Resting in Love…..and a contest!

I made this lavender soap a few months ago (and decorated this one with rose petals and lavender flowers)
I made this lavender soap a few months ago (and decorated this one with rose petals and lavender flowers) If you would like to enter the contest to win it, just comment with a word or a thought about the perfection of  your life or Life, or anything that has the word Perfect in it! I will choose a random winner on Monday April 1st

Over the past month or so, I’ve been working with the concept of assuming the perfection of everything. Several weeks ago, I received a call from a good friend (someone I thoroughly enjoy) saying they would be coming through town and wanted to get together. My first thought was “Oh darn it!”. Just the day before, I had firmed up plans to meet another friend out-of-town on that very day. I felt a pull in my heart as I wished I had not made the previous plan. I put the phone down, and my thoughts went to, “If she had only called a day earlier, or was I hasty in making that first plan?..” but as I thought these things, my solar plexus felt tight and uncomfortable.

I started slowly repeating to myself, “This must be perfect” and as I did, I could feel my energy align and smooth out. I’m not sure why this is perfect, (I said that too, along with, “Show me the perfection in this.”) but claiming the perfection in the situation, helped me feel the perfection of it (even when I couldn’t understand it with my conscious mind) and get it out of my head, and the ping-pong match that can happen in there, when I over-think things.

I could also feel that it wasn’t right (for me) to change my plan, so I had to assume that everything, for everyone involved, was working out for the good of all.

Life is for us, conspiring to bless us, has our best interest in Mind,….like a billion gears silently moving, rotating, dovetailing, in mind-boggling perfection, and we are as intimate a part of this Energy, God, Source, Life Force, Love, as we can be.

Life is moving me. Life is breathing me. I can trust this Unknowable part of myself to guide, direct and support me for the highest and best. I am right where I need to be, and I can rest in this.

Over this weekend, why not claim the perfection of everything and see what happens?!

“Everyone is in the best seat.” John Cage

(if you would like to enter the contest to win the bar of soap, the “rules” are under the photograph).

53 thoughts on “Resting in Love…..and a contest!”

  1. A few weeks ago I went to stay with my elderly mother for a week while my brother (with whom she lives) went on vacation. At first, I anticipated it being a tough week as my mom was just getting over being sick. And I knew that I had to change my thinking. Mary, you’ve taught me to look for the perfection in each moment and to see God within her. So as I drove the 7 hours to her house, that is what I thought about and I envisioned a ‘perfect’ week. And it was! The most perfect time I have spent with my mom in a very long time…simply ‘resting in love’.

    Such a sweet heart soap! I love the perfect shape of the heart! XOXO

  2. I wasn’t even going to enter because of the thought “I never win anything”. but thanks to your post I know it’s perfect whether I win or not! Love this new thought. It’s all perfect. Help me find the perfection in everything.

  3. I have a favorite Tshirt I wear when teaching yoga. It says: imPERFECT. I love the reactions of students as they read it–am I saying I’m perfect? That I’m imperfect? And my answer is always yes.

  4. What a lovely idea, especially at Eastertime. My ‘perfect’ thought is that while it’s clear that neither my husband nor I is perfect, we are perfect for each other. And I do think that is how perfection works: not in the concrete sense, but rather holistically. Thank you, Mary.

  5. Good Morning Mary…what a perfect posting today! My mom just passed at the age of 90 and as I was sitting by her in Hospice I just knew that although neither of us had been perfect in this life that at that moment while the birds were migrating overhead and the Chaplain was saying prayers…it was perfect and right in spirit….blessings on this Easter to you and yours!!!!!! Janette

  6. Good morning on this perfect, sunny spring morning in Georgia! I know I’m in the perfect place for this time in my life to care for my Dad, reconnect with my brother and many friends from whom I have been so far apart for the last 15 years. That thought brings me perfect peace.

  7. If I am quiet I will always know the very perfection of the moment as it will be returned to me.

  8. I am enjoying a perfect cup of tea on this perfect spring morning with the scent of rain filling my heart.

  9. “Nothing is perfect in God’s perfect plan, look in the shadow to see, he only gave us the good things so we’d understand what life without them would be.” ~ Neil Young

  10. Dear Mary. I love this idea for a weekend focus! When I breathe deep into my center and truly feel what the word ‘perfect’ means, I have the deepest sense of letting go and a wonderful feeling of peace. Thank you for this blessed reminder today. I SO needed to hear this. Your daily posts and weekend suggestions always leave me with enrichment and a deeper understanding of being connected to divine wonder and grace.

  11. I love the thought that life is for us conspiring to bless us, has our best interest in Mind… This is something I want to repeat over and over again…trusting in God’s ability to bring us perfectly through each and every situation in our life…knowing if He is for us…who can be against us.

