Letting go; moment by moment

In the winter, I grow wheatgrass for the cats to munch on but this pot was grown as a gift...Eleanor had other ideas, so

In the winter, I grow wheatgrass for the cats to munch on, but this pot was grown as a gift for my brother’s cat. Eleanor had other ideas.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, and it seemed like the command, “Let go!” was being spoken right into my head. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to let go of, but even saying the words, let go, felt calming, so this is going to be my affirmation for today….and maybe for this entire holiday time.

There has been a lot of talk about the significance of today. It is officially the last day of the Mayan calendar which began in 3114 B.C. E. and ends (5,126 years later) this very day! Whether you feel this date is significant or not, it seems like the perfect day to let go of some old pattern, belief, or mind-set that you have been holding onto. I intend to let go of the idea that I there is something wrong with this moment.

I invite you today to share something that you would like to let go of.

If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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  1. What a timely post, Mary! I frequently think you’re “in my head” when I read your posts, even though I don’t often comment. I’m thinking back to Monday’s post and I’m going to let go of my fears, those subversive little thoughts of “what if… ?” I’m embracing the wonder of “now” and the glorious gifts I discover in every moment.

    I wish all our WFF friends peace, happiness and blessings during this sparkly holiday season.

    • a “sparkly holiday season” sounds perfect Laurie…wishes for all good being sent back to you

  2. Hear, hear, Mary. I promise to do exactly that. I shall begin emptying my head as soon as i finish this post. thanks. And blessings to you in the coming year.

  3. Mary – I would like to let go of the desire to have everything “perfect” and orderly around the house at this time of year. I’ve been gradually adjusting my expectations but I still have a ways to go. Your recent postings have really helped me alter the way I’m looking at the holiday season. It really is OK not to have the tree finished yet! Oh, and I love the snowflakes falling here today.

    Love and blessings to you and all who gather here for a joyous holiday season.

    • Thank you Pam…and your intention is mine too. I keep needing to remind myself that “perfect” doesn’t have so much to do with outside stuff but how I am feeling (hopefully relaxed and open) inside. Love and blessings returned your way

  4. I love this post, Mary. I intend to let go of what I think are other people’s expectations of me. For they may have no exectations at all and yet I have a list of “their” expectations just cluttering up my holiday head. It feels good already! Frees up more space for the expectations I intend for myself…and that feels great! Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

    • Kathye, instead of the ol’ refrain, “let it snow, let it snow”, we will substitute, “let it go, let it go, let it go”! 🙂 Does anyone else still see snowflakes falling across the screen? So pretty Mary!

      • Oh yes, Pam and Susan! Perhaps Cheryl B will compose the verse for us that ends with “let it go, let it go, let it go”! And the snowflakes continue to fall gently across the screen. Love it!

      • Okay, never one to miss an opportunity. (or challenge)…

        Oh, the chatter inside is frightful
        but the peace can be delightful,
        inclination leans towards the flow,
        let it go, let it go, let it go.

        When it doesn’t show signs of ceasing
        your thoughts direct towards easing,
        it’s ourselves who most we owe
        let it go, let it go, let it go.

        If we finally see the light
        most of our lives have been worn.
        Then we open with all our might,
        anxious to see the next morn.

        If the avenues all seem vying
        a first stop starts with trying.
        Appreciative the more we know
        let it go, let it go, let it go.

      • That is just wonderful beyond words Cheryl! (i just sang it to Jack and he said, “that is awesome!)

      • Cheryl b! I sure am glad I read this morning that you had outdone yourself – thank you Kathye for posting that so I could go back and read this wonderful poem! A bouquet of holly and ivy to you! Our resident Poet Laureate!

  5. Dear Mary, thank you for the beautiful let-go reminder. I plan on letting go of those things I cannot control…helping me remember that divine guidance is in control. Your blog is a constant presence in my life….thank you for always being honest, loving and wise. I hope your weekend is filled with light and love!

    • As I was just getting ready for a very busy day (and had the pumpkin pies in the oven) we lost power. I sat for a minute and said, “I cannot control this, help me accept Life.” at that moment Jack said, “I can hook up the generator so the pies won’t be ruined” and he did. Our power is back…in more ways than one! Thank you Debra for your beautiful blessing of light and love and sending them back your way

  6. Not having a cat, I had no idea they munch on wheatgrass! But maybe that explains why my dog occasionally eats my green house plants when her tummy is upset. Eleanor looks quite pleased with herself! As we hustle and bustle with last minute preparations, your suggestion to ‘let it go’ is so timely. Thinking of Mary and Joseph, resting entirely in the providence of God that they would find a place in which she could deliver the Child. They had no reservations, they had no schedule or lists of things to do, other than to go forth in faith, trusting that all would be well, and the Light of the World would issue forth from beautiful Mary. Faith, hope, and trust to everyone. All will be well.

    • Amen to that Susan and thank you for your blessings…may they return to you 100 fold! (by the way, Luke eats the grass too)

  7. Mary, thank you again for allowing us to think and then articulate those thoughts on your site. You are a blessing!
    I intend to let go of the FEAR that holds me back.
    Thank you again and happy holidays to all.

  8. Well, it seems Eleanor has let go of any “scarcity” concern. “Why, look! Wheatgrass! Just what I was in the mood for.” I’m going to join her in letting go of “there’s not enough” and move forward to “I will always have what I need.” (Maybe Mary and Jack will adopt me.)

  9. Letting go is an art and one that you have reminded me should be practiced each and every day. A remarkable transformation takes place when we elect to let go of our pain in whatever form it takes – sometimes physical, emotional or spiritual. My personal letting go takes the form of once an offer to help (whether being received or given) has been extended to then believe the result will always be one for the continued growth for both of us and to quit questioning with “what if’s”.

