Seeing with the eyes of Love

Bodhi at my desk this morning
Bodhi at my desk this morning

I was standing in line at Northshire Bookstore Cafe the other day, and noticed that the woman in front of me looked very unhappy. She had a little boy with her who was absolutely delightful and seemed to notice everything (and comment about it). I finally said to her, “Your son is wonderful!” She turned her head slightly toward me and replied, in a monotone voice, without making eye contact, “He never stops.”

I wanted to say, “Good! He is so engaged with life and open. He is a gift and you should appreciate him.” I felt constriction in my chest as I thought this. Suddenly it dawned on me that I could do something about it. As I stood there, I imagined this woman smiling and thought, “You are filled with Divine Love. You are a point of God-consciousness. You are Love.” The line moved along, she ordered and moved to the side, and as I was leaving with my tea, I noticed her standing on the other side of the cafe, waiting for her order. She looked at me and smiled, and I felt a flood of warmth fill my heart.

Instead of seeing her as deficient, feeling bad for her little boy, or trying to “correct” the situation, I realized that when I’m seeing anything as a problem, I’m missing an opportunity to see the Truth: we are all pure Love at our centers (no matter what behaviour we are temporarily demonstrating)….and when I remember this and “see” it in others, I instantly recognize it in myself.

“People fight over whose name of God is the right one. They are severely deluded. Sanity recognizes that God is Love, and all else is details.” pg. 130, Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It, Alan H. Cohen

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  1. A beautiful way to handle a heart wrenching situation. Thank you for that, Mary. It also made me reflect back to those days when my children were young and I didn’t always have the patience that they deserved.

  2. Bodhi is looking up at you with so much love. I also like your response to the woman in the cafe. I believe you brought some positive spirituality to her. That is my goal this year to see things that way.
    Thank You Mary.

  3. What a New Year’s blessing you gave to this mother and child. As your wise thoughts often do Mary, they remind me of a song or a line from a song that is/was meaningful to me during important times in my life. Today I am reminded of this line…”Please don’t let this feeling end, it’s everything I AM, everything I want to be…”. I will be singing it to myself all day. Thank you.

  4. As an additional thought to yesterday’s post….
    This morning I took some time to rest in bed and read and this is what I came upon –

    “Be at Peace in the Moment”

    “Hurry blocks our access to our deeper
    resources. One of life’s most precious skills
    is learning to slow down and live completely
    in the present moment.”
    from a book by Eknath Easwaran titled “Strength in the Storm”

    It spoke to me and my feeling that I needed to rush around and be doing something constantly.

  5. Surprise, surprise – your post today also REALLY rang my bell!
    The following line:
    “You are filled with Divine Love. You are a point of God-consciousness. You are Love.”
    is what resonated for me –
    I was thinking of a family situation and realized that when I can see my family member that way (instead of how I think they should be) – then that is actually how I can and will be thinking of myself.
    As we see others – we are seeing ourselves.

    Oh, thank you Mary – your examples are so “easy” for us to apply to our own lives. We can identify with the people and/or the situations.

  6. I’m wondering about what physiologically happens in our bodies when we experience that “warmth that fills our hearts” (as opposed to what is released in our bodies when we feel tense and afraid) and what that may do for our longevity!
    It is as if we are made this way – no, we really are made this way!

  7. Dear Mary. Thank you for this post. I have been challenged with a relationship in my life and this message really speaks to letting go and seeing the pure good in it. Your encouragement to see the love in all things is a powerful testament to the healing that can happen when we do! Many blessings to you.

  8. Mary – I absolutely love this quote and laughed out loud when I read the book title! Any of us mothers can probably remember having a day (or several) when we didn’t appreciate the gift of an inquisitive young mind at our side day and night. How blessed that woman and child were to be standing in front of you to receive such positive energy.

  9. Today’s message spoke directly to me! We bring our own weather to every single encounter we have. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I am beginning an online eight week course offered on the Daily OM, “Letting Go with Forgiveness” and one of the most startling and radical ideas proposed will be the challenge to release the words “perpetrator and victim”, no matter how small or big the injustice perceived, as we begin the process of forgiving. I am thinking of Christ forgiving the man beside him on the cross. He did not look at him with condemnation, nor did He call the man thief, perpetrator of a specific offense, but with the eyes of Love – seeing the God given imageness in which that man was created, the God given potential, even onto the point of taking his last breaths upon the cross – this man was capable of turning around, asking for and receiving forgiveness. I like to imagine that inner kernel of our imageness as one that sometimes needs watering, as in the case of the young woman and child, and Mary, your loving remark to her, was just that, water for her spirit. Thank you for sharing this and how powerful our unspoken words can be too, simply pouring out love towards that mother and child. You made contact that morning for sure, and the smile received I’m sure felt priceless. Checking in here every morning is part of my daily devotional time. You all are huge blessings in my life!

  11. Mary, what would I do without you! Another great take-action reminder to use wherever I am.

    You help me grow every single day. Thank you.

  12. Oh Mary, what a perfect response for that beleagued Mom. You re-framed her outlook about her son! That re-framing may not have happened immediately, but I’ll bet it will be sinking in and allow her to delight in the “one who never stops” sometime soon. Haven’t we a be in that position of unappreciation and had our self-inflicted burden lightened by another point of view?
    Wow! Hope I can play it forward soon. I’ll be on the look out for opportunities.
    Love from Fran

  13. Mary, I feel so blessed to have read your message this morning. To look with Love–rather than going with judgment or the need to fix a situation–what a gift. This is a reminder that I need to practice this with a particular family member. There is this saying: “We see the world, not as it is but as we are”–which calls me to be aware of “how I am”–my thoughts, attitude, etc. This not only creates MY experience–it also influences the other. Thank you for what you did for that mother and, ultimately, for her son.

  14. What a beautiful blog and absolutely wonderful quote. Thank you Mary a million times for all the great mind changing posts. You are such a dear.

  15. thank for your goodness, your daily gifts to us and the beautiful quotes that always enhance your message. . .how do you find these to so perfectly fit your daily thoughts? sending my love to you, Veronica

  16. Thank you for sharing this gift of a story Mary and for reminding us to send out our love and positive energy to others…what a difference you make in our lives and the lives of those around you…much love and happiness to you today and always…Marian

  17. Evolution will finally be complete
    With a switch behind my eyes.
    When I can be the love
    Instead of judge
    And SEE my way to wise.

    Eagerly looking forward to another year of Mary’s bon mots and the WFF flock.

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