laughing….all the way Home

The sweet faces that I've been seeing for the past 9 niece Kelly, and brother Bob at the local Mexican Restaurant (that we all fell in love with) last night.

The sweet faces that I’ve been seeing for the past 9 days….my niece Kelly and brother Bob at the Mexican Restaurant here in Monticello, last night.

I was reading some wonderful poetry a couple of days ago, and found this gem by Hafiz. I will imagine myself in the middle of it, as the 3 of us (and a ton of gear) squeeze into the car and head home. Sending you all a big smile and a hug today!

Two Giant Fat People  (written by the 14th century Sufi mystic, Hafiz)

And I have become
Like two giant fat people
Living in a
Tiny boat.
Bumping into each other and 


17 thoughts on “laughing….all the way Home

  1. Wow, what great energy your niece and brother have in this picture. Joy is shining out of their eyes. So lovely.

    Thanks for the poem, Mary. I’m so drawn to the idea of a divine energy manifested in laughter! 😀 This post was an inspiring way to start today.

  2. The Three “Muncilteers”! How fun! Three giant fat people, swelled by love and energy and memories and joy…such a perfect sentiment and image as you head for home…all gems indeed! New England welcomes you home!

  3. Dear Mary, what a beautiful photograph of two beautiful people! They radiate with sunshine and love! Thanks for such a great quote… touched me deeply and lightened my spirit.

  4. The photo could only be better with our Mary in the middle! Can you imagine when Sufi wrote this poem in the 14th century – if someone could have told him that on Feb. 21, 2013 all sorts of people would be reading it and Laughing! too! You’ve had a magical trip indeed! Thanks for sharing along the way, too.

  5. I love the image this poem conjures! Your brother and niece look so happy and content. Sounds like you are having a great adventure.

  6. The ‘SAG wagon’
    Be waggin’ and draggin’
    Home again.

    [SAG is cycling term for ‘support and gear’ vehicle for long tours.]
    Team Muncil photo looks worth a thousand words. Way to go, sister/auntie Mary! A memory of a lifetime…

  7. I am so grateful to have the poem…life has been so serious lately and this puts it all in perspective again…it has been forwarded many times…Thank you!

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