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"Direction: Home" (Jack just completed this sculpture last night and brought it home to show me)...it seemed the perfect image for today's post
Direction: Home” (Jack Metzger sculpture)*

A few weeks ago, I was having a difficult time trying to find a gift for someone close to me, and I was saying to Jack (with a little distress in my voice), “I just don’t have any idea what to buy ….!” Suddenly, I realized the error of my thinking, and started saying (out loud), “I know exactly what to get……My conscious mind is just not aware of this perfect gift at the moment. But I know!” And with that, I decided to take a bath. Less than 5 minutes later, gift ideas started pouring into my mind and I went on-line and bought every one.

The larger part of us (Divine Mind, Subconscious Mind, The All) always knows which direction to take. Nothing is too small to turn over to our Higher Selves, but if we keep saying, “I don’t know!”, then it’s as if we block that answer from coming through. When we start “claiming” Wisdom, we give it permission to pop into our lives to delight and surprise us.

Cease trying to work everything out with you minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be revelation.” Eileen Caddy


* 19th century zinc weathervane that Jack mounted on a piece of marble he found in the Battenkill River last summer (while playing with Luke!)

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  1. Looked at Jack’s website and am fascinated with his sculptures. So unusual how he puts together each one with old items but with the most artistic new setting. Will share this site with friends.

  2. Look what beauty Jack created while at play in the river! I’ve often thought musicians say it best: They PLAY the piano, they PLAY the violin! – they don’t “work” it, though it does take a lot of practice! Still, it comes from a place of joy, those very best things in life! Happy Weekend to everyone! What a surprise to get a Saturday Post from Mary!

  3. Quieting my mind……..and “higher” listening today…..LOVE the sculpture, Peter and I had the pleasure of seeing Jacks work while visiting him and the shop…..interesting creativity!!!!

  4. Thank you for this message, Mary. I love how you turned your words and thoughts around. And Jack’s Play is nothing short of magical. xxoo

  5. Thank you so much I really needed this! I have been trying to work out how I forgot to go to a memorial for my dear friend. She died on the east coast last October and had a memorial there. Her daughter came out here where she was living until she had to go to the east coast to be taken care of by her daughters. They decided to go to her favorite restaurant to have a little memorial toast of wine to her mother. While my dear friend was sick with the cancer which had come back in full force and was in her last few weeks of life, I took the 23rd Psalms and broke down the verse everyweek to write and minister to her. I would always pray before hand so God could reveal what he wanted to show her. So yesterday was a very busy day for me and I completely forgot until a hour pass about it. I kept trying to figure out what happen or if it was going to be too much emotionally for me. Basically driving myself crazy, when I read your blog. Thank you so much and I am going to just rest in the lord about this! Joan

  6. Mary, I’m in the library right now to work out an 8-10 page essay due on Wednesday, and it was so right, before beginning the work, to check in with your blog for words that help. Your post pairs so well with Jon Katz’s words today; he wrote about exchanging fear for love and happiness.

    Your words are my weeknd mantra as I write. Thank you.

  7. Dear Mary, Jacks sculpture is divine! So expressive and heartfelt. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to trust intuitive guidance and dismiss mental chatter….something I am constantly juggling along my path of self-awareness.

  8. “Direction: Home”…so much meaning…so many interpretations. Gorgeous and compelling sculpture. Gorgeous and compelling post…Thanks Muncil and Metzger! XOXO

  9. Hi Mary – Your words inspired me today. I also needed to find a gift, so I tried your idea. I just told myself “I know” as I went about my life, and by the time I went out to shop, I did know, and I found the just right item Thanks for pointing out that we know more than we think we do – that was a profound and useful insight.

  10. Somehow I missed this post the other day…LOVE the sculpture Jack!!! Mary, as a kid did you ever go over to the Messenger House to pet the horses they had in the back?
    I plan to put your words to good use today and see what my conscious mind can come up with….this idea is so simple, thank you for sharing!!!
    Have a great day…love, Marian

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