Not so sweet dreams!

Luke with my mitten (he knows that he shouldn't take socks and mittens but he loves stealing them...and he looks so cute1)
Luke with my mitten (he knows that he shouldn’t take socks and mittens but he loves stealing them…and he looks so cute!)

One thing that I try to do right before going to sleep, is read something inspiring, soothing or uplifting. I want the last words that my mind sees, to be of a high quality, and I did this last night as well, but dreamed that I was totally misunderstood by a group of people (who were chasing me and meant me harm!) and woke feeling tired.

The trouble was, I’d spent the hour before going to bed in a state of mild frustration over a computer glitch, and I never totally cleared that irritated energy before going to bed. My internet wasn’t working, a movie that we were planning on watching wasn’t downloaded, and instead of letting go, I gave up in frustration and said to Jack, “I just don’t understand this! It must have been the itune upgrade that I just installed. With every upgrade, it seems like it all changes. It’s like getting in your car and they’ve “upgraded” the radio and moved it!…..” on and on I complained for a good 5 minutes…..even though I know better.

At bedtime, I still felt unsettled but hoped that I could sleep it away, and did my little bit of reading. I woke at 2 a.m with an uncomfortable feeling of tension running through me and then thoughts of an unfinished project (that I hadn’t quite figured out how to do) joined in, along with the thought that I hadn’t given an answer to someone concerning a request…..

All of these things, while relatively small, matched the state of mind that I had before going to sleep and suddenly it felt like I was nothing more than a mass of unfinished, confused, details.

A minute and a half of “positive words” right before sleep, was no match for this bundle of discord that was swirling around inside of me.  A spiritual teacher, Esther Hicks, says this is like putting a happy-face sticker on an empty gas tank…if you don’t fill that tank, you are still going to run out of gas. I can put on a veneer of calm but if I’m not calm and peaceful inside, then I need to work a little longer on clearing the inside feeling to match that outer demeanor.

This is one of the reasons that I love dreams…they always show me where I’m at (whether I want to admit it or not) and help me to be honest with myself so real change and growth can happen.

“Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature when our consciousness has strayed too far from its foundations and run into an impasse.”

C. Jung, The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man” (1933)

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  1. So sorry you had a bad dream, I’m happy it was a dream and not “real” life. My body seems to be in tune with Jan. In the NE, eating well, daily walks, NESTING when I can, but my mind is still in “summer mode”, energy wise. Maybe it’s cosmic, the moon in a void uncertainty, and I’m picking up the “moon beams” !!!! Every night before falling asleep, I whisper a prayer to myself, “go to sleep, Sandy, “God” is awake”…….Brings me to a calmer center ,and I’m usually good for 8 hrs. So grateful for that. 🙂

  2. I’ve adopted the habit, instigated at our church discussion group, of identifying of 3 good things that happened during the day. Even if it has been a crazy day at work or the roof is leaking, I can think of someone who brightened my day, a calming walk with our dog, or the message in this blog and find myself relaxing. As one of the wise women in our group said, why stop at 3?

  3. I love the picture of Luke ~ he’s beautiful. And stealing mittens and socks is his way loving you. Perhaps there is a message in this picture as well ~ that what truly matters is that regardless of anything else in your life, you know you are loved.

  4. Dear Mary. I love the photo of Luke with his not-so-guilty look of pure contentment. That mitten is a prize for him….so clearly he looks at the camera and says “This is Mary’s. It smells of her and gives me comfort. She doesn’t really mind if I just hold on to it for her, right?” Dreams are powerful messengers…..I think they help us clear energy from our sub-conscious as well as give us tremendous lessons about what’s really going on within us. Strangely enough, both my husband and I had similar dreams last night (also similar to your dream) of a group of people wanting to harm us. I’m really going to pay attention to this one! A triple whammy! Thanks for your always-insightful and loving observations Mary. Your wisdom and strength is a constant stream of support and faith.

  5. I love the picture of Luke, too, as I just eat up all the pictures of your sweet animals. Spiritual food! Thank you for them. I find that the more I am being true to myself and my spiritual path, the faster the “consequences” for negative thoughts or behavior. My first thought was to be glad you lose it sometimes, too, so I have company. 😉 My next thought was “good job, Mary, on getting your consequences right away and knowing immediately what it was about”. Again, company. I’ve been aware lately how much I want and need spiritual company. This blog is that. Thank you again.

  6. I had many crazy dreams this morning, fitful sleep, anxious to get boys off to school on time and back into the routine. Thought you would enjoy this post on Jung, which am sure you have probably read!

    Have you delved into Jefferson yet? Is it good?


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  7. Mary, as I am new to this post…what kind of dog is Luke? I have had shepherds and now have collies and a stray 100 lb. hound…but Luke is so pretty to look at! What is he ? ….

  8. I could have written the same thing about myself. Computer issues or other unresolved concerns often wake me up in the middle of the night. Reading a good novel sometimes helps to put me back to sleep, but the sleep is not restful.

  9. This post really shed some light for me this morning Mary. I spent last Friday with my parents, such a blessing after living far away for the past 25 years, we now are in the final phase of moving back to Idaho, closer to family and the place we both love. That being said, I came home that evening exhausted, achy and had fitful sleep. My Dad is a good man, 86 and still going strong, but oh my, what a complainer! I listened and tried to be supportive but just felt this ball of pent up negative emotion in my gut. I knew what was wrong, but just couldn’t quite clear it from my thoughts. Finally after talking with my sister the next day and listening to music, the negative energy lifted. Hard work it is! If I knew how to link a song for the group I would, but I will say the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips is on instant replay on my iPod! “Settle down, it’ll all be clear”, is my favorite new mantra! Sweet dreams everyone!

