Broadcasting a new message

Fred napping in the afternoon sun
Fred napping in the afternoon sun

Most of us have had the experience of hearing something, either directly or indirectly, negative about ourselves and felt the anger, defensiveness or sadness well-up inside. It has taken me many years to discover that any words said by another about me paled in comparison to the words that I silently and secretly thought about myself (or others) and that the negative emotion that I felt was a sure sign that I myself had been the one with the negative, mean or unfriendly thoughts.

There is a lot of talk in the new-age community about protecting ourselves from other people’s negative energy. Some advocate surrounding ourselves with white light, other people wear amulets or burn certain herbs before and after unpleasant encounters. I am not making any commentary on these practices, because what we believe to be true, will be for us. If I think I’m unsafe going outside without a certain ring, charm, or prayer, then I had better put it on or “it will be done to me, as I believe”.  But a mind full of critical, judgemental thoughts (or holding a fear that we will be criticized) is the equivalent of sending out a messenger ahead of us, telling the world who we are and what we expect.

In Truth, we only need a mind that sends out thoughts of Love and Harmony; a mind that thinks thoughts (about ourselves first) of appreciation and acceptance, to be protected.  There is no enemy “out there”.

“…our subconscious mind is both a broadcasting station and a receiving set for the vibration of thought, ….The only safe plan for the advancement of one’s own welfare and the protection of others is that of keeping the mind so busy broadcasting positive thoughts that no time is left for sending out negative thoughts, for it is true that as night follows day, whatever thoughts one sends out will come back greatly multiplied, to bless or to curse. A great philosopher stated this profound truth very succinctly when he said, ‘Whatever you do to or for another, by the thoughts you send forth, you do to or for yourself.'” from, You Can Work Your Own Miracles by Napoleon HIll 1971

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  1. Love Fred napping in the sun, I miss our cat, “Homey” who died at 22, he was always a calming reminder ……to take breaks in our day, (often) and to find just the right spot to do it. Love your message of what we send out comes back to us, call it karma, good orderly direction, spiritual axiom , whatever, Ghandi said “be the change you wish to see in this world” , seems so simple, yet sometimes does so hard to just be kind and positive…but when I am in the company of people with these two traits, it reflects how I want to be. Someone once said to me we have two choices , to be an inspiration or a warning…..thank you for your message, I know how I will try to be in this day!!!!

  2. This is such a great post and quote that all I want to do is read it, and reread it, and reread it and let it sink in…once and for all…and stay with me. My spiritual antennae sending out and receiving energy and vibration of thought all of the time…I Am the master of all I send out and all I receive…

  3. Mary, such a beautiful post this morning! I would say Fred, napping in the sun and obviously putting out such positive thought is a prime example of the power of thinking positively! Sometimes I remind myself that it takes just as much effort to think negatively as it does to think positively (actually, I think it takes much more energy to worry, fret and think nasty thoughts about anything!)… paying attention to the positive energy behind my thoughts is always worth the focus it takes to do so.

  4. I KNOW thia to be true, Mary, as I have tested it myself. Just wish I could remember to use it when I start my self-critical thinking.

    Love the picture of Fred. I sort of wish I was him!

  5. Karma is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It may take a while, but the negative thoughts and actions will be returned. I am working on sending out positive vibrations even to those I don’t feel good about! Great reminder.

  6. Words do not fail me now!

    Whenever given the opportunity for an exhange of information with another my awareness of the words and the signals being sent to my body is undeniable. If, for some reason, I allow the course of the conversation to become non-productive my body’s reaction never fails to alert me to my short comings. I call these encounters an exercise of my compassion, empathy and ability to continue to contribute to society. The reward is not instantaneous so it can never be linked to a quick fix – that’s when I recognize the reward as my truth.

    My body is doing so much better these days – thanks to the wisdom of many great teachers (present through there spirits – i.e. words). The list is much too long to thank everyone that is providing for my continued well-being but I will start with the person who has allowed to me type and read these words. THANK YOU!

  7. This post is a perfect pairing to Saturday’s on worry. If we tell someone we are worried about them, we may as well tell them we are placing them in a pocket of fear, negative energy. Hardly empowering or encouraging. I love Kathye’s phrase, “spiritual antennae”. Having just visited a beautiful Wildlife Park and Aquarium on Sat. with my grandson (and boy, did we have fun!) I saw so many creatures of the sea with their incredibly sensitive antennae – ours may not be as visible, but we do have them. May they be our true guide.

  8. What you say is true, Mary but implementing the thought processes that you suggest would require letting go of all the injustices we imagine and have felt; all the anger we didn’t know we had inside us, all the hurt. There is some comfort in nuturing grudges but unfortunately, all we hurt is ourselves in the long run, I know that, however I still manage to pollute my mind from time to time, with negative thoughts and grudges. I wonder that it isn’t like comfort soup to my brains at times! I think this post is one of the greatest challenges you’ve placed before us.
    SandyP in Canada

  9. I agree, this is one of the greatest challenges for me. Thank you, Mary, for this eloquent reminder and wise and valuable comments from your readers.
    A friend and yoga teacher challenged us to transform each negative/fearful thought we harbor into an immediate prayer for acceptance and oooodles of tolerance. Thanks to you, Mary!

  10. “We have met the enemy and he is us” or maybe “me”. I think of this Pogo quote quite often. I too will read and reread your post today Mary.and try harder to not have unfriendly thoughts about myself or anyone else.

  11. Yesterday I went to Fabricland to look for upholstery fabric for a chair my pup chewed to pieces last year. I found that I had great difficulty with the saleslady, which normally wouldn’t bother me but her off-handed attitude upset me. Today, I went back to the store, the same saleswoman came up to me and said: ‘you’re back’…but this time she stayed with me and was very helpful. I’m afraid that my attitude yesterday put me to shame. We ended up having a mutually enjoyable twenty minutes or so in the store and I realized that a change in attitude more than helped at my end today. At least I’m aware of how I might effect change, in me, and how it is reflected in others. This time it worked. Other times, I’m sure my eyeballs lock together with frustration (especially with some family members) so I don’t have great hopes of complete improvement on this score.
    SandyP in Canada

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