Everybody is a star

Noah on the table

Noah: a shining star

I am continually amazed at how a genuine smile has the power to brighten my day. The smile can be directed at me or I can just be a witness, and the effect is the same….I feel a lightness, almost like a glow, within my own heart. When I was in my 20’s, people used to say to me all of the time, “You should smile more” or “You look so pretty when you smile” and I was always surprised by this remark, and would usually think (with a little annoyance) “I am smiling.”

Now I make a conscious effort to smile at myself every time I pass a mirror, to smile at my animals, to smile when I’m writing, to smile at people in the grocery store, or at telemarketers that I will never see. I believe that there is magic, and the power to heal and transform, in a genuine smile.

He whose face gives no light shall never become a star.” William Blake

And below is a little blast from the past from Sly & the Family Stone (Everybody is a Star!)

17 thoughts on “Everybody is a star

  1. Dear Mary, I smiled when I started to read your words this morning and plan on holding on to the happiness I feel. Sending you back warm smiles, from our home to yours…let’s continue to spread those smiles throughout the day!

  2. The power of a smile…ahhhh yes…one of my all time favorite quotes is “if you see someone who is missing their smile, give them yours”…I believe our smile muscles are attached directly to our heart!

    • Kathye,
      I love the picture of our smile muscles attached to our heart!
      That must be what people are responding to when they receive a smile, our heart!
      From Fran

  3. “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you” , (dating myself, big time) , “when Irish eyes are smiling”, so many reminders to smile, thank you for the reminder. Smile at me, smile at you, it’s a win win!!! 🙂

  4. Dear Mary. I agree that a smile generates an energy field that starts within our own heart and transmits outwards to all within it’s path. And like sunlight, that energy continues on far past our own sight….lighting up anything it touches. It also spreads throughout our whole body and psyche, washing away negative thoughts and unwanted heaviness. Thanks for this important reminder to smile more often!

  5. Now I’m reminded of an old “Brownie” song – I have something in my pocket, it belongs across my face and I keep it very close at hand in a most convenient place. I’m sure you couldn’t guess it if you guessed a long long while – so I’ll take it out and put it on – it’s a great big Brownie smile.”

    (not sure of the exact words – it’s been a while since I was a Brownie (prior to Girl Scouts))

    Just found it on You Tube – Engjoy!

  6. Oh Mary! That Brownie song sure brings back memories! And I’m also hearing Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile” in my head reading Mary’s post. Smiles to all! (I think I shared this link once before, but there’s never too many smiles!)

  7. Dear Mary,

    Beautiful Noah and Luke yesterday certainly made me smile!
    I do enjoy when I’m out and about and I meet someone’s eyes, I smile and watch them light up with a smile back, sometimes with a surpried look as if they can’t believe someone would be smiling at them.

    i love the positive connections especially with strangers who seem to be most appreciative.

    I’m smiling for you and all the WFFF Members!
    Love from Fran

  8. Mary, I don’t comment often, but I do read and love your posts every day! Yesterday I turned 59 and had a sad day, not sure what it was all about, but I told myself I would go to bed smiling. I woke up today with new light in my heart, read your post and felt my smile connecting. Thank you for sharing all of your inspiring insight.

  9. Thanks so much everybody on this blog! You, Mary and all of you who write in with your words of wisdom and encouragement and experiences. I had a sad,defeating day yesterday. It followed me through the night to this morning. I kept thinking,”How do I get away from this?” Then,I thought of Mary’s Blog and all you fine folks and knew where I could find comfort and grace. I’m so grateful.

  10. So great to read your blogs, Mary. A couple of things: First, my how I love the photos of your various animals, and secondly, while I was reading your blog about smiling, I realized I was smiling broadly while reading at the computer–something I do a lot. Thanks for the reminder to notice self-smiling. I think I’m smiling a lot–I’ll pay more attention, and also to my response and noticing of smiles on others. I was sitting in a very crowded I-Hop restaurant on New Year’s morning and across from us came a family of six and still squeezed in a chair for a bright-eyed, oh-so-aware infant of 7 months. Well she sat up very well, was so observant and watching her and her smiles, really lit up my day.
    Yes, I’m smiling broadly while typing away here.

  11. Well, it just goes to show me that I’m getting old-er. I don’t know who Sly or the Stone family are. But smiling, why as soon as I read the title to White Feather Farm’s blog I’m often smiling to myself wondering what’s within. As expressed by others here, we have days when for some reason, we’re sad and it drags us down and there are days when we’re naturally upbeat and happier. Smiles always help. Inner smiles too.
    SandyP in Canada

  12. Sly and the Family Stone were an African-American rock group who began in the SF Bay Area around 1969. Raucus and driving, they reflected the turbulence of the times. “Gonna Take You Higher” was one of their big hits. Well, that’s what I call it. Sly had a big grin on stage & I had the pleasure of hearing them a few times in outdoor concerts. Joan Baez, too.

    People often remark on my smile, and I use it a lot as appropriate. Recently on Facebook, I put up a 50+ yr old pix of my and my sister St. Bernard. Couple of responders said, “We’d know that smile anywhere!”

    Anyone here want to be FB friends?

  13. Your home is lovely Mary. I just had to comment. I’ve practiced your smile philosophy before, you’ve written about it before.Suprising some of the return looks from people when you just smile! I have alot of fun with it. I have my man smiling too!

  14. I’m reading this wonderful post in the evening and smiling. Thanks Mary and everyone for the inspiration and Happy Birthday, Wende!

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