Expect the best

Fred's four paws sticking out of his "sleeping cube"
Fred napping with his four paws sticking out of his “sleeping cube”

Many years ago, when I believed that spiritual people should not care about (or want) wealth, I was invited by  some friends to a dinner before I left to work at a mission in West Virginia. As we were saying goodbye, a man whom I’d known for years (and who was always a crusty kind of guy with a soft heart) pulled me aside and said, “Is that piece of ____car out there yours?” I told him it was and then he replied, “I’d feel a lot better if you had a dependable car, and I’d like to buy you one.” I was surprised by his offer and didn’t miss a beat in saying “No, but thank you very much.”

I didn’t think that I needed a new car, even though mine was rusty and had over 150,ooo miles on it (and I had been wondering if it would even make it to West Virginia)… and even though my friend was extremely wealthy, and would have gotten a lot of pleasure out of buying me the car. I told myself that mine was good enough. I was, after all, dedicating my life to serving the poor and couldn’t very well do that with a new car.

I hadn’t consciously prayed for a new car, but I did have the need, it was “heard”, and a gift was offered to me. If I hadn’t been blinded by preconceived notions of right and wrong, I would have made everyone happy by accepting the car. Refusing his offer was nothing more than misguided spiritual pride.

I have come to believe that gifts are being offered and presented to us everyday. Sometimes they are tangible in nature, sometimes they are words of advice, sometimes they come in the form of a new and expansive thought, that could change our lives for the better. When I open my eyes and expect to be supported by Life, I am never disappointed.

It might be fun this weekend to open ourselves to seeing more of the gifts that this vast and loving Universal Spirit is offering to us….and to say Yes, thank you!

“Expect only the very best, and expect every need to be met, even the most seemingly impossible. Never at any time limit yourself or feel that you should not expect too much. See your needs very clearly, voice them, and then have complete faith and confidence that they will be met. How it will come about will have to be left in My (God’s) hands. I have to work though channels to bring it about, but all things are possible with Me. So let go and see My wonders and glories come about, give eternal thanks…. Expect miracles, and see them take place. Hold before you the thought of prosperity and abundance, and know that doing so sets into operation forces that will bring it into being.”  Eileen Caddy (co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation), Opening Doors Within

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  1. I am never good at accepting things but I am very giving and enjoy doing so. Your blog for today Mary might help me change that. I am working towards a more spiritual life and learning every day. I want to start practicing it this weekend and give thanks for all the wonders I see.
    What a cute picture of Fred relaxing in his cube.
    Thanks Mary

  2. Mary , as I was reading your post , It reminded me of a beautiful flower slowly opening to the suns rays, healing, nurturing….abundance! I too had pre conceived “spiritual ” notions about caring, not caring about wealth, but life and being human are changing them. TODAY…I will expect wonderful!!!! So funny Freds cat paws, I think he was just letting you know he was there.

  3. Love this, what wise words. And before I even read the post, the pic made me laugh out loud~ THAT was a gift! 🙂

    Much love to the Feather Flock, may you all have a gifted weekend. Thanks so much for your prayers for Brad: still in hospital but improving daily.

    1. So glad to hear of Brad’s improvement, Kelly! Prayers are still coming your way. Hope your weekend brings only good things!

    2. It is a great group, Kelly, from towing my little red wagon of friends down through the Alleghanies this past summer when some aprehension occurred, to an operation such as your husband has had…it’s a warm feeling to have this cyber support.
      SandyP in Canada

  4. I really need this one. My husband died when kids were little and worked my buns off to support thrm but never seemed to get out of the poverty level income range so that is what I have cone to expect and that is how I see myself.
    My confusion comes with not wanting to get hung up on the material. I know that if I had made money a priority all those years, i would have had it but it all seems to have a price if one sort or another. I do know that i have everything I need..a great apartment with ocean view, my cats and an 85 volvo that runs really well. But, woulnt it be nice to have just a little more than judt whay my needs are?
    As you can probably tell, am confused on this issue.thanks for bringing it up 🙂

  5. Dear Mary. Fred’s photo is adorable. I laughed out loud. Cat’s are the master Nappers. Thanks too for your beautiful words and the oh-so-true quote. I am grateful to hear these uplifting and encouraging reminders to accept the goodness and light that so wants to give us our heart’s desires! A beautiful weekend assignment!

  6. Mary – I love your statement that “when I open my eyes and expect to be supported by Life, I am never disappointed.” I am striving to routinely have this same mindset and some days have more success than others. The contrast between those who look at life with open eyes versus those who are always expecting the worst to happen is so evident. I know whose company I enjoy more!