  12. As I read your post my first thoughts were “no there is nothing or no one that is perfect” and the more I thought about this I smiled to think how right that is. I love the imperfections of nature, the crooked tree, the wild flowers, and I love the imperfections of friends and family, all unique in character and talents.

  13. I try to let perfection find me, rather than me finding it/ Recent unexpected events have worked out perfectly for me right now.

  14. In the midst of uncertainties surrounding around me, I am aware the the current of perfection is guiding me.

  15. I was born on the perfect date, at the perfect time and in the perfect place for me to be who I am. And this year, I got an hour session with the perfect muse, Mary, for my birthday present. Perfection!

  16. Thank you, Mary.
    Oh small spider in your rusty translucence, you slide up the window above my bed this morning on your busy way singing that persistent song you sing–of your and my precious perfection.

  17. Oh small spider shining in rusty translucence, you slide up the window glass above my bed, singing again this morning of yours and my perfect preciousness.

  18. For me, there is perfect in every day…the day I met my second husband, my first grand child was born, my first great grand chld was born, the tulips on my kitchen counter that opened today. The list is endless.

  19. To be happy with who you are, since you’re a work in progress, is perfect. (That soap is perfect)  
    “Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.”  – Langston Hughes

    “Ask not what the world needs. Ask rather what makes your heart sing and go do that. For what the world needs is people with hearts that sing.”Philip Thatcher


  20. My weekend meditation is on the Perfect Friendship in my life. Years ago, as my mother was dying, my friend was always there for me, listening, comforting. Now her mother is dying, and I am blessed to be able to be here for her, listening, comforting. We have claimed each other as true sisters, filling a space in the other’s life that our biological sisters left unfilled. And life unfolded perfectly for this to happen; all year I have been worried and stewing about a slow work schedule, which now gives me the freedom to make myself available for my friend on a moment’s notice.

    Oh, and of course my Pretty Perfect Puppy! who is almost eight years old but still and always a puppy to me. Who came into my life at the perfect time . . .

  21. Dear Mary, what a timely post. I love the weekend assignments, the perfect way to stay in contact with the WFF over the weekend. Have a wonder-filled Easter weekend with Jack, family and friends.

  22. I am looking forward to a perfectly wonderful afternoon visiting my son – we don’t have anything special planned – just sitting in his back yard visiting as the birds sing and his dogs play, – perfection! Next time I get all in a flutter before having people over for dinner, I am going to start telling myself days beforehand, ‘it will be a perfect evening’. I loved reading all the comments today – brought many smiles. What a perfect flock!

  23. Wonderful message, Mary! And fun posts! I am in perfect harmony with all that has been, all that is and all that shall be. And so it is!

  24. A neighbor came to my door yesterday to show me her precious
    5 wk old kitten, the epitome of perfection.

  25. Perfection is the rising sun tinting the snow-covered peaks of Mt. Rose, NV. a pale pink. It is a celestial sight indeed.

  26. I struggle with the ego telling me if things are not perfect, it is because I didn’t work hard enough, try hard enough or do everything right. Ugh. This is a good reminder. Thanks,

  27. Oh Mary, Lavender is my favorite scent. I often wear it. The heart you’ve created on it is perfect. Reminds me of Maria’s heart potholders made from her scraps of special fabric. I am perfect. We all are. We are just where we’re supposed to be. Perfection comes from within each of us. To remain open and teachable and grateful will keep our souls shining brightly. 🙂 Happy Easter to you all, Cindy

  28. I dearly love lavender soap and use it so often! The heart is beautiful ~ what a thoughtful giveaway. Life this side of Heaven won’t be perfect, but there are perfect moments ~ one was the glorious sunrise I got to photograph this week. And those photos are darned near perfect!

  29. Mary, your words of wisdom have been so helpful to me over the last year, I can’t begin to thank you enough. I am slowly learning that I am indeed the perfect me. And your soap is a work of beautiful art!!

  30. The first tiny blue crocus bud; the honks of geese in their north bound “vee:” marks the beginning of a perfect Spring day to me..

  31. Peace
    These are the first words that come to my mind with each letter of the word…
    I was thinking , these are the things I am seeking . But no, these things just ARE, in perfection, to be a part of our lives every minute of every day.
    How powerful…to assume the perfection of everything and let it be with us.
    Thank you Mary! I read your writing daily, this is my first post. Hello everyone .. The soap is beautiful.

  32. I will enjoy the perfection of a cup of tea on a quiet Saturday afternoon, knowing that how I choose to spend my time this weekend will, whatever happens, be perfect.

  33. This is what I say when I need to remember how perfect my life is:
    “Today is a beautiful day and I have a beautiful life”
    Somedays I add to the phrase
    “Today is a beautiful day and I have a beautiful life, even when it isn’t”
    That’s how I connect to my piece of perfection.
    Have a blessed day, everyone

    1. I like that phrase a lot Stoney. Thanks so much for sharing it

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