    1. It’s really simple to add – just click on the link in your address bar and copy it and then paste in the body of your post. By the way, I had never heard of Phillip Phillips. Lots to learn on this blog.

  10. Luke is so beautiful and looks cute with your mitten in his mouth!
    I also find that when I’m stressed about something before I go to bed I have dreams that are unsettling and a bit scary. They usually make no sense so I try to relax and clear my mind before going to bed and it works some of the time.

  11. Terri, thanks for the lines “Settle down, it’ll all be clear”. Setting beside me on the coffee table, my morning tea in my see through Teavana teapot. That’s exactly what the tea leaves have to do before we can sip the lovely nectar. That boiling water goes in, the leaves all aswirl, and slowly, one by one, they settle to the bottom and five minutes later, the tea is ready to sip. A nice visual maybe for our scattered thoughts, our restless moments, when things just don’t seem to make sense, and we are out of joint. Settle down, it’ll all be clear. Just love that! And Mary, we are grateful for writing about your hard night, and writing about it so immediately after passing through it, though maybe you didn’t really feel like it. It is your authentic voice, speaking so clearly and sharing what we all experience, that knits us all the closer here on the farm. Here’s to Luke, who is showing us how to settle down with one small treasure. I find this picture SO comforting, and wish I could burrow my hands into his soft fur!

  12. Love, love, love this picture of Luke! Glad you shared it!

    My dreams were chaotic last night, too. There were riots in the streets and I was trying to get my little, tiny mother away from the people, as they were intent on hurting and destroying. I was pulling her between cars and 4×4 trucks that were just clogging the street. I got stuck and became claustrophibic and woke feeling totally drained, shocked and uneasy.

    Sometimes I think that, instead of picking up on our own negative thoughts, we pick up on the collective energy of the world and it brings no peace.

    Hope tonight is better for all of us!

    1. I am glad you suggested this, Suzanne, as I would say most of my dreams are of chaotic/threatening nature, with only a few now and then that are simply dumb. (Gee, do I really want to admit this in public?) When someone says “Pleasant dreams,” I have often wondered if people actually do have pleasant dreams. Apparently so…

      I also love Luke’s look. One of our labs always grabs the gloves of a person who has just come inside, hoping to keep them inside, perhaps?

      1. You know, Carol, your comment made me stop and take stock, and I realized that I, too, rarely have a great dream. I am always either, trying to save someone or myself, or I am caught up in some kind of situation that ‘feels’ uneasy, even if outward appearances look like a run-of-the-mill dream.

        Thanks for your comment. It opened up a realization for me and I’m going to pursue it. Come to think of it, I don’t even know what a ‘good’ dream would be like! All I can remember in my life is being glad that I awoke from whatever dream I was having. That doesn’t sound so good! 🙂

  13. I just love Luke…so loveable with paws the size of a bear’s and a big heart too! I dream all the time and seem to remember most of them…So this post really speaks to me. Some I can make sense of, others I can not, and others I look up possible interpretations. And everyone’s comments here are so helpful and interesting. I dreamt last night of my late father…a nice dream…we were sitting along a dock and I got up to toss away a small branch of a red maple tree that had fallen near us…as I looked for a spot to toss it, the dock became narrow and the marsh grass overgrew it so I could not walk any further…then this huge sea turtle popped out of the water! And where his head should be was the head and face of the actor who years ago played the Greatest American Hero on TV! And he called to me with his sea arms to come give him a big hug…as I headed to him, dream over! It was such a fun pleasant dream! My Dad loved the sea…and he has been on my mind lately…my own personal greatest American hero! That’s my interpretation as I sing Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…

    I had shared this dream with my husband this morning…later on I noticed that he had recorded a TV show that he would never be interested in seeing. When I asked him about why he was recording it he said because it had the actor in it who played the Greatest American Hero…and since you dreamed his head popped onto a sea turtle and wanted you to hug him I thought you might like to see the show!!!! The absurdity of the dream hit us both and struck our funny bone and we laughed until we cried…oh what our subconscious can do!

  14. Hi Mary and friends and handsome-as-all-getout dog, I did help desk support in my work life. If you can’t get something to come anywhere from the internet or other source, disconnect your connection, count to 30 and reconnect and start over. I know this is frustrating but many times it fixes the problem. May you sleep better tonight.

  15. Mary, Luke has the look of such a gentle soul…but then, looks can be deceiving…my puppy is cute and she’s eating through my recently renovated kitchen. I just think of all the weirdly weird dreams I have may have been out sniffing car exhaust driving around town or because I’ve eaten something that is reminding me I should not have, but one thing I’ve noticed, the older I get, when I have troubles on my mind, I sure don’t have a peaceful sleep. It’s nice when dreams are nice.
    SandyP in Canada

  16. I don’t know how to edit these posting…so…I would like to clarify that if I’m out sniffing car exhaust, it’s not because I have an addiction to going around town doing this, like sniffing white-out or glue or something….I’m overly sensitive to fossil fuels and I can have pretty squirrely dreams because of a lack of oxygen.

  17. Luke is a Rock Star! Mary, your blog is one of my readings at night. Soothing and calming me for sleep. 🙂

  18. Luke is so cute with the mitten. I’ve had dreams that evil was chasing me and one time it was in the form of an old woman. I think dreams are neat and keep a dream log. I love it when you wake up from a great dream and it carries with you throughout the whole day.

  19. I think it is time to go home from my office…..I meant to say, “irresistable…” Either way, I wish I could just give Luke a great big hug this second….I know that I would feel suddenly renewed!!!!! Thank you for the picutre!

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