    1. That same line spoke to me as well Mary and Pam! Experiencing Life with ‘eyes wide open’ to the ‘wonder and glory…and miracles’ all around us. I AM open to all that is on its way to me.

  7. Wow Mary you are so inspirational today’s message was excellent. Just like me I am a cheerful giver but so difficult to receive. I must change that.

    Sorry I could not put this message on the comments but my computer is restricting me at the moment.

    Kind Regards,


    From Sunny South Africa

  8. Love the laugh-out-loud photo! The posting gives me hope that there is help finding a good home for a cat that needs one desperately and this one isn’t the right one. I brought him in when he showed up and it’s not a happy fit with him and the cats here, it’s become chaotic and tense. He’s an amazing and beautiful creature (think baby panther), very affectionate, but needs to be the only cat. I’ve put it out there but am becoming aware of other possible resources that I haven’t tapped into. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. In this picture, Fred is where I would LOVE to be…all snuggled up with my paws sticking out. Great pic!

    I spent so much time living in ‘spiritual pride,’ I can’t get over how obnoxious I probably was. But I have, in my almost-old age, finally learned how to see the beauty that’s always there if you look, and I have come to that through your guidance, Mary. Your gentle lessons have made such a difference in my life.

    Now my neighbors are wondering why I open my window every morning and yell to the Universe, “Show me the money!” Ooops…..just kidding….. 🙂

    Blessed weekend to all of our dear flock.

  10. After reading my three favorite blogs this morning (Jon and Maria Katz and without a doubt yours) I feel very much alive, awake and almost aware so I can began another sunny and crisp day.

    Yesterday as I was out and about stopped to pickup a book by Goddard regarding awareness. As I arrived at my next stop and had to await my turn decided to start reading the book. My name was called – I had become one with the book so did not hear. Very patiently she walked over to me and as I looked up had to laugh. We both had a magical moment and for a few seconds connected as we acknowledged each other trying our best to be human and caring.

    As for me, accepting these gifts is always easier – working very diligently on graciously receiving the physical gifts offered.

    Today when I logged on your words appeared before the picture emerged (so enjoy your pictures) so once again I had the opportunity to wait for the prize – it did not disappoint. Again, I will say thank you, Jon and Maria for continuing to enlighten me, each in your own special way!

    1. My last line should have read: Again, I will say thank you – Mary, Jon and Maria as well as all that contribute their comments for continuing to enlighten me, each in your own special way! My first clue as to my awareness level appeared in the first paragraph – still trying to get to total awareness.

  11. Not sure who to give credit for this quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” May everyone here experience the gifts waiting to be received, with eyes wide open! this weekend – and, each and every day! LOVE sweet Fred! Does that kitty know how to relax or what???

  12. Sometimes I’m too often just like Fred curled up in my own “cube”. Today was a gift. My dau asked me to go to the movies and we saw “Silver Linings Playbook” 5Stars!Laughing out loud funny and poignant at the same time. My times with my family are gifts, if I could just get out of my own way and accept them.
    @Susan Alcantra- I sure heard that quote repeatedly in program.

  13. Checking in before bed – found this on Tiny Buddha today –

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

    Cyber hugs and nightie-night to all 🙂

  14. Fred, my feline ‘foots’ friend—I always sleep with my peds outside the covers or in the open air, too. Ever ready for more relaxation. Or springing into action. Every nap is unique! La vida loca.

  15. Thank you for the inspiring words and personal sharing. I am learning to expect the best and find that somehow, someway it usually comes! I need to remember to express my gratitude.

  16. When i read your post on January 11. I thought “this is so wonderful and so true …” and without much hope i wondered: “ how could these words apply to my situation?” (I am having problems sleeping lately, because the ‘abundance’ we are trying to imagine, has not yet come to pass …)
    Then I went on to check my own blog … there was a comment, (very unusual … it was the 3rd comment within a year on all of my blogs together) … It said: “ you are the winner of the Little House Home Arts pincushion give-a-way …congratulations.” She had 98 comments on her page … and I won … I was speechless.
    This pincushion means so much more to me than only being a cute little pincushion … At this very moment and time in my life, just after reading your encouraging entry, it tells me that the Universe IS able to do miracles, even if they seem impossible … and that I should not give up …
    Thank you Mary for this post!

    1. It’s always so terrific to see the person win who deserves it most! Congrats, Dorit. May this be the first of many for you.

  17. Everyone needs to read Awakened Imagination by Neville. Take your time reading this book, you can’t digest all the information in one sitting, even though its a small book. It teaches how to imagine the life you want.

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