The valley of the Universe: The field of Love

Eleanor looking for her toy
Eleanor looking for her toy

I had a dream the other night that I was supposed to marry a prince, but I had to pass a test first. I sat in the backseat of a car, trying to explain to someone that the prince didn’t know me, but that didn’t stop the driver. As we moved forward, I realized that the “test” was to say what I had learned (in life?) and I said, “What I’ve learned is that I don’t have control over anything.” and I woke up….and I knew that this was true.

All of the amazing openings, connections, opportunities, gifts, incredible people, ideas,…every “miraculous thing” that has ever been a part of my life (has come to me) was presented like a gift, for me to say yes to, or not. When I did say yes, the action that I took (if action was needed) always felt right.

There is so much advice floating around today about how we need to be “out there” pushing our ideas, peddling our wares, making a name for ourselves, becoming well-known, marketing ourselves and our “products”. The feeling behind this kind of approach to life is; if you don’t do it, it won’t get done. If you don’t push your own agenda, no one else is going to do it. And yet, I don’t find this to be the Truth. Pushy people (in my experience) push people away, just like people who calmly and deeply believe in themselves, in what they are doing, in Life Itself, draw more of that Life to them as they emanate the same.

I’m attracted to people, products, events and ideas that radiate love, kindness, warmth and expansion. I can feel this because I am a part of that larger field of energy….we are all a part of the Field of Love, of God-Consciousness, and when we remember this, we align with it and let it move us, breath us, live through us…and life begins to feel miraculous to us.

If you are content with being nobody in particular, content not to stand out, you align yourself with the power of the universe. What looks like weakness to the ego is in fact the only true strength. …Instead of trying to be a mountain, teaches the ancient Tao Te Ching, ‘Be the valley of the universe.’ In this way, you are restored to wholeness and ‘all things come to you.” A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle

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  1. Dear Mary, I love your message this morning and the Tao Te Ching’s wise words “Be the valley of the universe”. How beautiful a vision! This post brings love into my heart and helps me feel at peace. Thank you for the reminder to allow all things to be as they are and to enjoy the simplicity of acceptance instead of the stress of striving.

    1. Thank you Debra…I loved that image of the valley too. I keep coming back to the feeling of alert stillness; being ready to take action when prompted but not living, as you so beautifully stated, with the “stress of striving”. I just feel so done with that too. I want to let Life lead me and I love that thought. Sending you loving and peaceful thoughts tonight, Mary

  2. Mary ~
    Thank You for this lovely start to my day. You stated it so perfectly – needed the reminder regarding being pushy or being calm and believing in myself and my particular path and what gives me purpose.

  3. Dear Mary, I cried when I read your post today. I have always felt like a nobody, so this made me realize that it’s a good thing if I just learn to be content with it. I have always avoided pushy people and been drawn to those who radiate love and kindness, also. Thanks for helping me to see that I’m ok just as I am.

    1. So beautiful Laura, thank you. I ran into the nicest man in the post office yesterday. He was talking with someone and I overheard him say that he was on his way to buy cat food for a group of stray cats in Cambridge. I’ve never seen him before and he was quite shy and unassuming. He said that he walked to the store (he doesn’t own a car) and bought cat food 2-3 times a week. I ended up asking him more questions but he just said he’d done it for years. …all of these quiet angels, helping the world

  4. What a wonderful post and a wonderful quote. And I am so in agreement with Laura. As a card-carrying introvert (who has read “Quiet”), I’ve been told for years to get out of my comfort zone, as if there aren’t other challenges and rewards than putting myself ‘out there’ for the world to see (and judge). It’s the connectedness that matters, not who is speaking the loudest. I hope Eleanor found her toy.

      1. Most definitely a good read—perhaps Eleanor is just looking for some ‘quiet time’?? 🙂

    1. She did Charlotte! and thank you. I so agree with you that it is the connectedness that matters, the love, the heart

  5. I love your post Mary! And I love the quote too. It is so meaningful for me. There is quite an important distinction to me between someone who is ‘strong’ and someone who has a ‘strong’ ego. Being in the background, and often on the quiet side, is not an indication of weakness. Knowing who you are, being in touch with your essential being, and knowing what is really important, radiates the most beautiful strength and speaks with a different voice…ahhhhh, the Field of Love…what a soothing, happy image…energetically and artistically! Thank you!

