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One thing that I've always wanted to do is learn to dance. My son Tom's upcoming wedding inspired me to me to book a lesson. Jack chickened out at the last minute, so I decided to go alone and had a wonderful time.
One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is learn to dance. My son Tom’s upcoming wedding inspired me to me to book a lesson. Jack wasn’t feeling well that day, so instead of trying to talk him into it (or cancel the lesson) I decided to go alone …he was secretly relieved that he didn’t have to go…and I had a great time!

My friend Katy died a few weeks ago. Even though I hadn’t seen her in many years, I never considered that I wouldn’t be able to. This has made me ask myself, over and over, the questions, “What is really important now? How can I be fully in my life right here and right now?” When I got home from her memorial service, I contacted another old friend who I hadn’t seen in many years and we are meeting half-way for lunch today.

Katy influenced my life when she was here. She was a woman who didn’t put off living until all of her ducks were in a row. Maybe she intuitively knew that this was never going to happen. She is still influencing my life….by making me more aware of the preciousness of Now.

In the final analysis, the questions of why bad things happen to good people transmutes itself into some very different questions, no longer asking why something happened, but asking how we will respond, what we intend to do, now that it has happened.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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  1. Mary, what a great picture of you and the young chap beside you…??..
    And as to living life in the moment, I think it’s important to know what gives us contentment and if we’re lucky enough to be able to do it…from taking a dance lesson, meeting an old friend or just being where we find peace, that’s what life is all about as I grow older…being able to do what I want, when I want and stay connected.
    SandyP in Canada where a very weak sun is trying to blossom over the cold grey sky above.

  2. Dear Mary, congratulations on taking the first step (dancing step that is!) towards becoming a fabulous dancer. And thank you for this beautiful reminder about the precious quality of life and living within it’s moments….embracing it’s offering of the Now.

  3. Lovely picture of you Mary and a wonderful post. It’s so important to meet up with friends whenever you have a chance ~ it’s the people in it that make our lives so special! And Katy has given you an everlasting gift with her love.

  4. This thought is so true! Look at what’s important for right now! Dancing lessons, time with a friend, tennis balls, a walk in the woods, a good run, a nap in the sun. Have some JOY today!

  5. I love the part in the quotation where it says, “How will we respond?” – Each day is a blank canvas waiting for us to fill it with our mindful living – I intend to look even more closely this morning as the desert is continues to blossom forth with spring flowers. Every day, something new. And watching my dogs sleeping at my feet, I may sneak in a tender belly rub before I go. Mary, you look radiant in the picture!

  6. May your dance card be as filled with the joy, wisdom and love that you share with us each day.
    Dance with abandon!

  7. Mary, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. May her love continue to inspire you to take advantage of every moment.

  8. Mary, I love the picture of you and your son. Very handsome couple indeed. You inspire me to live in the “now” and not wait until a better moment, better weather, better anything, just take advantage of the time we’re in. Thank you again and again. And thanks to Katy for the influence she had on you so you can share that wisdom.

    1. Thank you Myrna! (The young man is the dance instructor and he is a sweet heart).

  9. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. What better to do than dance? “I hope you’ll dance…” you know that Dolly Parton song. You look so pretty in this photo FYI. 🙂

  10. catching up reading your blog — LOVE your post ‘making our mark in the world’ – lovely, just lovely. also loved your story about noah and all the posts. i’m so grateful to you and your blog! 🙂

  11. So happy you are being inspired to take a dance lesson ~ that sounds like such fun! “Putting off living until all are ducks are in a row” is something many of us fall into… Thank you for this reminder today to live in the here and now. Have yourself a wonderful day!!! Xoxo

  12. I recently attended a memorial service for a coworker who passed away suddenly at 41. This is a part of a Henri Nouwen quote used in her service that your post today reminded me of ….Let’s trust that the beauty of our lives becomes visible where mourning and dancing touch each other. Sounds like a great prescription to me!

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