes laughing with my dear younger brother who passed way too early in life. He was 54 and had the most incredible sense of humor throughout his illness. Our phone calls are beautiful memories.

  45. I would wish for unlimited funds – I could then build an animal sanctuary – visit my daughter in new york all the time – my husband and I could travel the world – i could help those that touched my heart at random

  46. I would wish for unlimited wishes so I could share them with others and there are so many people to help and things to do in this world that one wish isn’t enough. I guess you would call this wishful thinking!

  47. fresh food all year long (via greenhouses, hoop houses) for each state/country ….free higher education …learn a new language/visit
    that country…spending an afternoon with a that special
    someone (no longer in your life for whatever reason)…
    whoops, were we supposed to pick “one” wish….

    what the heck -if Santa wants to throw in one pair of – brown,
    waterproof, (no/low heel) warm, comfortable boots…

    and for all to receive the “wish” that would put a sparkle
    in your eyes and a smile on your lips…

    thank you Mary for providing this “fun” on a November
    morning…I’m all sparkly and smiley here in Maine- thanks to you…

  48. I watched “The Dust Bowl” the other night on PBS. My mother lived through it. I have been thinking about her more than usual. I wish I could have one more chance to talk to her.

  49. What lovely wishes, big and small…thank you all for making my day.
    I wish for my son a long lifetime of sobriety and happiness as he begins drug and alcohol treatment today.

  50. I wish all humans could feel compassion, act on their feelings and
    create a more loving earth school.

  51. This is a fun wish list! Thank you all. I would love to be able to eat what ever I wanted and not worry about fat or ill health. Have a clear head, full of wisdom, laugh often and end cruelty in the world.

  52. I would love to travel with my daughters and my sisters and go all over the world, but particularly England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. If I could have my wildest dream come true, my mom and Granny would be alive and able to come with us (God rest their souls!).

  53. I have this vision in my minds eye that I am really working on coming true- I love small houses – like 300-400 square feet – I would like to buy 20 acres – put a barn and garden in the middle – give 5 acres to each of my kids- and live as a community – in about 10 years I would like to also start a retreat center on the property.

  54. To wiggle my nose like Bewitch along with the wisdom to know how to use it to bring joy to many, many people.

  55. Love to have dinner with Elijah, King David, Paul and John the Beloved. The journey continues what insite they could share.

  56. I would love to see peace all over the world and everyone to be good to each other and let no abuse happen to animals.

  57. To have every day be a bit more wonderful than the day before, in just every way. . . .why, in a month or two, we’d all achieve Nirvana!

  58. I wish that my mom had been spared the cancer she died from when I was 9 years old. To be able to learn from her, share things with her, laugh with her, love her.

  59. I would love to have my own sanctuary by the sea with lots of sunshine for cats to bask in, and perfect climate for gardening and growing fruit and vegetables year round.

  60. Hello, Mary! My wish is to have a piece of land where I can build a sustainable home and have chickens and pigs and a sheep or two and a goat for fresh milk. And a couple of greyhounds, and a horse, so all four of us can canter across the green fields in search of adventure. Oh, and a man with an open heart to help with the chores (okay, not just that!) while I commute to the nearest university in order to share my love of Shakespeare with young actors. Universe, I’m putting it out there. 😀

  61. i wish to again live and work on a small organic farm, to have time to also work on my art, and for this country to be governed by a league of people – all peoples, and dolphins, too.

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