True freedom doesn’t depend on where we are (or where we go).

Fred in the kitty pen
Fred in the kitty pen; happy no matter where he is.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for my big adventure, so I wanted to touch base with you all this evening. I’ll post at least a few times from the road but I’m not sure when. After I hung up the phone with my brother on Saturday, I kept thinking, “Am I really doing this? Can I really do this?” There was a part of me that felt I couldn’t just leave home for 10 days without much of a plan. Yet a deeper part said, “Go. This is right.”

All day Sunday, and even into Monday, I found myself preoccupied with details; packing and wondering what the weather would be like, if I had the right combination of warm and cool clothing, shoes, toiletries, books, cds, and journal, and I could feel my energy almost buzzing around me, a little out of control. This happens when I forget who I am.

Lately, I’ve become much more aware of myself not just as Mary Muncil. I’ve started feeling beyond my body, beyond planning my life around my bodily/emotional needs (what I’ll eat, where I’ll eat, how much sleep I need, which vitamins to take, what clothing I prefer, what social contacts I need to keep up, what I need to do to earn my livelihood). Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to be experiencing life now, in this temporary home called a body, through this mind, but I am also so aware that too much focus here (on the material plane of existence) feels small. I love comfort, good food, good books, rest and play, friends and solitude and appreciate them fully when I keep myself centered on the larger part of me; the part that knows no time or space, no good or bad, right or wrong, no me and them,.. The part that is not apart at all.

I am increasingly interested in the qualities of Life that I want to both feel and to manifest, the Divine Qualities, and less in the “particulars”. I ask myself on a regular basis how I’m, in the moment, demonstrating and living the essence of who I really am (who we all are); God Consciousness, becoming aware of Itself through us, and shining out as happiness, peace, harmony, good-will towards all, helpfulness, gratitude, fun, expansion, acceptance, open-heartedness, love….

These are the qualities that will make this trip meaningful….these are the only “things” that I really need to take along.

“The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him, that moment I am free from bondage. Everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.” Swami Vivekananda


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  1. Dear Mary….such wise and beautiful words. Thank you for this profound post. I hope your trip is blessed with peace, fun, adventure and a continuous stream of divine wonder.

  2. Mary, this post is truly beautiful, as they all are, but I too have been aware of feeling beyond my body for quite some time. “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience” As grateful as I am for experiencing this material plane, the “other” dream states or dimensions call to me as well…..your spirit touched mine deeply. When I travel I love noticing the messages, connections and coincidences that pop up when I’m not searching! Have a GREAT trip !

  3. Thank you for leaving us with such compelling, profound and inspiring thoughts to ponder while you are away. Sending you wishes for a trip
    experienced in true and pure freedom, carefree and flowing…and fun
    floating on every warm Florida breeze. Happy happy travels! XOXO

  4. What a great adventure! Have a lovely,freeing trip Mary. Your blog will be missed. So happy for you! Cindy

  5. Well, Mary, your head seems to be in the right place. You can take your body anywhere, but if you head is not in the right place, you will find trouble. You should have a wonderful time. Let go and let God guide you every day!

  6. beautiful thoughts. . . and resonated so much within me. . .I feel at times a split person (ality). . .going about my human business of the day, the moment. . .but internally having a different dialogue. . .a dialogue of the heart, the spirit, whatever one might call that ‘other’ is. . .but that other feels so much more authentic to who I am than the other. . .ok, I’m babbling. . .thank you for giving voice to what I feel so often each day. . .have a great trip and lots of fun!!

  7. Just read your previous post as well and so now I can envision you, Mary (Poppins), breezing down the East coast, on the Light winds of Joy and spontaneity, having a great time and bringing more Light wherever you land!

  8. What a great adventure, have a blast! Thank you for this blog. I had a couple of rough days at work, feeling angry and this morning I thought, “I need to read White Feather Farm before I go to work.” It was the right decision. I will miss the blog, but am glad to know I can turn to old posts to help keep me centered.

  9. Oh Mary have a wonderful spontaneous vacation full of hilarity and wonderful memory making moments!!!! Off you go girl!!!!

  10. Just a day or two ago, I was reading from 365 Days of Inspired Living by Brian Piergrossi, this message – and now Mary’s post. I love when things come together, reinforcing each other – Have a wonderful trip Mary! You’ve given us lots to think about today – Happy Adventures!

    There is a Part of You That Nothing Can Touch! (Brian Piergrossi)

    There is a part of you that nothing can touch! The spiritual essence of who you are is not tainted by anything that has ever happened in the past. It’s not affected. That part is the silent, spacious essence of who you are that is unchanged, that is timeless, that is spaceless. It was the same before you born as it was 5 years ago.. as it will be 5 years from now.. as it was 5 minutes go.. as it will be 5 seconds from now.. as it will be after you die. It never changes. When you realize that silent, spacious universal essence as you, you know your self-worth! And your self-worth and self-love is beyond what anyone says or thinks about you… It’s beyond even what YOU say or think about YOURSELF!

    1. This is wonderful! Thanks Susan! It complements Mary’s message so well and leaves us with even more to ponder. Hubby and I (after the annual visit to our accountant for taxes), decided to ‘change up’ the morning and regain our focus…even though it’s in the 30’s we were thinking of Spring and decided to walk part of an old railroad trail in the next small town…through snowy meadows, across beautiful ice blue streams and we spotted 8 bird nests along the way, vacant in the winter trees…and I thought of you walking in your dessert and the joy that it brings you! And how our spiritual essence informs all else we experience…how in the past, I could have walked the same path and never noticed the nests at all for the clutter in my head and heart and spirit. True freedom!

      1. Kathye, I love how you expressed your connection with Susan and your description of your lovely walk. Freedom indeed!

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