    Your post today helped me realize exactly what I was doing as I spent a restless night second guessing not only myself but the actions of others. Lots of physical pain, emotional pain and spiritual pain. Knew I was “on the mend” when I awoke and some of the physical pain (and also the emotional and spiritual pain) had started to decrease. The letting go process had started.

    That you again for reminding me of this miracle.

  10. Let go, and LET God! I practice it every day, let it go, take it back , but that’s ok, progress ………not perfection! XXO

  11. I’m letting so much go, I’m deflating! (Helllllllpppppp meeeeeeee).

    I’m with you, Mary. I’m using this one throughout the entire holiday season. Maybe it will help me to “suffer fools gladly,” as I spend time with my daughter-in-law’s family. 🙂 (Yes, I know that was snarky, but it is what it is.)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May it be all you want it to be.

    • Suzanne, All I could think of when I saw your first sentence were those plastic blow up Christmas decorations that seem to be most often a colorful puddle of plastc on the ground 🙂 My husband and I came up with a phrase to use when we spot them as we drive by (fallen plastic) and have since shortened it to “FP.”

      • Carol,
        That’s me….fallen plastic. And I AM colorful, too! Ask anyone who knows me. I will remember your phrase for the future. Thanks!

    • Suzanne, may be you’re “inflating” with a new lightness of being. And when visiting DIL’s family, you can play “Dysfunctional Family Bingo”. You just need one other player to compete with you to see who can be first to check off each of the statements, behavior, etc. that you are expecting to see/hear; the first to “Bingo” wins! This makes it fun not only to anticipate but actually witness the festivities. The trick is to be sure not to show your hand by actually shouting “Bingo!” out loud during the middle of the family dinner or whatever. Very bad form. Settle for a knowing wink exchanged with your partner in crime – er, bingo.

      Personally, I like to think my family put the “funk” in dysfunctional. Sadly, we are widely scattered these days so all we can do is talk about our loved ones behind their absent backs. I’m sure they’re doing the same.

      • Ah, Jill…you’ve given me a reason to consider all of this fun! Thanks for such good advice. Christmas may actually be enjoyable this year, and considering some of the things I have shouted out in the past, “Bingo” wouldn’t be the worst! Have a Merry! 🙂

  12. My first reaction was to say I want to let go of fear, but after reading other’s posts and thinking about fear, I realized what I really want to let go of is the fear of not having “enough”. I always have, I need faith that I always will. Going to practice that faith and let go!

    • Oh me too! One of my affirmations has been, “I have so much to give!” and I find this to be very freeing

  13. Letting go, for me, is a process. There are times when I am a complete failure at it. I let a little go, some of it comes rushing back like waves upon a beach; I remind myself again that it’s emotionally unhealthy, let it go again and oops, back it comes again at the most unexpected times. I know for me that I am better able to let go when someone is able to hear me and respect my needs in what I’m feeling. The reverse is also true. Nothing is ever easy. I love the let it go to the let it snow tune. And I love Suzanne’s quixotic remark on her inlaws…makes me feel more normal, Suzanne. We can’t love all our rellies. Christmas brings out a lot of emotions and responses and apprehensions.
    SandyP in Canada

  14. Good advise as always Mary. I intend on trying to let go this weekend instead of stressing out about the holidays
    Thank You Mary and have a peaceful weekend.

    • Sending peaceful thoughs to you as well Carol…I am taking a deep breath right now (and putting a smile on my face!)

    • Thank you Cynthia…the holder was my solution to having mice running through the silverware drawer and needing to clean it out every few days!

  15. I am back home after being gone for almost a week. There are still things to do to prepare for Tuesday, gifts to wrap, our fridge is empty…but…I am choosing to let go of my need to have everything perfect and chose instead to spend the day with my husband, our children, and their dogs …it’s been a perfect day!
    Thank you Mary for your “let it go” suggestion…have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I am working hard on letting go of the fear I feel with each bill that comes from the medical system that I’m in the midst of until my procedure can be done. The bills are endless, repetative, and large. I ripped two right open this eve. Organized them and put them in my outstanding co-pays folder I created. Our insurance sucks so these bills are dreadful. I will peck away at them the best I can and be rid of the fear I have from mailbox to house to actually opening them. It’s out of my control anyway. So I’m trying to take back some of my power. 🙂

    • Cindy, I hope you can just concentrate on feeling better, – let those bills sit in a pile, – peck away at them when you can, – pay them off a little bit at a time, but take every bit as much time to love yourself and your healing, day by day. The bills are being sent by companies, and being processed by employees, by people, like you and me. It’s just their job. Give them less power influencing your day. We are here for you Cindy! And we are sending you love and healing this day! Love, Susan

    • Cindy, I have been right where you are now, and I can tell you that it will all get done. Don’t fret. As long as you are paying even the smallest amount, they will leave you alone, because you’re making the effort. Take your mind off of it and put your energy toward getting better. We’re all rooting for you and sending you love.

  17. I love your blog, but especially resonated with your words today. . .thank you for your reminder to let go. . . both my (somewhat adult) children are home and I’m given many opportunities to practice letting go! your words are an inspiration and gifts each day. . . am grateful for your special light. . .Veronica

    • I am going to be given that same opportunity as eveyone arrives in a few hours Veronica! Thank you for your wonderful words today

  18. Thank-you so much for the good words Susan A. and Suzanne T. It is comforting. I needed this. Merry Christmas! Love, Cindy

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