Letting in only the good

Ben at the door
Ben at the door (soon to be let in!)

I got an email yesterday evening from someone telling me that my website had been hacked. Sure enough, I checked it out and there was a very scary looking image flashing on my screen. The first feeling that I had, when I saw the screen, was fear, rapidly followed by the questions, “How could this happen? and “How can I fix it NOW?!”  But then I said, “Well, I must need this. Show me the wisdom.” and I took a deep breath.

Before going to bed, I wondered why anyone would do something like hack someone’s website. What were they trying to accomplish by “on purpose” throwing a wrench into the works of another? But as I thought more about it, I could see such an interesting parallel with my own thinking (and I dare say with most of ours) when we let our minds scare the ____ out of us.

There doesn’t need to be any reason at all to think, “I’m not good enough.” or “I’m not going to have enough money next month, or next year, or in 5 years.” or “I’m not feeling good. I wonder if I have cancer or some horrible incurable disease?” or “I’m never going to change. I’ve tried for years and I’m no better than I was 10 years ago.”

These questions are just like my hacker “friend”…maybe worse. At least the hacker is obvious. If I took action with my own lousy thinking as quickly as I got help for this website problem, I would experience perpetual harmony.

Watching our thoughts and refusing to entertain ones that feel bad, is a life-changing step toward inner peace.

In the chemistry of the future, thought will be recognized as substance even as the acids, oxides and all other chemicals are today. Our unseen and unspoken thought is ever flowing from us, an element and force as real as the stream of water…If you send from you in thought the elements of worry, fret, hatred or grief, you are putting in action forces that are injurious to mind and body.” from Thought Currents,  by Prentice Mulford (published in 1889)

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  1. Mary,

    I am feeling curious about something: If I took action with my own lousy thinking as quickly as I got help for this website problem, I would experience perpetual harmony.

    I can understand wanting to free oneself from getting caught up in the mindstate of stinkin thinkin, but why do you want to experience perpetual harmony?


    1. I guess I’d have to ask myself why I wouldn’t want to “experience perpetual harmony?”…Just think, no more wars, no more people getting killed, no more anger, countries, cultures, people getting along with each other, no bones to pick…”perpetual harmony”…unfortunately, it will never happen. And maybe I’m not getting your post, Janet…maybe I’m way off base. Inner peace is all I strive for. When that happens, my world rights itself up.

      1. I totally agree that perpetual harmony will never happen. Our world isn’t made that way. One only look at the food chain to see that isn’t possible. My thinking was something like the quote I read today on the Raining Iguanas blog, “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” Perpetual harmony sounds boring! In addition, I will never be in harmony with Monsanto or Walmart if they continue conduct business as usual, although I don’t need to let this disagreement disrupt my inner peace.

  2. Mary, just wanted you to know that, from my perspective, you are on a roll with your thoughts and writing. I’ve been compelled to print out your last three blog posts, in a row, to post in front of me for inspiration. Thank you for your hard work with this blog.

  3. Mary, as always, I needed this. We live in a rural area with some neighbors who are there only periodically. They arrived yesterday with a truck full of young people. They spent the entire day firing an automatic pistol into a target next to our fence line. Our big lab had the shakes all day and refused to go outside. I was in a furious state wondering about the intelligence of their activity, will it be ongoing, and WHAT are they preparing these young folks for??? Can I safely take my young grandchildren and dog on walks on our property ?? My husband, always calmer and more realistic, reminded me that it is legal in our area. I really wanted him to join my fury club. Thrilled to learn from you, there was a Prentice Mulford in 1889, who believed this concept. Janet is probably on to something as well–in perpetual harmony are we motivated to make change…all this makes me think more–hope I will empower myself with all this thinkin’! Don’t know exactly how to change my reaction yet but thank you, and hugs to you today.

  4. Dear Mary. Oh boy! Did I need to hear this today I recently found out my website had been hacked….and didn’t even think to reflect on my own internal “hacking”. Thank you for this beautiful wake-up call. I have been worrying over some recent challenges in my life and my website hacker was a reminder to awaken to my own negative thought patterns! You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you for being you.

  5. Mary and Debra, I’m so sorry both of you experienced the intrusion of a hacker – it’s senseless and mean, and upsetting. But you managed to share a lesson out of it. Never have I entertained the image of negativity as a hacker in one’s own psyche. That is powerful. Reminds us to be selective in what we think, read, watch and entertain in thought. We have a delete button on our computers, and a Trash Bin as well. May they be installed in our mind as well and throw out that which doesn’t lift us up in spirit. The quote is a marvel – going right into my WFF quote folder. Thank you Mary.

  6. There are so many opportunities to learn spiritually. This weekend I went to see the play Oliver. People suffering is not entertainment to me and I had a difficult time evaluating the young people’s performances and could only comment that I had a difficult time divorcing the performance from the character they were playing. My son did suggest I read Dickens book. If the book illuminates the shortcomings of society to encourage change and not promote more of the same behavior then I will learn something – otherwise it only a waste of some very talented people’s gifts.

    I so believe that greed, cruel behavior, etc. are not entainment on any level of society (the wealthy today are doing their own version of these behaviors). In reading your blog today I realized my mind had been “hacked”. I do not deny the behaviors displayed in the play Oliver – for me the trick is to be able to identify them in all their many forms. It is only by practicing harmony and loving acceptance that these behaviors become obsolete. I do believe there is a world where these traits would be valued and this is where I want to be counted as a member.

  7. Over this past week or so I have had repeated emails from hacked address books or emails. I don’t open them but if I’m uncertain, I’ll email the person and ask if they’ve sent me an email. In all cases, no but on a positive note, I got to ‘speak’ with a friend whom I have not corresponded with in some time. For some reason, this hacking and spam seems to be going on right now.

    On another note, our town, which is really a township as there is no town (our reeve incorporated our twp, into a town to stop our nearby town from encroaching and taking in our only source of commercial businesses and tax base), however, rural residential would describe our area and hunting is allowed. A very good friend was shot and killed by a deer hunter five years ago in a county forest close by. The hunter ‘heard’ what he thought was a deer. I was proactive in trying to alter the hunting by-law to no avail. I would also worry if neighbours allowed people in to shoot guns, Dreama.

    I’ve also found that I pretty much have to hit a brick wall to sever some close relationships within my family. I don’t know why I have allowed some of what has gone on…why didn’t I think more deserving of myself? The brick wall has been found. A friend and I decided that life was a series of brick walls.
    SandyP in rainy Southern Ontario, Canada

    1. SandyP, across the miles, holding your hand, – hoping that it helps the brick walls dissolve into yellow brick roads. . . (I just saw the new “OZ” yesterday, and thought of the flock and all the wisdom the OZ movies (both the old one and new) have to share.

      1. I too am a Wizard of Oz fan (don’t know if I will see the new movie), but did want to pass along a book title – “The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz” by Jean Houston.

      2. Susan, Truthfully…you want to know how many brick walls I’ve hit in my life?! Seems I have to be hit over the head to wake up some days. However, I’m far less tolerant of being treated in a manner that is disrespectful of me now and I wish I’d hit this twenty/thirty years ago. A slow learner….but I’ll be thinking of the brick roads and turning to gold….SandyP

  8. Though I don’t have perpetual harmony, I like my “less” dramatic life now. Thinking back to my behavior,20 years ago, created by my thought patterns, I was perpetually fussing about what someone, said, or did…..Certainly there is still some of that, but now when I catch myself, sometimes within minutes, sometimes days…I smile and my whole being smiles and relaxes.. So Thank you Mary, a reminder to only let the good in.
    Carol Davis, Flagstaff AZ

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