2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th……) chances

This little spider peaked out at me when I was writing the other day. I am a bit afraid of spiders so Jack rescued it when he got home.
This not-so-little spider peaked out at me while I was writing the other day. I am a bit afraid of spiders so Jack rescued it when he got home.

I wrote last evening about the meteor shower because I didn’t want to start today’s post by saying what a spectacular few days it has been watching the night sky, and have someone think, “I wish I had known about it!” It reminds me a little of, A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge says to the Spirit of Christmas yet to come, “Why show me this if I am past all hope?”

We are One with the Spirit of God, can never be separated from that infinite field of Love, and so we have not missed our chance, messed up our lives so they are beyond repair, or been given (and missed) our last chance to change. We put these kinds of ultimatums and limits on others (and on ourselves) but they are human constructs.

I think maybe that’s why Dickens’ created the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. He was (by the standards of the day) old. He had no friends. His only family member was Fred, his nephew, who he had resented since birth, blaming him for the death of his sister. If Scrooge was our neighbor, we would probably not talk to him (or he wouldn’t talk to us) and we would shake our heads and think he was a person unable to change. The reason that I love this story so much is that it speaks a great Truth. Change is always possible. It is never too late.

This weekend I plan on using the affirmation, “I am right on time!”…if you care to join me, we can create a circle of light for each other.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot


18 thoughts on “2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th……) chances”

  1. …and speaking of…if you haven’t listened to Patrick Stewart’s reading of A Christmas Carol, I encourage everyone to do so (even those who don’t like the story). You will hear it as if for the first time – it is riveting and delightful. Thanks Mary for the heads up on both.

  2. I love this post. I have a Native friend, Brownfeather, who always said “Everything is right on time”. He said that back in the 90s constantly. Thank you for reminding me of his words.

  3. Please count me in…what a soothing thought to be in a WFF circle of light. I AM right on time. And I will walk through this weekend with my heart and my hands extended.

  4. Great affirmation to use when we think that something has passed us by. If we could remember to live this energy every moment, think how much we’d all ‘lighten up.’

    Thank you, Mary, for bringing us into the circle this weekend.

  5. Such beautiful thoughts Mary, to buoy us through the weekend. I can feel the light just reading your words and those of the WFF family. “I am right on time.”

  6. Dear Mary, thank you for the heads up about the meteor show. Although it was cloudy last night due to some much needed rain, when I walked our dog Bella I was buoyed by the thought of such a celestial event, filled with so much light! A wonderful message…just like your message this morning….to remember that the light always surrounds us, envelops us. We need only tune into it to receive it’s grace and wonder. I hope your weekend is filled with light and love!

  7. Mary, this is a timely post for me. My department at work was dissolved and my two co-workers and I have a meeting at noon with Human Resources. We have no idea what they’re going to offer. I’ve decided I’m not going back into staff nursing. Soooo, the farm may be happening sooner than my husband and I originally thought. Anyway, I’m going to take the rest of the month and enjoy the holidays.

  8. For some reason a blog that I had read a couple of days ago came to mind while reading this post about technology taking over and folks not having the forethought to be mindful to each other and then Scrooge is flashing in my brain and then I see my husband, who is now deceased, who loved that story and all it stood for looking down on me and I’m crying because it is never to late and I hope my kids are One with the Spirit of God or whatever reverence they choose since none of us are church goers. Phew, am I right on time? My kids still have a lot of living to do, as do I, and I hope they are mindful and yet at times I think they are 100% more mindful than I will ever be so yea, I am right on time and blessed.

    Thank you for a great post, Mary and the ‘heads up’ about last nights meteor shower which I never did spot, but just remembering to look up at the stars is always awe inspiring! You’re an angel.

  9. i’m on with all, creating the circle of light. don’t you just love lights? christmas twinklers, candlelight, starlight, and the light we spread amongst us…all of us. it’s my most favorite thing about the long darkness of winter. we are the lights on this planet!

  10. Thank you, Mary. As Donna said, a “timely” post indeed! I’ve been expending too much energy lately thinking a particular something “should have happened already” — but, clearly, it shouldn’t, or in any event didn’t. Yet. So I’m just going to work on myself. Because you’ve taught me that if I change my thinking, I change my world. Happy weekend, everyone.

  11. I think this coincides with my saying “I’m right where i’m supposed to be”…LOL. Thanks for sharing such good things with us Mary…you are wise beyond your years!!!!!
    Everyone have a great weekend xoxox

    1. I like that Marian, ‘I am right where I am supposed to be’ – and I love joining the circle of hands in this wonderful circle of friends, affirming that we are right on time! and exactly where we are meant to be! Spread all over, but united in light and spirit. Blessings to all!

  12. We have been taught to believe in something greater than ourselves . What we need to do is believe in the Greatness of Ourselves, because we hold the Light. The darkness leading up to the winter solstice reminds us of the promise of the light to come.
    I am right on time with all of you.

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