  6. “Be the valley of the Universe.” That touches me deeply and it sure seems to have with everyone who has commented today. I love to think of that valley as the loveliness of a bowl, shaped round and open, eager to receive and be filled. Or not filled, – just open and passive, but in a beautiful way. When we sit in yoga with the back of the hand on our knees, palm facing up, as opposed to a clenched fist or hands cupping knees, it is such a lovely ‘valley’ like feeling in the hand. Off to take my walk, – will enjoy it thinking of this post and all the lovely people who gather here. Love, Susan

  7. Thank you for your thoughts today. I have always felt such a failure because I don’t have a title, I.e. nurse, teacher etc. Your words and quote help me.

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie…and your words help me as well…I love this circle, sending you peaceful thoughts for a wonderful evening, Mary

  8. Mary, your comment: “you can’t control everything” made me smile. Not long ago, when I met my massage therapist at the gym which we both attend (it’s male and female), I commented on the fact that I’d never seen so many tatoos in my life as I do at the gym and she said: “Sandy, you can’t control everything”….. I smiled. she was right. Put things into perspective pretty quickly. I don’t like pushy people either…but I do believe in trying to be proactive for the direction of my life. However, I’m always reminded, I’m never really in control. Doesn’t stop me from trying, though (grin). It’s the old ego thing.
    SandyP in Canada

  9. Lovely post that sort of gives us all permission to “relax.”

    I am finding it wonderful that finally, I have reached the age where I do not do what I don’t feel like doing. I don’t always have that luxury, but I cultivate it where I can. Part and parcel of that is realizing that I truly can’t control everything, and I now know how to stop and ask myself if a particular thing is worth trying to move heaven and earth to accomplish.

    Most days, the answer is ‘no.’ I am finally turning into who I was meant to be.

    1. I love the thought that anything I write gives anyone permission to relax Suzanne!! Your words made me smile and that feels so nice. Love to you, Mary

  10. I moved from the ocean
    mighty and strong
    with waves controlling the sand.

    I came to the valley
    vibrant and long
    embracing the heart of the land.

    It is more than a metaphor
    recognition of change
    dwelling much closer within.

    I’ve opened and hushed
    blazed a new path
    to the stillness of where I begin.

  11. Oh my, how this post resonates with me! I love the quotes you included, Mary, and thank you for sharing your dream. Suzanne – you could have been writing a comment for me, too. I ditto what you said! 🙂

  12. Love your post, Mary. I have always been content with being in the valley of the universe, but felt there was something wrong with me for not striving harder, and” working to my egos potential” when I “let go and let God” , and release “control” (illusion of control) , I am happy, joyous and Freeeeee

  13. A deeply beautiful post, Mary. Thank you. I am breathing a deep sigh as my body affirms this message..

  14. I have read and reread this post, Mary. It’s freeing to be accepting of the fact that I will never be “out there,” and I’m drawn to others who are like the man who feeds the cats without fanfare. I spent time this wk-end with someone who is very pushy and I basically shut down, and I think a long time friendship may be no more. It’s left me a little shaken and not sure how to begin to address my withdrawl, but also feel happy to be one with others in the valley.

  15. Sally, I want to affirm where you are, in the valley! I am SO there every day when I walk by myself, on my desert trail for maybe an hour? I think it’s in our own little valleys, that we discover out connectedness to Source, and everyone here as we walk day by day – step at at time? or checking in with each other – it’s all a step at a time! Love to you Sally, Susan in AZ

  16. “we are all a part of the Field of Love” …thank you Mary …for the beautiful words/images…

  17. Mary, I liked your comment about “not being in control of anything”…isn’t that an awakening! I used to try and control my immediate family, (husband, kids, situations) and only ended up stressed and frustrated. How freeing to let that go. I think I will try to be in the valley more and see how that works for me.

    Have a good night xoxo

    1. It certainly is an awakening for me Marian! (and the more I realize it, the more I love it)…sending you warm thoughts for a peaceful evening, Mary

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