A gentle hug

my grandfather
my grandfather

I recently found an old photograph of my grandfather. We called him “Daddy Wes” and I can still remember his deep laugh and the gentle way that he held me on his lap. All of my memories of him are good and happy ones. I know that he was a very strict father and I also was told that he didn’t talk about his feelings (or maybe much of anything), which was probably difficult for the adults in his life, but not for me. To me he was a gentle, loving presence. I felt safe with him around.

Over this weekend, I am going to think about this quality of gentleness and let it blossom inside of me too. I hope that you will join me as envision us all being wrapped in the warm and comforting arms of Love, peace and safety. Let’s be very gentle and easy with ourselves and others this weekend.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.” Saint Francis de Sales


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  1. Loving this weekend’s suggestion and already enjoying memories of love and gentleness…have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

  2. Both my grandpa’s had passes on before i was born so one year while raising my two girls alone i rented a very tiny house in a big neighborhood and right across the street was an elderly man living alone….he became my grandpa and i his biggest fan….i get all full of wonderful just thinking of him…he left us when he was 98 living there amongst the oaks…i think of him as a great steward of my life….i am hugging myself as we speak….have a wonderful gentle loving weekend…thx for the reminders!

  3. Grandfathers are the best! I was blessed to have two, and some of my happiest childhood memories are the times I spent with them. And, at least as I recall, most men of that generation did not talk about their “feelings” — in fact, most of them didn’t talk much at all. I don’t think they felt the need to.

  4. Dear Mary. I grew up with a grandpa who loved to spoil me with his praise and affection…..Not one to express emotion, I hope he knew before his early death that his special attentions towards me shaped me into believing that receiving love adoration was the most natural thing in the world! I especially needed to be reminded today of being gentle… to find the inner wisdom to be still and quiet….nurturing true strength by practicing gentleness. Thank you!

  5. What a lovely invitation Mary. I hope to stay gentle in thought, word and deed this weekend – it will be a reminder to especially practice this when it does not come as easy with some relationships, but all the more important to try. Love to all.

  6. Thought I would add this passage from a daily meditation I read on Jan. 23rd from Jesus Calling.

    “Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” – I Peter 3:4

    I love that thought, ‘unfading beauty of a gentle spirit’ – so many things fade with time, the outer patina tarnished or simply gone, but a gentle spirit burns bright to the end. No wonder we treasure those embraces of our grandparents – a gentle touch is never forgotten.

  7. Ahhhhh…such sweet memories of my ‘Pop Pop’…a tall, neat as a pin Dutchman, a risk taker who ran his own business, who always had the latest ‘gadget’, won awards for his gardening, relaxed in his special chair and like Santa, we’d take turns on his lap, trusted a handshake, chauffered our ‘Nanny’ around with great pride, and so loved and enjoyed his 19 grandchildren. How grandparents do shape us…teach us…love us…so many wonderful wonderful memories. Thanks Mary for triggering such warm memories on this bright but brisk morning in Vermont!

  8. Thank you, Mary! This is exactly what I needed to hear for the weekend, be gentle and easy on myself and those around me.

  9. I only knew one grandpa, my maternal one. He lived a fascinating life & one of his many jobs was as a make-up artist for CB DeMille, the silent movie director. One day CB told him, ‘Warren, you’ve got the best feet on the lot!” and thus his feet were used in the silent movie, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”–his were the feet Mary Magdalene washed. He and my gentle, lavender-smelling grandmother adored me. Unfortunately, after my parents died very early, I didn’t have as much contact with them, but Grandpa painted a large scene of the famous Monterey, CA tree and put in a small sailboat on my request. It’s in our guest bedroom. Nice to focus on their gentle love this gloomy cold weekend!

  10. I will do this Mary. Gentleness is in order. I hope my two grandkids remember me as fondly as you remember your Daddy Wes.
    Have a peaceful w/e, Cindy

  11. My husband loves these assignments without even knowing who to thank. Anytime I am gentler, softer, he notices the blow back. And I can burrow into the peaceful feeling. Most definitely envisioning; and enjoying the homework!

    1. That’s a wonderful description , Cheryl. I know that when I am conscious of remaining gentle myself, I alone feel better within my self . It’s like giving myself a mental tranquilizer. I wonder why it has to be such a conscious effort to do so….
      SandyP in Canada

      1. It is Sunday morning, coming to this post late, but so grateful for the warmth of words by Mary and the flock. I surely needed this message, I’ve been feeling anxious and out of sorts for a few days. Love reading the stories of grandparents, one could get lost in that sea of gentleness! Thank you Mary, for your guidance.

  12. Thank you Mary Muncil – Thank you for the much needed memory hug from my grandfathers and the knowledge of the hugs I will receive tonight from my husband of 43 years who combines the love, strength and gentleness of both those men – guess that was probably PART of the reason I married him – Mary

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