We are just getting ready to leave our hotel in North Carolina (we drove 11 hrs and then stopped for the night) and I had to say Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. You are such an important part of my life, my heart, and my Love. I smile when I think about this blog and the warm way that it makes me feel connected to Life. I am going to remember to smile today because when I do, I feel my heart open. Sending you a big hug and a smile across the miles!

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love.” Mother Teresa

P.S. If you are in Cambridge NY today, (and want to do this), I think it would be so much fun to imagine people stopping by Jack’s shop and surprising him with a Valentines hug!


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  1. Happy Love Day to you and your traveling companions……hugs to Jack in spirit, wish I were closer to Cambridge!!!! XXO

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and safe travels ahead. Hope Jack gets lots of hugs today, real and “imagined”, such a sweet and generous thought!!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy travels, Mary. Thank you for the gift of your blog. It gives me more joy than chocolate. Virtual hugs to you and Jack.

  4. Dear Mary, thanks for all the love you share, and this beautiful community of friends. Enjoy making memories with your family, and I’m sending virtual hugs to you and Jack too!

  5. Sending love and a hug right back to you, Mary. Have a wonderful trip and wish I was closer to hug Jack. What a nice idea!

  6. Happy Valentines Day to you Mary and Jack and all those that share and enjoy this blog. Wishing all of you lots of love!!

  7. Safe travels, Mary! I so appreciate your blog and the others who gather round with kind words and wisdom. One thing about it, your brother and niece won’t overheat on their ride. We’re near Tallahassee today and it’s none too warm. But no snow…and sun to boot…have a grand time!

  8. Mary, what is the name and location of Jack’s shop, or must I go on a hugging expedition to all the merchants in Cambridge?

  9. Mary, I felt the hugs and am sending one right back to you!!! Happy Valentine’s Day, safe travels and enjoy your adventure!!!!!

  10. Dearest Mary,
    Sending virtual bear hugs to you, Jack, and all the members of your furry flock! All six of them.
    Love from Fran

  11. So nice to hear from you today! Sending love and hugs to you and to Jack…and hoping that every vibrant splash of red that you see today, a bright red cardinal, delicious red apple, pretty red flower, a red balloon, will be just that visual spark of happiness and enthusiasm and energy symbolizing just how much you are loved from near and afar!

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day Mary! I loved your comment about God being on everyone yesterday. So my prayer will be when I see someone angry or hurt is to pray that God grows and shows his love in a mighty way in their life. This especially hits home since my little grandson Carson has a very angry first grade teacher that yells all the time at the children. My daughter and her husband are trying to get Carson transferred to another classroom. Since I am a retired teacher this is very hard for me to see. I love all children and this is so sad for a first grade teacher to do and make so many children afraid to ask any questions especially Carson. So I am trying that God’s love grows in this angry teacher’s heart that it will show in her teaching. So I am asking you to remember her in your prayers . Have a great trip full of happiness and blessings . Joan

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  13. What a dear wife to suggest hugs galore for her hubby! Sending many, many hugs to you and Jack and all the wonderful community of friends I hold so dear! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  14. NEWS FLASH! Cambridge, N.Y.: Man named Jack dialed 911 from his antique shop describing inability to fully catch his breath. He’s been surrounded by a feathered flock and is being hugged to pieces! His wife, Mary, is allegedly responsible and she’s on the lam, last reported heading south from North Carolina.
    Cupid’s arrow flying your way from Oregon too, Ms. Muncil!!
    Smiles and hugs to all….

    • Cheryl – many thanks for the great laugh out loud guffaw!. Love your sense of humor. I can picture the situation with Jack being smothered by all these feathers. Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

    • Cheryl, I was wondering too myself about Jean’s hugging all the merchants in Cambridge until she found Jack and I envisioned her getting arrested for soliciting…lol. And then Cheryl’s noting that someone named Jack dialed 911 because he’s been hugged to bits by hordes of strange women and I’m sitting here smiling enjoying the humour. Thanks to you all,
      SandyP in Canada

  15. Happy Valentines day to you Mary. Thank you so much for your blog that brings many smiles to me every day May your day be wonderful and safe trip home.

  16. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who share the days, four legged beings included!
    Hugs, joy, love…
    Hope your journey is pure bliss Mary.

  17. Great newsflash Cheryl B. So funny! Love and hugs and Valentine’s Day happiness to you all! Mary, what a sweet woman you are. You can be sure your man got hugged today. Let us know if your wish for him came true. Have a blast! Cindy

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